When the world come to an END

The day is yet to come to its end BUT I already beat my visitors record.
Why ?
Simple !
Top today's downloads are : Mushoku Tensei (by far), Death March, Overlord, Gifting.
Death March is the last release so it's pretty normal to have it in the top
But the Three others are actually unavailable on their original hosts :
Baka-Tsuki is down so is Mushoku Tensei, Overlord is licensed (Don't know yet when I'll take it down, but since it's still heavily download, I'm keeping it for now), Gifting got a DMCA on the translator website, so its future is incertain, and the first books are already unavailable.

So, yes, I'm finding this funny.
And sad, those recent DMCA are nothing good for the future.

Also, I was testing ads (the current one is quite bad, but a test is a test)... Now my sample is ruined....


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Loco15 / 3 Feb 2016 11:52
On one hand, I feel extremely smug right now because I've learnt my lesson these last couple of months by downloading anything that seems evenly remotely interesting in pdf/epub files. Now my library sports 714 individual volumes/batches.

On the other hand, it feels like I'm witnessing the last days of light novel fan translations now. These are grim days we are living in.
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Armaell / 3 Feb 2016 11:57
714 ? Good score ^^
In my library that.... you're actually scrolling, there is 262 files. ^^ (counting those you can't see ahaha, some personal stuff too)

Well, actually I don't think LN translation will go to an end ; if IP continue to take down stuff like that blindly, they will only make disappear rightful translators like Baka-Tsuki or Skythewood, and will make the translation world full warez (yep, not the exact word, but it's understandable). It will become like mangas, not paying a dime of IP and then, it will be a true loss for them.
So, no it won't disappear, it will just change its face in a less sympathetic way. And THIS is sad.

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