End of vacation and experiment

Hi all !
Happy to say, I'm back from afar, in a region where mobile communication appeared to not exists called mountains. Don't worry, I survived.
I need to admit that my disparition lasted two weeks, while I was gone in the south of the France for only one. Why I have done that ? Because first I was lazy mouhahah, and secondly to see what would happen to my website...
I'm glad to say, the number of visitors have been really stable ! Didn't had my spike of activity after a release of course, but the number of visitors didn't dropped on the average. Pretty happy of that !
But the dark point is ... my google pagerank have been totally destroyed... Weel, nothing terrible, I will reappear in the google searches soon ;)

Now, for the planning !
Andur will be at the place of honnor, I will start by compile Transcendence? and correct Until Death? since it was the first I did, so the file is quite in a bad state.

After that, two Chinese books I still haven't chosen, and you can still give me suggestion.

See you very soon !
(Oh, go read I was reincarnated as a Magic Academy!, it's really good, no dead time. He is a full time author so he need our support !)


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