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Silver Amelia

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At that moment, I was sitting on a chair overlooking what the kingdom of Laurel boasts of as the Royal Guards, training in the field. Given the task of protecting and escorting the royal family, they specialized in interpersonal combat rather than combat against beasts.

To my dismay, they performed their sword strikes at wooden pells. Their movements were refined and graceful, but they don’t give a strong impression. I had expected a mock battle, a sword dance, or a duel, not an irksome play of lumberjacks chopping wood.


“Your Highness, may I request your opinion on this matter?” My personal maidservant, Erina asked as she stood beside me.

“Disappointing” Lacking the interest, I replied. “Others may be satisfied with this level of performance, but that does not include me.”

 “You have my sympathy, your Highness.” She said moving her sight back to the training ground.


When I was around 9 years of age, I was able to visit a few other neighboring kingdoms with my grandfather. During the visits, their show of military performance was a few levels above what is being showcased before me.

A diplomatic show of military might may be a staged performance, but they still have a strong presence. I mean, the Royal Guards aren’t even using magic to make it more appealing or intimidating, I thought.


After waiting in agony for a few more minutes, the training halted, and the Knights came forward in an orderly manner. After arranging themselves, a representative came to the front and at the same time, they gently bowed.

“Her Royal Highness, Princess of Laurel, we give our utmost gratitude for participating in the training of the Royal Guards.” Said the knight.

Ah… A typical handsome young knight; blonde hair, blue eyes, masculine, and a confident smile. I wonder how many noblewomen had he brought to his chamber. I thought as I reviewed his appearance.


“No. As guards of the royal family, I ought to offer you my gratitude.” I said as I stood from my seat.  “The royal guards have defended and supported our family for decades; I hope this relationship to continue persisting through time.” I said I slowly approached, displaying a light smile.

“Fear not, your Highness. It is our pledge and honor to defend the royalty of Laurel with our lives. Please do not hesitate to use us as your arms and shield.” The knight said earnestly.

“Truly, the royal family is blessed to have knights like you at their side. If it is not too much to ask for, I would be expecting more of the Royal Guards.” I replied.


“Worry not. Your Highness’ expectation shall properly be met.”

“Well then, if you would excuse me, I have some other matters to attend to.” I said as I gave a light curtsy. “Thank you for your time.”

“It is our pleasure, your Highness.” The Knight replied before bowing a second time along with the other Guards.


After I disappeared into the hallway, the Knights dispersed.

Free at last! I joyfully thought.

Sigh.” I breathe out lightly.

Why didn’t they prepare something more fitting of the royal guards? Are they mocking me? I thought as I recall the recent event. Anyway, maybe I should take rest at the manor after going back?


A few steps before reaching the entrance, I heard a voice calling my name.

“Amelia! Wait a moment Amelia!” The voice called as hurried footsteps resounded on the hallway.

Ah, this rude voice… I thought as I remember the culprit.


“My, if it isn’t Lord Tervin, is there something urgent that requires my immediate attention?” I asked after turning around to meet the owner of the voice, expressing a smile.

“Finally… I found you…” While slightly gasping for air he spoke.

“Hmm?” I slightly tilted my head to the side.

What is it now?


“Amelia, how was it? That is, your travel back here?” He asked, ignoring the question I asked him.

Isn’t it obvious that I would be tired after a long travel, even more so having to agonize over that training?

“As you can see, I am fairly well, but considerably tired and would like to have some rest.” I replied with a wry smile.

“Amelia, you can drop the formal speech, you know. We are cousins, you know. So come on, let’s be casual like when we were kids.” He said smiling.

“Lord Tervin, we are no longer children.” I replied, with a slight hint of irritation. “And besides, we had yet to meet for the last two years.”


“It doesn’t matter.” He said. “Amelia, join me, I have some sweets prepared. Maybe that’ll improve your mood.”

“My apologies Lord Tervin, but I wish to make haste and receive a fitting rest, so please state your business.” He frowned at my statement.

Sigh. Well, fine.” He said in sorrow. “You are invited to a Banquet tonight at the palace gardens, everyone will be waiting. Oh, and it will be hosted by my father, so be sure to come.”


In response, I moved my sight towards Erina for inquire further information.

“My apologies your Highness, I have yet to be informed of such gathering.” She apologized by lightly bowing her head.

“Well that is expected, some parts of it were rushed anyway,” He said as he looked to the direction of the entrance.


Rushed you say? I thought, confused. Is that possible for an event that is to be hosted at the palace?

“Is it possible to prepare such a large gathering, in such little time?” I asked.

“Well, I guess?” He said, nonchalantly. “Just come later and you will see. Well then, I’ll be going now. See you later, Amelia!” He said as he took off in the opposite direction.


“Your Highness, let us return to the carriage,” Erina asked.

“Yeah, you’re right, let us return.” I replied.

It did not take long before I ended up sitting inside the carriage along with Erina.


“Hmm… Erina, do you know any reason why they would rush such an event?” I asked, curiously.

“Apologies your Highness,” she said. “I lack the necessary information.”

“Erina, we are inside the carriage so should drop the formal speech.” I said. “Not even the coachman can hear us here.”

“I beg your pardon.” She said.


“It’s been quite a while, huh? That is since we last joined a banquet.” I said trying to remember the last time I joined a similar gathering.

“Will you be joining?” She asked.

“Honestly, I feel there’s something amiss about that banquet for it to be rushed, but since it’s been quite a while, I might as well go.” I said, unsure.


“Wouldn’t it be dangerous? We should at least gather information on the participants.” She suggested.

“Let’s do that, then.” I replied as I looked through the window.

“It has also been a while since you wore a dress, so I’ll prepare something ‘appealing’. Fu fu fu.” She laughed playfully.

“Erina, whatever you are plotting, please stop.” I glared at Erina as I moved my sight towards her.


“My, my, whatever are you referring to your Highness?” She said, placing her right hand over her mouth, laughing mischievously.

“Seriously Erina, please stop.” I said.

“It’s not like you would immediately have babies, your Highness.” She casually said, while she warmly looked over my body.

“That leap in logic of yours is quite disturbing! Please take that back!” I shouted in return.


Well, let’s leave the rowdy conversation in the carriage for a while.

The 1st princess and 2nd child born between King Auguste Laurel, and Queen Diane Laurel, Amelia Laurel, is my name.

In any case, whoever you are, whom I do not see, feel, nor touch. I want you to witness my story. I want you to know who and what I really am. Not like some typical beautiful princess, up for grabs, or someone to be saved by a hero like most stories do.


Now you might be thinking, “Why is she talking to us?” or “What are you expecting from us?” or something like “Is this some kind of template?”

Well, it’s not like I know that some sort of power or being is watching over me, or to be precise watching over ‘us’. It’s just that I wanted to believe that there is someone out there who could see the bigger picture, which would be you.

And so I am asking this favor of you. I want you to know who I, Amelia Laurel am as a person and as a princess. I want you, who have no power whatsoever to neither help nor interfere with the decisions I’ve made to bear witness to the truth. I want my name and the truth of my existence to have its place, at least in your mind.


This is my story, as the Silver Princess in this rotten world.


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