Well, it took me time to do it, my blood have been used to make this ebook. But please don't use this book for blood magic.
Also for those which don't know yet, I sent you read Coeus? which seem to be his best piece of work yet, and far.

On another note, I start to fear for my server, in a three hour I got as much as visitors than in a day ! Please hold, please hold. Don't break go praying... Time to use this book for doing blood magic on the server hey.


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Lalitaaa / 5 Mar 2016 1:47
Thank you for all the download links you've done! I truly appreciate it! Btw, I can't seem to download some novels such as this one. The links don't open :(
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Armaell / 6 Mar 2016 22:11
Mmmmh, could you send a message by the contact form ?  
I'll hope to be able to dig into that problem with you and fix it..

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