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Silver Amelia
Chapter 21: The Tribe 2

A few minutes later after I gave up, I sat on the ground and leaned on the wyvern’s neck as it slept with its head curled beside me. Its neck, covered in long black, yet not so hard scales, was long enough to accommodate four people sitting side by side.

“So you mean that I met this wyvern seven years ago?” I asked Kanna.

“Yes, after it hatched from its egg, you were the first thing that it saw and thought that you were its Mother.” She answered. “For two years, you took care of this White-tail because you thought it was a cute and large bird.” She said grinning as she stood before me with her hands on her hips.


“…” In silence, I moved my sight towards the White-tail beside me. “This doesn’t look like a bird at all.”

“Of course, it doesn’t.” Answered, Kanna. “New-born White-tails take the form of a large feathered chick. This trait of them is believed to be the cause of having the blood of Gryphons.”

“Once hatched, White-tails are covered by a thin layer of down. As they grow, that layer of down increases. Those made them look like a very fluffy bird despite the sharp looking jaw.”


“After three to four months, they start shedding their first layer of down. This process continues each month until every layer of down is removed.”

“But why are they covered in that amount of feathers?” I asked curiously.

“That’s because White-tails tend to make their nest near the mountain peaks where it is cold.”

“In that case, won’t they be out in the cold after all the down was removed?”

She shook her head in response. “No, during the process of the shedding, White-tails start to develop their first set of feather-like scales. These scales are thick enough to withstand the cold air.”


“Isn't the process of developing the scales take too much time?” I asked tilting my head.

“Yes, you’re right.” She answered. “White-tails develop slower than most wyverns. They take about eight to nine months before their down is completely replaced. But in comparison, White-tails are superior to most wyverns, especially in terms of speed.”

“And that’s because of their feather-like scales?”


She nodded. “Their scales are lighter compared to the scales of other wyverns. This gives them less weight to carry with their large wingspan. But entirely, it’s just probably that they are a superior variant of wyverns.”

“Then why the white tail?”


“Honestly, we don’t know.” She answered scratching her head. “Usually, their tails, up until a third of their back, turn white three years after they hatched. We consider it as the sign of maturity for White-tails.”

“Then this White-tail is already a full-grown adult?”

“The fact that it’s seven years old, yes.”

“Then, how did I meet this White-tail?”


“Every elf that becomes a chief receives an egg of a White-tail as a sign of prestige.” She said as she looked at the White-tail. “But since there was originally no trial for humans, the Tribe decided to give them the same proving trial of the elves.”

In that case… I thought. “Then that means that this one was originally Grandfather’s?”

“Yes, it was supposed to be Randolf’s, but since you stuck with it since it hatched, it imprinted you as its parent.”


“…” Silently, I moved my sight to the ground. Ah, what was I doing back then?

“Ahahah.” She laughed. “Don’t worry, Randolf was satisfied seeing you playing with it anyway. You even slept with it numerous times, rather than sleeping with me!” She shouted. “Even though I was present back then, you liked that big fat bird more than me!” she said displaying a vexed expression.

“Err…” I muttered. “I’m sorry?”

So that’s probably why I don’t remember her that much? But I don’t think I remember that much about this wyvern either… I tried recalling. Wait…


“Haah… Anyway,” She said after letting the past be past. “I hope you won’t focus on the next bird you’ll receive.”

“Eh?” Confused, I asked. “You mean I will receive another egg?”

“What are you talking about?” She asked puzzled. “Of course yes, that big one over there was a reward for Randolf, but the next one is specifically for you.”


How would I take care of that? I thought thinking of being responsible for two wyverns. Just how much do I even need to feed it?

“Why? Don’t like it? You used to like big fat fluffy things right?”

“I… Guess?” I answered unsure wearing a wry smile on my face. “I pretty much don’t remember much of my childhood after that event, so…”

“No, that’s okay, I’m sorry I dug that up.” She apologized with a slight bow.

“It’s okay.” I smiled. “In any case, why White-tails?”


“Ah, that.” she muttered. “It has something to do with the history of the Mountain Elves.”

“Why were they called Mountain Elves in the first place? Weren’t they ordinary Elves?”

“Yes, they are ordinary Elves.” Then she looked over to Sylvar who was quiet the whole time.

[It’s fine; she’ll become a chief soon. It’s necessary for her to learn of the Tribe’s history.]

Kanna nodded.


[Well then,] Sylvar said. [I’ll leave things to Kanna and take my leave.] He said as he left.

“Well, even if Sylvar said that I won’t be discussing everything today.”

“True, I’d rather hear about it in a span of several days.”

“Anyway,” She said as she approached and sat down beside me. “The Mountain Elves are from the same elven race that used to reside in Avalon. In Avalon, the elves dominate. It’s not that far to say that they rule the entire forest surrounding Avalon.”


“But Garfin said it was a forest?” I asked after recalling Garfin’s statement.

