Overlord down

It was long time I had to do it, and now it is.
The Overlord page cannot be found anymore in the books list or the search page.
And if you still get the link, you'll only find a link to the Amazon page for Overlord.

I can only ask you to buy Overlord when it will be released by Yen-Press.
Also big thanks to Skythewood for the ride.


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saskir / 3 Feb 2016 11:52
Already preordered the first volume. Sadly not from your referal link as I am not located in the US. I am extremely pleased that they are using hardcover books as a medium. Wonder how good they will print the illustrations from so-bin. I like this art style.
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Armaell / 3 Feb 2016 11:57
Good job o/
For me I'm still hesitating, I liked Overlord, but I dunno if enough for buying it. I'm still on the verge. But if I buy, I'll probably do it after buying the whole S&W... Which wil cost be an arm ahahha.
But god, now you say it, I have only one book with an Hardcover and it's the compilation of the Iliad and the Odyssey... In a way, it make it even cooler.

For the referral link, no worry, I earn so little that it can't be considered an earning ahaha. It's more to remember which side I am, the author one and not piracy one.
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Lehur / 3 Feb 2016 11:52
Good, release by yen, thx for the anime then

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