Iris on Rainy Days

The Baka-Tsuki Generator doesn't seem like really automatized, or at least far from being perfect.
The proof is the Mushoku Tensei page... Only the 2 first volumes are available after all this time and the request to make them. Either the someone who control it have never bothered to click on the button to generate them, or the generation bug and the one maintaining it doesn't search to correct it. (Maybe he is not even around anymore).

Well, there I'm here, since I don't believe the generator, I don't care about it anymore too. So, I'll do Baka-Tsuki projects indiscriminately when the heart sail me to it. And, when I have seen the cover of this books, right away I thought about Chobits ! Couldn't not read it. So, I did it, and now I'll read it soon ahah.
And if you never have read Chobits, you definitely should.
Do it.


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