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Silver Amelia
Chapter 45: Amelia's Gift

On the day after, Maize and I continued discussing our plan to take control of the forest to the west.

“For now,” I said, “have the citizens of the village to the west evacuate to here. For those further northwest, have them move to the port city to the east. Lastly, for the fishing village, lead them towards the southwest and into the villages of Academia.”

“Then I’ll leave to you the letter to request Academia’s assistance,” Maize replied.

In response, I nodded. “I’ll prepare it shortly.”

I’ll have to visit the Royals upon arrival in Academia for this…

Without sparing a single moment, we began to move. I wrote a letter just like Maize asked. On the other hand, Maize gathered his men and hand-picked those who would assist in the evacuation of the citizens. After Maize’s men split up into groups and headed towards the said villages, my remaining Guards, the Guards from Tervin’s Dukedom, and Brent’s Guards restarted our march towards the borders. However, some Guards from Tervin’s Dukedom remained to manage the temporary settlement. A settlement to be turned into a relay town for the trade with Brent.

While traveling, the rain started to let-up. Then gradually, the looming clouds thinned while rays of light broke through the barricade of clouds. Guided by the sun’s light, we arrived at the borders. To be specific, the valley between Twin Peaks.

In the distance within my sight, a large arched gateway stood with small spires at its sides. Spanning to its left and right, a tall gray rampart blocked anything beyond it other than the mountains that stood behind.

“This is where we part,” I said, facing Max with his Guards lined behind him. They stood at attention with their bannered spears pointed towards the cloudy sky. Their dark-blue banners were marked with three spears crossed as one. The so-called Spears of Longinus.

“For now,” he said with an unbreaking smile.

I snickered a laugh in response. Then, with a smile, I said, “Whatever.”

As I took a step forward, my Guards on my sides moved in unison. Halting, I shifted my sight to my left, then to the right. “You don’t have to be this alert,” I said with a giggle. “You don’t have to worry, I have no plans of escaping.” Then I took another step closer to Max while my Guards relaxed on their positions.

Upon reaching Max, I said, “I’m sorry I have nothing else to give.”

“Don’t worry, the promise is enough for me,” he said as he gazed into my eyes.

“Would a hug perhaps satisfy you?” I asked as I tilted my head.

“I’d be glad to,” he answered.

At the moment he opened his arms wide, I quickly took a step forward. Then, grabbing him by the collar, I pulled him closer while I closed my eyes as I reached out my neck. Shortly, in the dark, my lips caressed his. It was damp. It was mellow. Then on my cheeks, his surprised breathing brushed a gentle and warm breeze. And as I lifted my eyelids, his wide-eyed expression entered my sight.

One second. Two. Three. I then released him from my grasp. As I backed away with a mischievous smile, he silently stood there frozen with his arms still opened wide. It was the same for everyone else. The Guards, both from Brent’s and mine, they all wore an expression of surprise or shock. Gradually, while they muttered words beside their comrade, Max’s mouth gaped and closed repeatedly. Unable to respond, he slowly lifted his trembling hand over his lips and stared at me vacantly.

“That’s my gift,” I said as I hinged my hips. “It’s my first, so take care of it.” Then I turned around and pumped my legs hurriedly towards my Guards.

While I weaved my way through my Guards, a shout came from behind, “Wait! Amelia! It’s not enough!”

Don’t be too greedy!

With a hand trembling hand over my lips, I whispered to myself, “I can’t believe I did something so brazen.” I turned and twisted to fit myself between my Guards as I hurriedly walked away. Finding myself outside the wall of my Guards, I resumed and headed further away.

At that time, my heart beat like a galloping horse. Blood rushed to my head. All the while a warm sensation exploded within my core.

I don’t think I can get used to doing such things…

As Amelia vanished in between her Guards, I reached out my hand and shouted, “Wait! Amelia! It’s not enough!” It was greed. Or was it? I didn’t know. But all I thought is that it wasn’t enough. After all, I was caught by surprise.

Unable to suppress myself, my lips raised to an inevitable smile. My heart pounded like crazy. It was her first. It also was mine.

I can’t believe that she’d act so brazen. Did I do good yesterday? So all my efforts this time paid off? Wait, wait, wait, wait. This can’t be a dream, right? It happened, right? I thought. No, it’s definitely real. I’m sure of it. I burned her image during the kiss. I’m sure of it. There’s no denying it.

Balling my hand into a fist, I glanced over the arched gateway from behind and muttered, “Ah, I don’t think I’ll get enough of her.”

I could feel it. My blood pumping through my veins. I felt invincible. I thought I can do anything. I wanted to shout. I wanted to scream and let the world know I succeeded in my first step. And I wanted everyone to know how lucky I was this day.

It’s just starting, I thought. I have to do my best.


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