Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan Volume 1 - 4

A visitor and a huge mail writer which force me to take one hour to answer his mails (curse him) asked me if I could do this serie (and a lot of others).. but this one was hosted by Baka-Tsuki and the baka-tsuki generator do his work well that I do not have any complain on it... well for me, since this filler of mailbox actually complained about them !!
Apparently he didn't liked how illustrations were handled.. What a pain in the ass this guy.. seriously. However I'm the good santa today, so here it is, my version.

Now you can choose between my version and the one of the generator. Choose the one you prefer, I do not say mine is better since it's possible it have more artefacts than the generator's one since my script isn't optimized like the generator should be for Baka-Tsuki.


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soesanto3dy / 3 Feb 2016 11:50
What a nice guy you are, Admin
but yeah baka generator is already good, so there is no reason to add it again, tho slow update, and if update in bulk and the update list is suck (well, thx for your hard work)
If you know is there app for open epub to be read like flipping book in ios, why there is very little app for epub in pc and mac anyway, thx fro your answer
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Loco15 / 16 Mar 2016 22:05
I shall give you my firstborn child. Sorry for writing huge ass emails. That's just how I am. Also, it's not like their epubs are REALLY bad, it's just that big color illustrations looks sad and I want to look at them and the normal illustrations (themselves being downsized) in all their HD glory. And based on a DAL epub I got before Baka-Tsuki was nuked, I'm suspecting that it does not include illustrations not integrated in the chapters themselves(ie, a special cover from a limited edition)

Your version seems noticeable better, as the color illustrations are not tilted and are of an appropriate size. Though they're still not the original size, it's still an improvement. Worth to note however, is the fact that I can actually right click the illustrations while reading the epub and inspect it or view it full sized that way; something that is impossible on baka-tsuki generated epubs as they are somehow treated as text while reading and they can only be interacted with or analyzed when trying to edit to epub itself. I've also noticed that epubs from baka-tsuki have a much more big code for pretty much everything than other epubs from different origins, making me think that it is this "clutter" that is at fault. I also believe that somewhere along the conversion it decides to "fix" (rotate to the right) the two pages illustrations so their dimensions would fit more along the lines of a normal page.

It looks like you too were partly defeated by baka-tsuki. While investigating your overlord and gifting epubs the illustrations are the full size of the images actually contained in the epubs while reading. In Rakudai, however, even though the full sized illustrations are in the file they're still downscaled for some reason. Say, the illustration is 1500p in height, but is downscaled to 900p or less. At least your version has saved the color illustrations for me. And gave every chapter it's own . Although not indispensable, it's still neat.

I thank you for your efforts. I shall enceforth not mention any other (widely know to have epub) baka-tsuki novel.

I wish I could talk this over the baka-tsuki forums, but for whatever reason they have my ip blocked so I can't even make an account.
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Loco15 / 3 Feb 2016 11:50
I tried giving a reply to my comment but I couldn't. Is this an anti-spam thing?

"And gave every chapter it's own" html body.

And enceforth should be henceforth.
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RS / 3 Feb 2016 11:50
I don't think images get resized. But know that the generator has the images stored locally and fetches the text upon generation, so if in the meantime the images get updated, they also have to manually be on the generator.

The only images not usually included when a novel is added, is a the back-cover or when the image is both the cover and back-cover.

And the banning thing is a common issue... I think you only need to refresh the page or something.
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Loco15 / 3 Feb 2016 11:50
"And gave every chapter it’s own html body


Dammit, maybe I should just make a wordpress account already so I can edit stuff.
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Armaell / 3 Feb 2016 11:57
After my mail, you need to fill my comment section too ?

Well, for the downsize point, it's yes, I just changed the comportement of this feature with this serie, I now downsize the illustrations so that they don't fill more than 95% of the screen ! Which is just the right size to see them :) 
But maybe it's not yet the perfect setting, I'll have to do some tests again. With all the other before, it was a downsize only at 95% of screen width.

Also, I have also this thing I don't like about BT generator's epub is that everything is in one big file in the epub, so for low-end device it can be hard to process.. and generally E-Readers aren't competition device.
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Armaell / 3 Feb 2016 11:57
mmmmh, I'll really need to check on that then. It shouldn't have any issues like that.
Thank for reporting.
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Charla / 13 Jul 2016 8:31
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