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Silver Amelia
Chapter 6: Days Before the Tribe 1

[There!] Marco shouted.

He then ran through the bushes. I followed behind him as we traversed the forest. When I arrived at where Marco went to, I saw a small plant bearing fruit.

“This one is edible?” I asked.

[Yes!] Then Marco picked one and offered it to me. [Here! Try!]

I grabbed the small red and round fruit at the size of a marble. I then hesitantly brought it into my mouth and ate it.

It’s sweet.

“Un, it’s good,” I answered. “Is there anything else you could find in the forest?”

[Yes!] Marco answered energetically.

Currently, I’m conducting a test with Marco. Well, it’s more of a confirmation rather than a test though. In any case, if you could remember that Marco was with Mother after the duel from three days ago then this would be easier.

Before the duel, it seems that Marco stuck with the work I gave him which was to look for me. Marco, without knowing the situation arrived at the Manor looking for me. Since it was my residence, he was seized by the guards then interrogated. His interrogation yielded the information that he received work from a person named Mia which the guards know as my fake name.

I feel sorry for letting Marco go through an interrogation though. I forgot about him after I thought of how to approach Father.

The guards then sent a message to both Mother and Argent working in the palace. To cut it short, Mother responded and had Marco brought to the palace. She then used Marco to look for Father’s whereabouts by letting him smell his clothes. In the end, they ended up at the east gate and was about to exit when we came back.

Anyway, the reason why I’m here is to confirm the Lynxes ability. A keen nose used for locating smell or scent which is several levels better than humans. Marco arriving at my mansion without instructions is clear evidence. Another one is using Father's clothes to look for his whereabouts.

And now, I’m using his sense of smell to look for edible food in the Forest. The idea struck me when I remembered that the Lynxes used to live in the forest before arriving at Aves. So I thought that maybe they use their noses to locate edible food. And the conclusion, I was right.

[Over here!] He called.


When I arrived, he was pointing at a horned rabbit behind a thicket.

“So you could locate beasts too?” I asked as I unsheathed my rapier.


Currently, the long sword that I always use is under repairs. It was due to the chips it sustained during the duel. So here I am stuck with the rapier. It's not that I don't want it; it's just that I'm unfamiliar with it. If you include magic, this rapier doesn't have the magic I embedded from the previous sword. Well, it has a magic circle embedded in the handle, but the problem is I can’t read it. Technically I can read the formula, but not the language used.

In fact, a high purity mana crystal is contained in the handle. It can even handle up to three advanced magic circle. My previous sword, on the other hand, can only handle one intermediate and one basic spell. And it only made use of a high purity mana shard instead.

Currently, there is one advanced magic circle embedded in it. Well, I at least think it's at the advanced level due to its complexity. But I can’t carelessly use it. I have a trauma from exploding magic tools I made back in Academia. I usually use a mana conductor to test it from afar, but I left my tools in Academia so I could travel quickly. In addition, the complicated the magic circle is, the larger its explosion becomes.

As you thought, I could die if I carelessly activate it. I don’t think it’s a fitting death for me though.

“Marco, try to provoke it then lure it here,” I ordered.


Well, even if it is a bomb it’s still a sword with an undeniable quality.

Two days ago, I received the report from Ark regarding the search for a mentor. Unfortunately, that person received a request from Libet concerning the races on the border. Nevertheless, he sent a few instructions instead on how to use the rapier. The problem with the instructions is that they are too vague.

The instructions were.

That’s the entire message. I would be really glad if he sent a book detailing it, but I guess that’s asking too much.

Anyway, let’s get back to it later. This will serve as a practice for the meantime.


After Marco cried, he started running towards my direction. I prepared the rapier with one hand as instructed. When Marco passed beside me, the horned rabbit jumped from the bushes. Before it noticed me, I quickly took a step forward, twisted my body then swung the rapier upwards from my hip severing its head. After that, its body fell to the ground, with its severed head nearby.


“Yeah, it’s too sharp I guess,” I said astonished.

It’s a clean cut. I didn’t even feel a slight resistance from cutting it.

Afterward, I hunted more beasts within the vicinity of the forest entrance. I also had Marco try to locate mana herbs, but sadly, it was a failure. In any case, I had the guards who are always nearby to carry the bodies of the beasts that I hunted and sold them at the guild.

