The New Gate
A Beginning And An End Preview

Chapter 1

Part 1

The first thing he felt was wind.
Shin's consciousness faintly grapshed the feeling of the warm wind blowing on his skin.
What he felt next was a hard sensation on his back, and faintly, a sweet smell tickled his nose.
Was the reason his sight was dark because his eyes were closed?


Shin opened his eyes as he sat up.
What spread across his field of vision was a broad meadow, dotted with tree groves.
White and pink flowers bloomed where Shin had been sleeping. It seems that what Shin smelled earlier were these flowers.

"This is…"

To solve the mystery of why he was here, Shin worked his mind.

(Today I fought Origin, the boss monster at the Depths of the Gate to Another World, and won. Right, I cleared THE NEW GATE. Because of that, we could log out, everyone was released, and in the end it was just me…)

Gradually, his mind became clear.
The scene Shin had seen at the end; that was,

"The doors… opened?"

Right, after defeating the final boss mosnter 【Origin】, logging out became possible, and just as he was about to do so himself, the closed doors had opened, and he lost his consciousness.

"The heck was that? And this is…"

Even looking around again, what he say was a broad meadow, and groves of trees. There was nothing else he could find.

"Could it be, I'm still in the game?"

Shin wasn't sure whether or not he had managed to touch the words Log Out in the end. Wondering if only he hadn't logged out because of an event, he made sure by calling up the menu.

"…Oi, oi."

Translucent screen behind his eyes, and the menu items lined up there; it was unmistakably the menu screen of THE NEW GATE.

"What, I was still in the game?"

Man, that was shocking, thought Shin, as he brought his gaze down the menu.
There, the words Log Out were――


The words Log Out that should have been between 'Owned Gold' and 'Help', were nowhere to be seen. The six letters that he had made sure were there when he had defeated Origin, had disappeared.

"Oioioi, this is a lie, right!?"

He opened up every menu item from start to finish, but as expected, the words Log Out were nowhere to be found.
It was like when it was a death game.

"Tch!! Right, what about everyone else!?"

Was there anyone else besides himself? Thinking about that possibility, Shin look out the Survivors List from his item box. If there was any other player left behind, the list would show it.

"What… the hell?"

The only one on the list was 【Shin】, but below that in the white space,

――――『Cannot display due to lack of network connection.』

was written.

The Survivors List was a way of having the avatar that used the item, access the network of THE NEW GATE, and checking which players still survived, said his alchemist friend.
Considering that, it meant that at present, Shin's avatar was disconnected from THE NEW GATE's system.

"Can't connect to the network. Then why can I move my avatar?"

Even though he couldn't log out, he was connected to the system―――― was something like that possible?

In this situation, Shin shouldn't have been able to move his avatar. It wasn't as though Shin was well-versed with VR technology, but at any rate, that was how THE NEW GATE worked. Thinking about it normally, being disconnected from the network, yet being able to move your avatar was contradictory.

"I don't get it. The heck is happening."

The feeling of relief he had up until a while ago had disappeared in one go, and Shin once again lay down on the ground.
He didn't feel like getting up, and he worked only his mind, but no matter how much he thought about it, he couldn't come up with an answer.

(It's no good, huh. In these situations, I should empty my mind for a little.)

It was Shin's way of calming down when the inside of his head was a mess. When there was something he couldn't understand, he'd temporarily let go of everything, and then rebuild this thoughts.

① He couldn't connect to the network.
② It was possible to manipulate his avatar.
③ The two points above were not reconcilable.

① could be confirmed through the Survivors List program, and the message that appeared on the list.
② was also confirmed since he was certainly moving his avatar.
As for ③, it was a reality that a network connection was essential for the act of moving ones avatar. There was no mistake that players who had lost connection to the network due to a bug found themselves unable to move their avatars.

Then, what would have to happen to reconcile these two facts―――― what Shin came up with was this.

