Toaru Majutsu no Index: New Testament


“There’s this guy called Board Chairman Aleister, right? Well, I kinda shot him in the head, so can you help me make a getaway?”

“I’ve called an Anglican unit to the outer edge of Academy City, but they are no more than a retrieval unit and they lack the firepower needed to destroy the wall and get inside.”

“Maika…!? What…is this…?”

“It is beginning. The Battle of Blythe Road. The quiet armed conflict in which Magician Aleister Crowley directly faced the world’s largest magic cabal.”

“The world is simply the world.”

“I will…wipe out…all magic.”

“Do you find it that hard to accept the death and ruin of a single person?”

“Magic researchers simply call her Lilith.” “Hamazura-kun, I am really grateful since we’re shorthanded at the moment, but why does a kid your age know how to operate a crane? Don’t you need national qualifications for that???” “Then why did you marry, Mathers?” “Everyone should be enraged and stand up against it, but they claim it can’t be helped and they give up! That is where my sorrow lies!!” “…Is your battle still not over?” “It may never end.” “…Lilith may have died before she could learn to speak, but I doubt it was this look on your face that she loved.” “Let’s do this.” “No words are necessary. We know each other better than that.” “Spray.” “Blasting Rod.” “Come forth, Aiwass.” “I am also an original grimoire named the Thoth Tarot.” “Every man and every woman is a star.” “So it ends in failure this time too.” “Go get him, innocent boy.” “What if I said innocent Lilith’s soul arrived safely in heaven and she’s smiling there now!!” “There’s only one reason you lost: At some point, you stopped standing on the side that protected the sanctity of Lilith’s soul.” “…Coron…zon…?” “Yes, yes. Poor Lola.” “In the end she was tearfully pleading for you: Father! Father!! Help me, father!!!!!!” “A largescale attack is underway in the other British Commonwealth nations! Britain itself has taken some damage.” “…Do you still not understand?” “1,083,092,867.” “In other words, that many Aleister Crowleys exist as those many possibilities.” “My plan has failed again. I will give you the alternatively-shaped temple known as Academy City.” “And instead, I believe I will take your toy: all of the nations belonging to the British Commonwealth…including the United Kingdom itself.” “Allow me to introduce myself again.”

“I am Aleister Crowley. Or, one of his many possibilities.”

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Volume 19