Lazy Dungeon Master by Onikage Spanner

Translated from Japanese Comedy Fantasy Romance Adventure Transported to Another World Harem Magic Dungeons Game Elements Slaves Dragons Loli

“Hey, hurry up and massacre those bandits!”

“No way, I don’t want to work…”

Spending my daily life in leisure, that was my pastime—until I was summoned into another world and met a blonde loli introducing herself as Dungeon Core No. 695.

“Save my dungeon. By the way, if the dungeon core is destroyed, you’ll also go down with me as the dungeon master.”

A dungeon with a single room. Moreover, one already controlled by bandits. This is a [Checkmate] no matter how you look at it. Guess there’s nothing to do but somehow get out of this situation so that I can [Not Work]!!

Alternative names : Zettai ni Hatarakitakunai Dungeon Master ga Damin wo Musaboru made

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1: Hey, I’m Suddenly in a Checkmate?
2: Information is Important. This is Serious.
3: Finally, a Tutorial
4: The Human Village, Again
5: Preparing for the Dungeon to Open
6: Dungeon Management, Begin!
7: Your Neighborhood Salamander
8: Stable Days?
9: Let’s Develop the Dungeon
10: The Hero Visits
11: The Village, and Intruders
12: The Saintess
13: The Saintess’ Serious Mode
14: The Extra Arc
15: The Dungeon Core Assembly