There was the possibility that the Survivors List had malfunctioned, and there really was a network connection. It wouldn't be strange for something like this to happen.
The next possibility was that he couldn't connect to the network, but it was possible to move his avatar. That kind of technology might ahve been developed.

"The last possibility would be that… Fantasy."

Shin smiled wryly at the thought that had by chance crossed his mind while he was thinking seriously.

Shin was a pure net-gamer. He was bad enough that his friends called him a net-game addict. And at the same time, he also reached out to anime, manga, light novels and web novels.
Stories where the protagonist ended up in a world exactly like the game had already become a staple for such fiction, and he had also read a number of these. The reasons for this were varied, but Shin had read many stories where they came to the world of the game with their menu intact.

What had come to mind just now was exactly that. He had suddenly wondered if the place he was in now wasn't the game, but the real world of THE NEW GAME.
Losing his network connection, and being able to move his avatar; both of these could be explained by it.

'As if', thought Shin. He decided to stop thinking for a while, and looked up at the sky. The wide blue sky filled his vision, and small clouds slowly moved by.
He could see the groves of trees in the corner of his eyes. Turning his sight that way, he could clearly see each leaf.


He could see them. He could see them clearly. He could see them distinctly.

He could see too much.

He could see more clearly that when it was a game. It was as though they were the real thing.

With the development of VR, certainly they could create a world that was the spitting image of the real one. Not only in sight and sounds, but it was possible in touch, and taste as well.
However… However possible it was to reproduce these things, technology still hadn't reached the level of the 'real thing' yet. Technology was only at a level where if you'd seen it in reality before, you'd know for sure that these were affected fakes. In the end, they were just pretty graphics.

However, what was reflected in Shin's eyes were the movements of clouds, the colour and gloss of leaves, the figures of flowers blooming in the field; all of this looked like nothing but the real thing.


Shin slowly held his own hand above his face. There were wrinkles and fingerprints that hadn't existed when it was a game.

"Is this… the real thing?"

After noticing this one thing, he started to understand things one after another. The scenery before his eyes, the rustle of the leaves, the feel of the wind on his skin, the smell that tickled his nose; all of these were different from how they felt in-game.

"After a death game, is a trip to another world…"

Shin experienced two VRMMO player urban legends in succession. Depending on the person, it might've been a delightful situation, but Shin was thinking that he'd have preferred some time in-between them. The only indication that he bore these thoughts that were pretty far off the norm, was his calm expression.

"Ahhhhhhhh… What the heck is going on~~?" lazily said Shin, as he rolled around on the ground.

Just where had the valiant figure from the fight with Origin gone?
On top of the fatigue from the fight with Origin, just when he thought he could log out, unbelievably he ended up on a trip to another world. At any rate, his mind sought rest.
If you had to describe it in one word, he was languid.
He was a little bit burned out as well, so for a while the feelings of wanting to take it easy filled Shin's heart.

"Ah~~~… Hahh…."

For a while he'd roll about as though he had reverted to infanthood or something, and then stop that, endlessly repeating the two. Little though it may have been, perhaps because he had abandoned the act of thinking for a while, his weariness had become somewhat better than before, and he began to think again.

The situation was filled with unknowns. There was nobody else around, so he couldn't gather even a little information. Still feeling a little heavy, whilst he sat up he considered what he'd do from now on.

(At any rate, I don't have enough information. For now, since the menu still appears, I'll check my status and items, and then shall I search for a place that would have people?)

Summoning the menu, he displayed the status menu.
On the left hand side was a 3D graphic that displayed the avatar that was Shin's other self, and on the right were entries like 【Ability Points】, 【Equipment】, 【Gifts】, 【Skills】 and the like.

The displayed avatar had black hair and black irises, with no notable traits outside of some slightly sharp looking eyes; the face of a young man you could find anywhere.
The face on the avatar was Shin's real one, and because the physique was made to reflect that, though it was 180cm tall, it gave somewhat of a lanky impression. Shin's friend in real life who had been in an athletics club [at school/university] had always told him to train his body more.

