Overlord Volume 9

Here is the long awaited final translated volume by SkyTheWood's team. Thank for their awesome work, it have been a long ride !
Also, the wait will be long until we will be able to read what's next.
For now, the files will disappear after the 14th of January, meaning one month from now. After that, when the books will be released by Yen-Press, I will replace them with the amazon links.


Kirishima / 3 Feb 2016 11:48
Thanks for awesome epub,
Justine Lebrilouch Ongco / 3 Feb 2016 11:48
since the start of the translation (from skythewood).. ive been compiling each updates using docx to epub for my personal use.......... but now.... watching youre finished EPUB version....... wow~!!... so, good EPUB really makes difference in reading.. :3.....  i just deleted mine.. xD

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