On the Chinese/Japanese light novel war

I'm sorry, on this post I will call Chinese Xianxia and Wuxia under the same denomination as Light Novel since per definition they are pretty similar :

"Targeting young adults with a low depth story or quality writing."

So I just seen this post on reddit : Starting to hate all the JP-novels and I laughed. Since a good time I've seen this war between Chinese and Japanese Light Novels the same as : "Playstation vs XBox", "Console vs PC", "Microsoft vs Apple" and all others pointless wars like that.

The point of the reddit post is

"Japanese MC are coward while Chinese are realistic and takes actions".

I would say : nearly true... just remove "realistic" and you're good. NONE of them are realistic ! They are the two side of the same coin that is Wish-fulfillment just taken in a opposite point of view.

  • The Japanese MC is truly a coward, which will do nothing whatever crass happen to him and will be oblivious to any hint dropped on him. He is totally passive
  • The Chinese MC get butt hurt at the first thing, get violent and think women are the way.

Both of them are totally stupid in fact.. Actually even if I'm not historian or cultural expert so I'm probably wrong but it make me think of their country history and cultural situation :

  • China have been enslaved by Japan and is now reduced to silence by his government. Chinese probably want to be able to act, make a difference but are just silenced. The water boiling leak in their Xianxia and Wuxia.
  • Japan are totally ashamed of their past wars and try their best to forget (I'v heard even their history book try to not talk about it or the less they can.. totally making the new generation to know the less about it), and also in a society bringing the organization and the country before the individual making them transparent.

Of course all of that is only relevant for their low-standard writing that are light novels ; both country have totally capable writers and thinker writing true books. The same that western countries have our amateur writers on website like RoyalRoad for I-don-'t-need-too-much-my-brain-to-read.

And my personal preference in all that ? Ahha sorry, I'm more original English works. But you can check my recommendation list too.


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