Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There! V01

I was part of the mass who was like : Na wai, why nobody want to translate Gate ?!!
I've read a part of it in manga and I really liked it. Now it's translated from the LN ? Even more !

Original story, a smart (more or less) lead which know how to lead. Just with that we could be doubtful if it's Japanese ahaha.... As Japanese LN, this is in my top, so I can only recommend you to read it if you didn't yet.

Also if you heard about Gate being too Patriotic and it repel you, I'll say : it's not (really) true.
The only points are maybe a scene where the JSDF make foreign Spec Ops look like thrash, and seem like standing a little too well their grounds at a political level, there is nothing. Actually the MC make the whole glory of the JSDF a comedy.

But care author !! Don't try to make the France look like Evil (」゜ロ゜)」Or we will kick you ! Go weep to Germany and the USA

We can only thank the incredible work of Skythewood's team. In nearly one month they pulled 4 volume of great quality. It's just inhuman (I didn't even had the time to read the 4th yet..).
Since I'm just adding the first when they're at the 4th, it make look like I'm not even trying...


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