Overlord V04 & V05

Ok, it was planned for the 9th, aaaaand I'm one day late since I totally forgot about it tehehe ^^" Can you forgive me ?
Else, what I can say is the guys at SkyTheWood are not slacking off ! Since the next epub for Overlord is already planned for the 10 of the next month.
Enjoy this double release !


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mors / 3 Feb 2016 11:58
Thanks a lot! Waiting for the next epub!

Btw, do you know the The Lazy King, Yoraikun's project? It's a decidedly funny/SoL/OP!MC LN, whose first book has finished translation. I'd be really grateful if you could make an epub for it!

Link is here: https://yoraikun.wordpress.com/tlk-chapters/
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Storm / 13 Jul 2016 7:41
That's really thnkinig of the highest order

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