When he made to confirm his 【Equipment】, he found that they had changed a little since his fight with Origin, and his muffler, his arm guards, and his leg guards had been unequipped. What he still had equipped was the red-lined black long coat, 【Overcoat of the Dark King】, the pants that had become a set with it, and accessories.
In the weapons column were the words 【Shingetsu [True Moon]】. It seemed that his beloved and prided blade was in good shape.
When he checked his inventory, the equipment he had worn to fight Origin was in there. He had verified his items and money at the same time too, and it seemed there was no problems with his belongings.

Next was 【Ability Points】.
Originally all stats except LUC were maxed out with 9s, and he prayed that he hadn't weakened.



He looked away from the screen, and for a while gazed far away before returning to the screen.
There was no way that doing something like that would change what was being displayed before him.

"Hangon, just hangon!"

Once again, he looked away from the screen, and gazed into the distance. Furthermore, he rubbed his eyes, and then having made sure there was nothing blurry about his sight, he returned his gaze to the screen.
It was like he was in a frame of a manga where the character couldn't believe their eyes, Shin thought.

"…I didn't see wrong… huh?"

In the end, having looked upon it for the third time, Shin finally accepted that he hadn't seen that wrong.
The reason was simple; except for LUC, those ability points were very different from what his stats used to be.

The VVMMORPG 【THE NEW GATE】 was different to other MMORPGs, and if you spent a long time, you could raise every stat except LUC to the maximum.

Shin who had spent massive amount of time on it since the Closed-β days, on top of aiming for maximum hunting efficiency, and who would repeatedly use the rebirth[reincarnation] system, was the only player who had capped all stats.

There were other players who had almost maxed out, but none of them could reach Shin.

When it was a game, Shin's HP and MP were 9999, and besides LUC which was 36, all other attributes were 999.

The reason LUC was low was because on top of it having a cap of 99, it was determined and fixed from when the character was created.

But right now, all of Shin's statuses save for LUC were displayed as over double their original values.

"The game's specs have been… smashed by this…"

There was already nothing left he could do but be amazed.

The numerical values were too large, and right now he had no idea how great his own strength was.

"…As you'd think, I'm exhausted from the surprise…"

Because of all the surprises he'd had recently, he was sure that he looked hilarious, he thought mockingly about himself.
Even so, staring at the menu was unproductive, so for now he'd move on to other entries.

(There are things I've never seen before, huh.)

Looking at it from start to finish, he found out that new Gifts and Skills had been added.

The Gifts 【Limit Breaker】, 【Accomplished One】 and 【Liberator】, and the Skills 【Wave of the Dark King】, 【Focus Wave】 and 【Scattered Wave】 had been added.

He should have heard it when he defeated Origin, but Shin had completely forgotten.

To find out what effects they had, he chose the three new Gifts from the menu.

【Limit Breaker】
With this power, you can exceed the limit.
The upper limit for all statuses has been removed. Statuses will rise according to how many ability points were discarded prior to limit removal.

【Accomplished One】
Blessings to the one who has reached the ends of Samsara.
The moment this Gift was received, all ability points were doubled.

You are the hopes of those who have been imprisoned.
Acts of restriction and subordination are restricted. Forbidden magic, traps, items etc. are made invalid.

"…The heck?"

Every one of the Gifts he had gained were beyond expectations. Even Shin who knew of almost every Gift in the game didn't know of such balance-breaking Gifts.

It was fine that he had solved the mystery of his increased statuses, but these were basically cheats. They weren't even in the dimension of having a rare item, or starting on a high level.

…Having said that though, that LUC was still the same as ever (in accordance to the game's setting), it kind of felt like he was being mocked.

"Stories where they go from an MMO to another world usually have cheat characters but… this really feels like they're overdoing it, huh…"

Shin, whose original statuses could be called cheats, had been enough to demolish a group of max level Lv.255s once (a group of 12, with no rebirths). He was strong enough that when he killed them all, they screamed "You freaking cheater!" as they died.
Against players who had rebirthed dozens of times and almost capped their stats, even Shin wasn't undefeatable, but even so, he could fight on par with 4 of them at once. In the first place, players who fought with Shin head on were rare though.