Later that day, I returned to the palace and requested a meeting with Mother and Argent regarding the Lynx race. I have already sent a request in advance so that Mother could prepare a time for us to meet.

In Laurel, the King declares the law, and the Nobles serve as judges within their fief. Other than that, there are the chancellors who had always been of help to both Argent and Mother when dealing with administrative work. Mother, the Primary Queen, is considered the viceroy of the country. Basically, most of the power in Laurel is held by the royal family.

Even I could issue a royal decree as the first princess, but I haven’t used it even once. But that level of authority is only possible for the first two royalties born of the Primary Queen.

Other than that, there are the ministers. The ministers in Laurel are a little different. They are not part of the church and are usually under the command of the viceroy. Well, even without that, Mother’s connections are quite formidable.

But if you take a look at the citizens, they’re not too against Laurel’s system. It’s probably because of the good image of Laurel’s royalty. Aside from that, Laurel was also known to be the first kingdom to abolish serfdom back in the days.

Anyway, Father gave both Argent and Mother the right to alter the law, but they still need his approval, and the minister’s review, but mostly just Father’s approval. So I’d need to approach Mother to get things done.

“Your Highness, her Majesty wishes to meet you in her chamber.” The maidservant said as I waited.


I was then escorted to Mother’s chamber.

“Her Majesty, her Highness has arrived.” The maidservant Announced.

“Please enter.” Another maidservant said as she opened the door.

Mother spoke when I entered.

“Please leave us for a moment.”

Then the servants left the room one by one. After the servants left, Mother approached the table at the side.

“Take a seat, Amelia.” She said as she gestured to the chair as she took her own.

“Thank you, Mother.” Then I sat down facing her.

“How goes your test?” She started.

“It has been well.”

“I see, and then?”

“I have decided to suggest a restriction regarding the Lynxes.”


“I wish to impose a limit on the number of Lynxes that each citizen could hire. If possible, restrictions like age limit or a family limit would do.” I continued. “I also wish for a standard for the Lynxes wages. If possible, I want them to be similar to that of a child could earn.”

“Do you wish to say more?”

I nodded.

“The next one is more of a suggestion.” Then I continued. “I suggest that we implement a system that which would make use of the Lynxes as Trackers.”

“What do you mean by this system?”

“Just like how Mother used Marco, we could use the Lynxes to track a person or edible food in the field.”


“It’d be a benefit for the Knights, Soldiers, and Adventurers once they are on the field. It might help us in reducing the resources consumed when mobilizing armies. For the Adventurers, they could consider bringing less baggage when venturing away from the cities or towns. It would also help in searching for missing people.”

“Is there more?

“I’m sorry Mother, but this is all I could imagine at the moment. Regarding the use of Lynxes for crimes, I still don’t have a concrete solution or suggestion.”

Yes, using Lynxes for crimes is quite complicated. The Lynxes are simple-minded and easy to use.

“It’s fine, after all, you are still growing.” She said. “Regarding crimes, It is indeed complicated. A lot of possible scenarios could happen. You could leave those things to me and Argent.”


“The Tracker suggestion is indeed good, but we would require the cooperation of the Guild Masters’ when adventurers are concerned.” She said. “Aside from that, the Lynxes need to be contained here in Aves for the meantime.”

“huh? Why?” I asked puzzled.

They would be a big help for the pioneering at the northeast.

“Amelia, just as you said, a definite standard wage for Lynxes is needed. We also have to address the restriction given to merchants depending on establishment size and business type.”

"Regarding limitations, it’d be best to let a royal purveyor offer the Lynxes as a service. This way, we could limit who could afford them. Also, a slave collar on the Lynxes would serve as a legitimate identification. Lastly, the citizens need not mind the taxes imposed for hiring a Lynx; the purveyor would include them in the offered price.”

Ah, so a plan to use slave collars in order to track them.

“But Mother, wouldn’t that create a monopoly?”

“Yes, it would, but this is needed until we could create a law detailing the punishments that concern Lynxes.”

“Then the containment would be lifted soon enough?” I asked.

“Yes. In any case, is there anything you need to ask?”

“Nothing of the matter, but Mother I would be entering the forest soon.”

