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Silver Amelia
Intermission 5: King Chasers

[There!] Marco shouted, pointing to a nearby alley. He then dashed with his paws and ran towards it.

Following closely behind was Rick. He was wearing a leather armor and a wooden spear was kept in his hands. Behind them were a few Royal Guards that kept a close watch.

Marco then turned to a street filled by passing citizens. Nimbly, Rick and the Guards weaved through the citizens while shouting, “Move! Move! Coming through!” In response, the citizens gave way and had let them through. It seemed as if they had seen this event a few times in the past and had grown a little accustomed to it. They wore wry smiles as they passed while some creased their foreheads.

But Rick and the Guards didn’t mind. They continued chasing Marco that entered one alley after the other. Soon, they entered a street sparse with the number of citizens. And, from within their sight, Marco was fast approaching a man that seemed to be escaping.

“There!” Rick pointed. Though it was obvious, he still told the Guards.

Their clattering footsteps filled the street and made the people move to the sides. They chased after a man with a brown hair and brown eyes. His build was on the medium side and from his height, he was old enough to have a few children.

“Tch!” the man said. He unhesitatingly ran into an alley filled with crates. It seemed as if he knew every alley and street in the place. As soon as he entered the alley, his speed increased. He leaped towards a crate and eventually scaled the wall beside it. He hooked his hands on top of a wall and pulled himself up and over it.

Marco did the same, but he did faster than the man scaled the wall. He was nimble as a cat he was. Then he promptly scaled down the wall using his momentum and tried to catch the man.

Rick couldn’t do the same. His height and strength did not allow him at his current age. Instead, he continued running past the crates and disappeared into a different alley. Rick knew the place, he had grown accustomed to Aves’s streets and alleys during his stay with Fae and Camille.

On the other hand, the Guards split into two groups. Two scaled the wall like the man did, while another two chased after Rick.

While they were on it, Marco raced behind the man and said, [Stop! Stop! I want eat fish! So want return to palace! Queen will happy!]

Despite, Marco’s calls, the man kept on running. He refused to return to the palace. He was the king, Auguste Laurel. On his hair was a clip that came from Amelia from a time back. “I have some errands to do! Leave me alone!” Auguste replied.

[But Queen said! No errands today!]

“You’re being tricked!”

Not soon after that, the clattering of footsteps increased. From the direction of Auguste was heading, appeared Rick. He glared at Auguste and said, “Stop there.”

“Sorry Rick,” Auguste said as he pumped his legs. He then leaped over Rick, but as soon as he passed over Rick, an unbearable pain struck bottom. “Oof!”

The moment Auguste planted his feet on the pavement, he covered his groin. He staggered but his remained standing. Rick struck it with the spear’s pole end.

“F-from who… did you learn… to do that...” Auguste squeezed his voice. While two Guards surrounded him and apprehended him by the hand.

“Queen said to hit it. It was a weakness she said.”

“D-diane huh… Ahaha...”

Later, the runaway King has been returned to the palace. Though Rick had met and saw Auguste without the illusion magi tool, he never knew it was his father. Diane had also told Rick not to tell anyone even to Camille and Fae. Rick, being an honest boy he was, did as Diane told him.

[Fish! Fish! Fish!]

On the other hand, Marco was dancing around a bucket of fish. It was his reward from Diane for returning Auguste.

For Rick’s reward, he himself requested for an armor that looked like those in the palace’s hallway. He liked the armors that shone a silver glint. Diane, on the other hand, has agreed, but only a piece after piece would be given to Rick. After all, it would be a custom-made armor right for his age.

From the day Diane met Marco, everyone in the palace became happy. Argent’s work was lessened. The Guards didn’t have to scatter throughout Aves. Diane was able to keep Auguste in check. Marco received fish. Rick received his armor.

Everyone was happy, except for Auguste.

Damn it!

However, there’s still a chance.

I’ll have Amelia teach me how to ride wyverns!

If he can’t escape through the land, then he’ll escape through the air. Afterward, he had made a reason to visit the Duchy. But Diane who held doubts on Auguste had made Lara and Elaine come along.


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