Those stats had now been even further increased. As long as he didn't suffer an instant death from an ambush, in fights against people he probably couldn't lose anymore. Of course, this was assuming that there were other players in this world in the first place.

Whilst thinking about needless worries, Shin prayed that these titles weren't possessed by heaps of other people.

Part 2

After that, besides titles, Shin also checked all his skills and magic from start to finish, and even activated a few for real to test the effects. Thankfully, there was nothing in the surroundings that would've been bad to destroy, so he was able to test the skills and magic to a certain extent of his real power.

As the result of mass producing large craters, he found out that the paralysis frames and cooldowns for Martial Skills had disappeared, and that it was now possible to control the intensity of magic.

Up until now, though it was realistic, since it was a game it was natural to have such restrictions. However, it is obvious that such things wouldn't exist in reality.

And so, in exchange for these unnatural things that were characteristic of games, instead, you now couldn't move without considering trivial injuries like hurting your tendons, or spraining your joints. These sorts of things would be obvious in reality. At any rate, right now Shin wasn't in a game world. If he took an enemy's attack, it wouldn't just end with his HP gauge dropping. If he didn't think carefully about his movements, when it came to crunch, there was the risk that he wouldn't be able to take action.

Shin was once again reminded himself of the reality that this wasn't a game.

Noticing that he was bewildered at the differences between this world, and the game world that he knew, Shin thought that at some point, the virtual reality 【THE NEW GATE】 had become his 'second reality' before he had realised.
'In that case, should the place I'm in now be called a 'third reality?' thought Shin with a wry smile.
It took him quite a long time before that second reality (the world of the game) to start feeling real, but as expected, it seemed that he was adjusting to this third reality quite quickly. As though the weariness from just a while ago was a lie, he was amazed at himself for moving about like this.

"Well then, I guess it's about time to go."

Whilst saying this, Shin took out a single bookmark. He brought this ordinary white bookmark above his head.

"Go home!"

When Shin chanted this, light gathered around the bookmark, and when the ball of light had reached the size of a baseball, it took the shape of a falcon.
The falcon made of light lightly floated in the air, and turned its head to a certain direction.

What Shin had used was an item called 【Guide】; an item that would point out the direction to a registered location. Normally it was used to mark the location of a rest spot in a hunting field, but a certain group of players, would like Shin, register their homes as the location.

Shin didn't know where he was because the map wasn't functioning, but he saw the 【Guide】 in the items column, and since the only location registered was his home, he decided to head there first.

Incidentally, the fact that the ball of light had turned into a falcon was due to Shin's taste. The light could turn into a form the player liked.

"Onwards, to my house!"

Shin began to run in the direction indicated by the light. At the moment he had chosen the destination for the 【Guide】, it indicated that the distance to the location was 67 kemels away. 1 kemel was roughly 1 kilometre, so it was 67 kilometres ahead.
Normally it would be quite a long way away on foot, but Shin's reinforced leg power was very far from the norm. He could move fairly quickly just by walking lightly.
The running Shin had already reached 70km/h. On top of that, because he wasn't riding a vehicle, he could continue running regardless of if it was a thick forest, or a rugged rockland.


Because it felt nice to cut through the wind as he ran, Shin let out a large scream as though to dispel the anxiety he had felt since waking up.
Though he didn't know how much endurance he had, it hardly felt draining at all; he felt like he could run forever, and so he continued running without rest.

On the way, he spotted a four armed bear (Tetra Grizzly), a two headed snake (Twinhead Snake) and a boar with a mane like fire (Flame Boar), so to test out his strength, he fought them one by one. The levels of the bear, snake and boar were 87, 68, and 79 respectively.
Since he had confirmed there names and levels with 【Analysis Ⅹ】, there was no mistaking it.
All of them fought with basic patterns, and were monsters that beginners would often hunt, so for Shin they were foes he could defeat with one hand[defeat without needing to care].