There’s only a day left before the messenger from the Tribe arrives to fetch me.

After I said that, she stood from her seat and approached me then she offered her hand.

“Come here, Amelia.” She spoke in a casual voice.

Mother speaking casually, that’s rare. Could I also drop the formal tone now?

I reached for her hand as I stood, and then I was led to the balcony.

“Amelia, listen.” She said. “Listen to the sound you hear. Smell the air and remember its scent. Look at the view and burn them into your eyes. Lastly, remember the people and keep them inside you.”

She then looked directly and placed her hands on the side of my shoulders.

“Amelia, remember all of this. The place of your birth, your hometown, and a place you must return to.”

I nodded quietly in response. Then mother embraced me.

“Don’t worry about Camille, Rick and Fae. I’ll make sure your Father recognizes them as innocent. But regarding Camille as a mistress, it would be too much to expose to the Nobility so we could only give them treatment as servants under your name.”

Yes, it’s fine, as long as they live a better life. Regarding Father, he’s still half-hearted regarding their treatment. So he placed guards within the premises of the manor to satiate his anxiety.

“But, Amelia, promise me you will return alive.” She said as she tightened her embrace.

I embraced her and buried myself in her warmth.

“Yes, I will return no matter how long it takes mama.”


The day after, I was training with my rapier on the manor’s yard.  Along with me swinging at the yard was Rick. And of course, unlike last time, I didn’t wear the illusion magic tool.

“Ha!” Rick shouted.

Rick was swinging a long wooden rod instead of a sword. To be exact, it’s a training spear entirely made of wood. This spear is considered short for its length, but it looks ordinary when Rick holds it. From the looks of it, Rick seems to have the knack to handle it, despite his age. He’s more of an intuitive type though.

Currently, both Rick and Fae are ten. It has been the third day of their stay in the manor. What we found was that Rick was bad at learning academics but good in physical labor. On the other hand, Fae was the complete opposite.

Then it resulted to this, Rick training as a soldier or as a guard for this manor. Currently, he’s training with basic thrusts. Honestly, I think he should start at improving his stamina, but he immediately joins whenever he sees me in the yard practicing.

While we were training several people approached us. It was Erina, with Fae in tow.

“Your Highness, the promised herb has arrived. Would you like it prepared after the noon meal?” Erina asked while Fae curtsied.

I sheathed the rapier as Erina speaks.

“Yes, please do,” I answered after turning towards Erina’s direction.

“Your Highness, can I speak?” Fae asked.

“Yes, of course.”

“Does her Highness know Mia sis?”

My smile stiffened for a moment before I could reply.

“Why you asked?”

“Because her Highness’s face looks similar to Mia sis. Your voice too is also similar sometimes?” Fae answered with a confused expression.

Ah, she noticed the slight change in my tone when I speak casually and formally. It wouldn’t be that bad to reveal it, but father won’t keep quiet if he hears this. He might think some baseless accusations again because of his anxiety.

I looked to Erina for an answer. After our eyes met, she immediately nodded.

“Fae, I’m sorry, but it seems that Erina still has things to teach you. Could you follow her instructions for me?”

“Umm… Un. Ok.” She nodded.

Then she was led by Erina back into the manor. After that, I followed suit.

Regarding Fae, Erina and I decided to dodge it and make her busy by letting her read books in the Manor’s Library. That would serve as a good distraction for her in the meantime.

Ah, yes, I've almost forgotten. Regarding Argent’s request and the official ceremony, there is nothing much of interest so you need not mind it.

Argent’s request was just boring paperwork regarding the balances regarding the pioneering in the northeast.

For the ceremony, it was similar to last time. But of course, nothing embarrassing like last time happened. That’s because I made sure this time. In any case, the only difference is the presence of the Second Queen Consort and her son Mark the Second Prince.

Well, I know I’ve been avoiding Mark, but let me summarize it this time. He’s a human born with the conceited attitude of his mother and the womanizer trait from Father. Basically, he’s a trash. That’s it, a trash with a title. I really want to crush his manhood so he won’t reproduce, but that would be a huge issue if it gets out, so it’s quite troubling.

Anyway, let’s continue this next time. It’ll be the last day before the messenger arrives, so I’ll take my time with explaining the herb next.


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