Forgotten Conqueror V01

There is two type of doing things : Being original, and push things further.
Of course, doing something new is rare and hard. So, let's say it, in Forgotten Conqueror there is not a lot of new ideas. But here is how you can become a master of those tropes.

OP MC, Fantasy world, Reincarnation, Academy School and so on. We're used in this writing style. But Za1d3 make something not a lot of amateur authors are able to do : having depth. Everything is thought and you just have to look at "The World", an encyclopedia of his world to understand it.

Actually, you just know it when a Fantasy story don't start by "An earthling is transported to another world". Here no Truck-san, the easy trope, you have a local born guy : just having this setting is often enough proof that the author is more serious than the average, in my point of view.

Take pleasure to read this first volume.


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