However, unlike when it was a game, Shin caught a glimpse of the spontaneity and will to live[desire to help themselves] which had given him a chill.


An hour later, after cutting through meadows, jumping over rocks, and running through forests…
Around the time he started to see a large rampart[castle-wall type wall], the falcon of light started to blink, indicating to him that they were close to the target destination.

He dropped his speed, and stood still. The direction that the falcon indicated was slightly off from the wall. It seemed that it was inside the forest that spread before the wall. If Shin's memory served him right, then there shouldn't have been a town enclosed by a rampart near his home.

"Just when the heck was that built?"

muttered Shin, as he looked at the wall.
The size of the rampart was around the size of a six-story building. It looked like it was built from cut stone, and it brought about a dignified atmosphere.

Were the parts broken here and there because of monster attacks, or where they because of war?

In the game, there had been siege war events that large numbers of people had taken part in, Shin included. The ramparts had been enchanted with monster-repellent, fortification, and magic-resistant enchantments, so Shin felt it would be difficult to attack.

Shin suspected that it wasn't a town inside, but he couldn't tell at all what was really inside. Well, since it was surrounded by these reinforced walls, it probably wouldn't be a deserted ruin.

At any rate, right now he didn't have any business with it, so stopping his thoughts, he returned his gaze to the forest, and walked in the direction that the falcon indicated.

After walking for about 100 mels, there was a clearing that was different to the surroundings and vegetation. Unlike the trees up until now that had diameters of 30 or 40 cemels at best, in the clearing stood a tree whose diameter exceeded 1 mel.

In the midst of the atmosphere exuded by the massive tree, stood a building that was nostalgic to him.

It was a building built of stone and wood, and above the curtained[noren] shop entrance hung a sign that read in large letters, 『Yorozuya Tsuki no Hokora』.3

"It looks pretty much the same, huh."

It was unmistakably the same as before his fight with Origin. Seeing his unchanged home, Shin's heart felt like it had found support.

In the game, 『Yorozuya Tsuki no Hokora』 was a weapons, armour, and items shop run by Shin, that also doubled as his home. Fundamentally, it sold items that were things that Shin had picked up in fields or dungeons, and when he felt like it, things that Shin crafted himself.

The places Shin visited were almost all fields and dungeons where high level monsters would saunter about, so it was easy to obtain rare items and materials, and as a shop that sold these, Tsuki no Hokora was a hidden, but well-known shop, famous primarily amongst advanced players. The cause was probably because the goods being what they were, had fairly hefty prices, and thus the ones who could buy these were limited to advanced players.

Whilst reminiscing about his shop's bustling business (though it was really rare that it was bustling), Shin passed through the noren, and opened the door. Just how was it doing, that shop with nothing but a reception desk, and shelves lined with goods?

Inside the shop stood a number of men and women, wearing a mantle over their armour. Among them, a number of them had noticed Shin's entrance, and two of them approached him.

"Sorry, but the shop is busy with us right now, see? Could you come back later?"

The one who said this was a blonde haired young man clad in a very extravagantly decorated armour. His height was around Shin's but probably because he worked out, his arms and legs were thicker than Shin's.

"Did something happen?"

"It doesn't matter, we said get out!"

The one who ordered Shin in a strong tone when he asked about what was going on was the brown haired young man who had approached Shin with the blonde man. Just like the blonde one, he was clad in an excessively decorated armour. He was a head taller than Shin, and had a firm build that balanced with his height.

"But I've also got stuff that I need done by today."

"You're noisy. Adventurers like you shouldn't fucking talk back!

"Oi, stop it, Iran!"

Iran was probably the name of the brown haired man. Having judged that he didn't need to use keigo, Shin used his normal speech style to object to Iran.4
Perhaps because Shin's unwillingness had pissed him off, Iran had made to forcefully push Shin, and thrust his palms at Shin's solar plexus. Seeing that Shin didn't particularly react, Iran's mouth curved into a smirk.


