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Silver Amelia
Unknown 2.01

Emitting a rustling sound, a blonde-haired woman shuffled through the leaves. Shifting her eyes left and right, she grabbed hold of a branch and scanned the surroundings.

Darting her eyes like a falcon, “Fuu...” She exhaled, calming her breathing.

Reaching behind her long pointed ears, she pulled a thin feathered wood. Slightly twitching, unrhythmic footsteps blended with birds' chirp. Locating the source from the corner of her eyes, she raised a beautifully carved wood at her front. Using her three thin fingers, she pulled its string.

Squinting her eyes, she further pulled the string and aimed ahead of the green-skinned creatures.

Adjusting her aim, she pointed the tip slightly ahead and below the group’s center before releasing her hold. Silently, the arrow swam through the air unhindered before missing any of the creatures dressed in a tattered cloth.

“Guwa?!” The green skinned creature wondered in surprise on the arrow that struck a stone on the ground.

Immediately after, the ground molded into earthen spikes and pierced the group from below.

Unfortunately, “Guwa! Guwa!” One of the creatures survived and started to run, but sadly.

Thuck. Another arrow struck his head.

“Haah...” The girl muttered. “I can’t believe I’m hunting goblins at this day.”

Falling from the tree, her knee-high brown leather boots contrasted with her slim legs.

Approaching, the goblin’s corpses hanging from the spikes, “Goblins near a Tree Mimic, huh” She muttered. “It’s a wonder why goblins are here of all places.”

Skirting around the corpses, “Heh, they do have them.” She said, lifting a tattered fabric on the goblin’s lower body. “If Sylvar is right, then there must be humans or another race living further northeast of here.”

“But even if there is,” She said as she shifted her sight towards the east. “Why are the goblins sending groups of scouts to the west?”

Taking a step away from the corpses, “It would’ve been easy to find out if the wyverns weren’t afraid of the dragon’s territory.” She said. “Hmm… Kanna should’ve tried taking it down before leaving.”

“Anyway, Silphy.” She called.

Before her blue eyes, a green object swirled into a ball.

[Yes? Yes?] It asked.

“Pass a message to Sylvar for me.” She said. “Tell him it’s highly likely that his doubts are true.”

[Okay. Okay.] Silphy uttered before swirling back to nothing.

“Now then,” she said. “I should at least return with some fruits in tow.”


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