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Silver Amelia
Unknown 1.01

These unknown chapters are meant to tickle your interest in the story since the main story follows Amelia's pov. But I'll leave you guessing who the characters are, but they will be shown as the story progresses and will connect with the main.

Unknown chapters will be posted once a week

In a corridor stood pillars of white, joining the cream marble flat with the murals of varying masks. Iron flowers dangled, crowning in a shade of black, painting the way in a hallway surrounded by night.

In a rhythm with the twinkle of the night, a gentle tap came masked by the breeze collecting the night's shivering might.

[What do you need?] Shaped in a V, his golden eyes peeked from the pointed visor. Reminiscent of a dragon's jaw, his helm gleamed in a silver hue. Combed by menacing twisted steel horns, the man turned with a clink.

With a sharp yet silent swing, a familiar thin sword reflected the twinkling stars in a bluish silver hue. “I came to reclaim my mother’s life.” Facing the man in an armor scaled by sharp steel, her brown hair fluttered along with the cold breeze.

Pummeling the floor with a pole, a red banner fluttered over his head. [Ha ha ha ha.] The man chuckled, holding a halberd forged in a rugged black. [A girl speaking nonsense. What should've have I expected?]

“Chuckle all you want, but your life is mine.” Leaning forward, she scowled with her ocean blue eyes as a crystal dangled loosely from her neck.

[Leave, foolish girl.] The man took a step forward and swung his halberd, slicing deep into the marble floor. [Do not waste your time, nor your life. A measly girl like you should spend your days in a peaceful home.]

Raising her thin sword, “Some words from the man who killed my mother.” She said pointing its edge before the man.

[I have no memory of your claims.] With a quick pull, he lifted his halberd with ease and let it stand it his front, holding it with both hands. [But if it’s your wish to claim this place as your grave, then who am I to object such offer?]

Raising the corner of her lips, “It'll be my pleasure to send you to my grave instead.” She grinned confidently.


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