However, Shin didn't even twitch at the hands that came at him, and in contrast, Iran lost his balance and fell butt-first to the floor. His armour hit the floor, and a sound too loud to ignore rang out through the shop. The eyes of those around them fell on Shin and Iran.
There was Iran, dumbstruck and unable to process what had happened, and Shin who was wondering what was up with him.

"Ku-, you fuc-!""

Just as Iran moved his hand to his sword in a frenzy, he cowered with a start at the loud voice that resounded through the room.

"What's the racket!?"

Thinking about how things had become a bother, Shin sighed in his mind.


The crowd of people naturally parted, and the figure of a single man appeared. He was a handsome blonde haired, blue eyed man, who, as expected, was also wearing a needlessly glamourous set of armour, and was glaring over at Shin and Iran from a few mels away.
Unlike before, Iran had suddenly become quiet.
As for Shin, seeing the man part the crowd, "Moses, huh…" he said, feeling that he seriously didn't give a shit.

"I thoguht I told you not to let anybody in."

"My deepest apologies, Loost-sama!"

Iran bowed without delay. Seeing Iran's behaviour, Shin suspected that this man was fairly high ranked.
Without sparing a glance at Iran, Loost approached Shin. His eyes looked Shin up and down.

(Uwah, someone more annoying than Iran appeared.)

Ignoring Shin's thoughts, Loost clunked over with heavy steps, and stopped before Shin.



Seeing Loost remain silent, Shin tilted his head in wonder, when Iran yelled out angrily,

"Oi! What do you mean by standing in front of Loost-sama, without even naming yourself!?"

It seemed that Loost was standing silently before Shin because he was waiting for Shin to name himself.

"My apologies. I am Shin, a wanderer."

Since it would be annoying if someone who was addressed with -sama had his eye on Shin, Shin named himself with a bow. According to Shin's experience, Loost was the type of person who would let a lot of things go if you humbled yourself, even if only for form's sake.

"Hmph, it seems you don't know etiquette. Well, that's fine. Since you're a wanderer, I can't expect you to be cultured."

Ignoring the words of Loost who nodded arrogantly to himself, Shin smiled wryly inside at the fact that this technique worked in other worlds as well.

"Our business here is done. We're leaving."

With that, Loost started walking straight forward. Since it seemed they would collide, Shin immediately moved to the left.
Apart from the blonde young man who saw Shin's movement, a number of other people narrowed their eyes at his nimbleness.


Including Iran who left with a tsk, the men and women who seemed to be subordinates followed Loost out of the shop. Because of that, only three of them remained in the shop.

"Iran did something unpardonable. I'll apologise in his place."

The one who spoke to Shin was the blonde man from earlier. The other two made apologetic expressions as well.

"No, it isn't like anything really happened."

"Hearing that is a relief. I'm Ardi. Ardi Sheil. If you ever need to rely on the knight order, come visit me."

"I am Shin. If the opportunity presents itself, I shall take you up on your kind offer."

Shin replied as he shook the right hand Ardi held out, with his own. It seemed that the group from earlier were knights. Considering that, they were pretty haughty, thought Shin, but seeing Ardi and these two made him rethink that.

Ardi left the shop, and the two left behind gave Shin light nods, and followed him. They were probably Ardi's subordinates.

Now that all the knights had left, the shop felt spacious. Shin noticed the shelves and goods that he couldn't see before.

(The weapons are almost all copper or iron, and at best, silver. The armour is also just leather, copper, iron or silver, huh? As for items, they're low ranked potions[HP recovery] and ethers[MP recovery], and also a few status-fixing pills. And there are no raw materials.)

(The store doesn’t seem to be more flourished than before…)

It was true that the store was in a worrying state.

“What are you talking about?”



Shin was startled with the question that he didn’t know what to answer. He seemed to have spoken his mind unconsciously. As he turned to the direction of the voice, he saw an elven girl with black hair and golden eyes from the other side of the counter. A pointed ear can be seen between the silky black hair, so he might be correct.

