Way of choices ch0-90

It's celebration time !
I'm happy to say it's the first Chinese novel going in this library. I end this long time when Chinese was selectable in the search page, but returned nothing, that Chinese was also indicated in the stats page with a beautiful 0% of presence... No ! Now we have ONE. And maybe one day a second. Who knows.

For this book, again I didn't read it, I have been asked.
The thing is : it's not split in books... So I can't do it too. So I choosed to just compile them 30 by 30, not really nice.
Then, if anybody don't like it, have read them, and can gather some Will, I'l gladly accept a possible book spliting following the story. So, bring your propositions !

Thanks Binggo&Corp for its translation and,
Have a good reading :)


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