Toaru Majutsu no Index: New Testament

Prologue: The End of a Certain World. Game_Over.

In the UN headquarters at New York, United States President Roberto Katze spoke before the gathered national leaders.

“Our allied forces will perform a joint attack on Gremlin’s headquarters of Sargasso. Everything will be decided by our ability to find the enemy and work together. After all, it seems the Magic God’s lance will be completed in another twelve hours. Once that happens, there’s no way we can win. And that goes for all six billion people on Earth.”

The man who should have become a Magic God, Ollerus, had infiltrated Sargasso while disguised as Lightning God Thor.

(Now, then. It’s about time I took action.)

After arriving in Japan’s Academy City, Leivinia Birdway spoke to Kamijou Touma.

“This is our last chance. I do not think you can defeat Magic God Othinus. But if we throw you into the middle of her delicate work, you might be able to stop the production of the lance. You could say your role is similar to a precision guided bomb being dropped from the sky.”

Queen Regnant Elizard responded to her subordinate while taking part in the meeting of heads of state.

“Here’s my guess: Sargasso is in the North Sea or the sea near Iceland.”

A British unit containing Second British Princess Carissa, Knight Leader, and Mercenary William Orwell began a preemptive attack against Sargasso where it floated in the North Sea. There, they met an old man in a tailcoat who called himself Loki.

“I have splendidly deceived my powerful enemies! This may only buy a small amount of time, but that time can influence the direction in which the world is headed!!”

When Birdway received word, she grimaced.

“The real Sargasso is in Tokyo Bay!?”

Academy City existed on the western side of Tokyo. Sargasso floated in Tokyo Bay on the eastern side of Tokyo. If the two clashed, the 23 special wards would become a battlefield. To stop it, Gremlin had to be crushed before they could truly begin their attack.

Kamijou Touma, Index, Misaka Mikoto, Leivinia Birdway, Lessar, and Kumokawa Maria boarded the same supersonic passenger plane for their individual reasons.

But they did not arrive at Tokyo Bay.

Just as they left Academy City airspace and passed over Shinjuku, a mysterious creature resembling a dragon attacked them and their plane exploded in midair. They used parachutes to land but were scattered in the process.

“For now, we can only head for Sargasso. That is the goal where we can all meet up!!”

Every road was congested and all transportation was paralyzed, so Kamijou’s method of travelling quickly was to jump on top of a subway train.

However, a Gremlin magician named Freyja appeared before him.

“I purposefully left this hole open to lure in a powerful enemy, and it looks like I ended up with exactly the card I expected. The fertility goddess Freyja will be your opponent☆”

With the help of Index and Mikoto, Kamijou somehow managed to defeat Freyja and once more set out for Tokyo Bay. He was attacked by Gremlin’s defense mechanism named Níðhöggr, but it was defeated by Kihara Kagun.

Kumokawa Maria said the following.

“I will remain here. Even if he is already dead, at least one person needs to go along with his selfishness.”

At Sargasso, Ollerus and Fiamma of the Right used their anti-Magic God spell on Othinus.

That spell was meant to shrink a Magic God down to the level of a fairy and it succeeded, but Othinus remained calm.

“It could be either success or failure, so you have given me the chance I needed to become a complete Magic God. Your desperate strategy has merely given me what I needed.”

When Kamijou and the others finally arrived at Sargasso, Othinus was waiting for them. She pulled the lance from behind her eyepatch and spoke.

“Marian Slingeneyer and Gremlin were mere decoys. If you knew I alone was creating the lance, there was a chance that attempt would be hindered.”

Kamijou tried to deny Othinus’s words in an attempt to look away from the hopeless situation, but Othinus’s reply was one of disinterest.

“These small fights are such a pain. I think I’ll just end the world.”

Immediately afterwards, everything in the world was truly and seriously destroyed.

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