If ten people saw her, they would all be admiring her beauty. She had a beautiful appearance that matched perfectly with her figure. Her height was approximately 160 cemels which was one head lower than Shin’s height. Her skin was healthy white and her chest was very firm and proportionate with her overall slim body.

From her looks, she seemed to be around 17 or 18 years old, but as elves lived a long life, she might have already lived several hundred years.

“Ahh, I was seeing what kind of goods you have.”

“Is that so? I thought I heard some rude remark just now.”

“There was no such intention.”

“Well, feel free to look around, those nuisances are gone now.”

As the elf said so, he sat on a chair provided for the counter.

“Those nuisances? “

“Yes, they often come by to ask when will master come back. I have to say, they are persistent.”

They probably came frequently because Shin noticed her tone became weary just from saying that.

“It must be hard. Ah, this is a late introduction but I am Shin. As you have seen, I’m a wanderer of the street.”

“That’s a serious way of introducing yourself to an ordinary salesclerk, isn’t it? I’m Tiera Lucent. Just call me, Tiera. I am the acting storekeeper and the apprentice of the shop owner here. If you have some good items and materials to sell, I’ll buy it.”

“Yes, please take care of me during that time. Is Tiera’s master so incredible that even the knights come frequently?”

“What are you saying? Even children nowadays know that the store owner of ‘Tsuki no Hokora’ is Schnee Raizar.”5

“Haa, is your master really that famous?”

“It was said by the people themselves. Still, master’s truths are unquestionable…”

“To have such famous person behind this shop…”

Shin who had a slight misunderstanding of the store showed an impression, after all, if there was a famous person here, the shop should be doing better than he thought. However, he had a familiar feeling with the name of the store owner, like he remembered it somewhere.

“Schnee Raizar…Schnee Raizar…Schnee…Schnee Raizar…Ahh!?”

“Hey, what’s wrong!?”

Tiera was surprised when Shin suddenly shouted. The chair made a ‘Gatan’ sound after it fell when Shin abruptly stood up.

“Oh, my bad. I was a little surprised.”

Shin apologized and returned the chair back to its original position. He thought about the name which he had heard somewhere, but it was only natural, since it was one of the support characters whom Shin made to be the salesclerk of Tsuki no Hokora in the game, and the name was Schnee Raizar.

“Sorry, but is it okay if I want to confirm something about your master?”

“Eh, yes, I will answer if I can.”

Tiera was slightly drawn back by Shin’s menacing look. However, Shin who was surprised at her agreement, didn’t notice Tiera’s expression at all.

“Is the race of Schnee Raizar a High Elf with long hair that reaches her hips, blue eyes, a beautiful woman with height around 166 cemels?”

“…That is certainly right…are you my master’s fan?”

Again, Tiera was drawn back slightly but Shin was still unaware of it.

“No, I’m not. Schnee is an acquaintance of mine or something like that. (It was a store owner and a salesclerk relationship in the game)

“Master’s acquaintance? Is that true?”

“Although I don’t know if your master remember…”

Tiera looked at Shin with full of doubt and suspicion.

It was only natural since Shin suddenly visited and said he was acquainted with the store owner in which Shin didn’t have proof or that the store owner may have no recollection of Shin.

“Speaking of which, where is Schnee now?”

“I’m sorry, but I won’t say it. Why would I tell you something that I won’t tell the knights?”

“…Okay, I understand…”

Although Shin had no idea how hierarchy worked in this world, he understood that a knight was a high ranking position from the situation with Ardi a little while ago. And a wanderer itself was less trusted which made Shin discouraged.

“I’ll pass a message if you want. Half of my work is to receive message for my master after all.”

“Half…for it to be half of your job…”

“Most of it comes from upper echelon of the country and the guilds. Some requests are in verbal message with locations stated. Because they are coming from various countries with confidential information, I have to close one eye and pretend that I didn’t see them.”

“I have nothing to say except that it is amazing”

What kind of request must have come from the upper echelon of the country, thought Shin.

“Although I rarely have to receive one. So, what are you going to do? Send a message?”

“Well, can you ask for the time being?”

“A message will cost you 1000 Jul.”

“What Jul?…Is that money?”

Shin tilted his head because he had never heard of that currency before. THE NEW GATE used Geyl as currency.

“Seriously, are you listening? How can you travel without knowing the currency?”

“No, it was different from the currency I was using before.”

“Currency used before? The currency was unchanged for around 400 years and won’t change anytime soon. Can you show it to me?”

400 years…Shin stiffened from hearing the words. Shin thought the previously currency could be used normally. Suddenly, he became like Urashima Taro.6

“It’s this coin…”

Shin took out 1 Geyl from the ‘Item Box’ and placed it on the counter. A Geyl was a circular gold coin that have a diameter of 3 cemels. The center of the coin was painted with a girl held in a dragon’s arm with 8 feathers surrounding it.

“…Hey, just now, where did you take that out from?”

Tiera’s eyes widened seeing the Geyl gold coin appearing out of nowhere.

“From the Item Box of course”


Tiera seemed to be more shocked upon hearing those words than when the Geyl gold coin had suddenly appeared.


“Oh, um, what?”

“No, you seemed to be very surprised, is there something wrong?”

“There is nothing wrong. You are able to use Item Box. Of course I’m surprised.”

“?…Is it something to be surprised about?”


Tiera dropped her shoulders for some reason. As for Shin, he still couldn’t understand why Tiera was very surprised.

“Nowadays, only Kings and the elders of certain races can use an Item Box. Furthermore, it is only possible for races that have long lives such as High Elves or High Pixie. I am surprised because you are unexpectedly able to use it. Are you someone from the royal family?”

“Nope. I’m not from the royal family.”

Shin was surprised by the Item Box status quo. He could not imagine that only important people could use the Item Box when all players got one.

By the way, the “High” before the race name was because the races have experienced reincarnation dozens of times before getting the title. There were many races in THE NEW GATE, but the base race were Human, Beast, Dragnil, Elves, and seven kinds of Pixie.

Humans were classified as a Hominini tribe, Beast as Therianthropy or Beastman, Dragnil as Dragonewt tribe, Lord as Devil tribe, and Pixie as Fairy group.

“Even though I was only using it naturally.”

“Haa, that’s certainly not natural. That reminds me, what is this awful feeling of various magic races mixing in you. Elves, Lord, Dragnil and others, what’s going on?”

“I do not understand it either. Anyway, my race is High Human.”

Shin was certain of his race as it can be revealed in his status screen. As for High Human, the racial characteristic was high state abnormalities resistance with enhanced magic tolerance. While in other games, the ability of the character was the lowest from the other races and were rarely in a party or even in going solo.

(Well, it was rather a plus for me)

It was the humans which had the obscure viewpoint, but from Shin stats, which were developed even more and incomparably by the race’s special quality, he was thankful. Though, only a small number of players were able to say it.


“Yeah? Yes, that is right.”

Shin was still reminiscing about memories when humans were still being look down. Tiera was dumbfounded and muttered something to Shin.

And Shin was startled from the words spoken by Tiera.

“High Humans…are extinct…”

“Ehh, extinct…Extinct?!”

  1. Um, what the Japanese calls the item is 'Guide of Guiding' 導きのしるべ, but it sounds quite a bit more stupid in English.
  2. At this point, take a break and search google images and wiki for "hokora/祠" and "暖簾/noren". I'll be leaving hokora as it is, since it's uniquely Japanese, and Shin is largely Japanese themed.
  3. Jack of All Trades Hokora of the Moon
  4. Shin's first line was using teneigo, but by second he's using plain speech.
  5. ‘Tsuki no Hokora’ is the name of the shop, it means Moon Shrine)
    Schnee means snow in German
  6. On wikipedia

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