“Well, he’s right, but he’s wrong too.” She added. “Avalon is a metropolis and a forest. Unlike here in Alabaster, they said that the trees in Avalon are at least five times larger. Using those trees, they made homes with them as a base, and then connected them in one way or another.”


After hearing what she said, I looked over to the nearest tree and stacked them five times in my mind.

Those trees sure are huge… I thought as I imagined the size.


“Anyway, in Avalon, the same as most races, they too have factions.”

“So the Elves were divided?”

“Yes,” She nodded. “Like humans, elves too were divided by their beliefs.”

“There were those that wished to further expand Avalon to spread the belief in nature. Those that thought the other races were barbaric and wished to judge them based on the elven law. Those that thought that secluding their selves in Avalon and ignoring the other races are the best option.”


“Some that wished to venture outside Avalon tempted of the unknown. And some wished to make peace with other races and make a small community with them.”

“Then the Mountain Elves came from the last group?”

“Yes, they did.” She answered. “To cut the story short, along their journey, they met the dwarfs searching for a place to mine resources.”


“Then after that, they ended up in Alabaster?”

“Yes, but of course, at first, they had disputes, but after working together for a long time, they built a sense of fellowship, and became the Tribe.”

“Then the White-tail?”


“Ahaha. Yes, the White-tail.” She snickered. “Back then, the Tribe was unfortunate to step inside the territory of a White-tail. Of course, the Tribe doesn’t have problems when dealing with most wyverns, but the White-tail was different.”

“During that time, the White-tail that attacked the Tribe was a female that had just recently laid its eggs. Furious that there were trespassers on its territory, it began its attack. The Tribe thought that it would be fine as long they used the same tactic they used against ordinary wyverns.”


“Unfortunately, the White-tail's attacks were different. Rather than gliding down and attack with its claws, or use its mouth to spit something from up close, it took to the sky and hid in the clouds. At the next moment, it pierced through the clouds in a nosedive. The Tribe tried to attack it as it falls, but it was too fast, and a slight flick of its wings made it twist in the air effortlessly.”  She narrated while using her hands to show an image.


“Before it reached the ground, the White-tail spread its wings wide and created a powerful gust of wind that threw Dwarfs and Elves alike into the air. Without rest, it swung its razor-sharp tail and killed several members of the Tribe. Truly, it was the largest disaster that the Tribe met. After several attempts, the Tribe achieved its victory and took the eggs as their prize. Then, it became a symbol of prestige to the Tribe.”

“…So White-tails are that powerful?” I asked imagining how powerful a wild White-tail is compared to the juvenile wyverns that often come to Laurel.


“Yes, but it’s probably because that it was a female guarding its eggs. At those times, White-tails doesn’t show mercy. Add the fact that White-tails are rare and hardly reproduce. But in general, White-tails are powerful enough to easily cut the necks of lesser dragons if given the time to do a nosedive.”

“Then, how many White-tails does the Tribe have?”

“Including this, seven in total.” She answered. “The others were given White-tails for their efforts in hunting.”

“Then does the Tribe use other wyverns?”


“Yes, we do. But their numbers are also limited. Usually, limited to the number of Enarfs in the Tribe.”

Puzzled I asked. “Why is that?”

“Because we Enarfs are the riders and tamers of beasts in the Tribe. The reason for that is that the Elves can’t aim and control the wyverns at the same time. Because of that, Enarfs became the riders.”

“…” I continued listening.


“Another reason is that Enarfs are light compared to dwarfs and elves. We also have a small and slim body, yet we have a fragment of the dwarfs’ strength which made us ideal riders. The taming part came second after being riders.”

“Then you mean that-”

Smiling brightly she spoke. “Yes, I’m tasked to tame this wyvern and the next that will hatch, which means, I’ll be together with Lia for a looooooong time!” She said as she embraced me from the side.



“Anyway, can you try guessing this one’s name?” She asked. “You were the one that named it before.” She said peeking from the side with a grin.

Silently, I thought. Remembering that I was completely different from before, I don’t think it’s a good name…

“What’s taking you so long? You should be able to name it right?” She asked chuckling.

“C-can the name be changed?” I asked nervously.


“Why? It already has a cute name.” she answered smiling. “And besides, it won’t easily recognize a new name, you know?”

“…” Silently I looked to the sky and thought. I feel like I have done something bad…

“If you don’t want to guess then I’ll say it.” She said as she stood and began patting the White-tails head.

“Its name is-” Before she finished saying anything, I cupped my hands on my ears.

No, I don’t want to hear it! I thought as I curled myself and closed my eyes.


“Hey! That’s cheating!” She said as she tried prying my hands off.

“No, don’t let me remember my sin!” I struggled. “Let me be without knowing it!”

“You can’t!” She answered. “You’ll only prolong your agony! It’d be best to bear the shame right now!”

“No!” I kept struggling “I said I do-”

“Birby.” She whispered through the gap.


With my strength draining from remembering a ridiculous name that I gave to a wyvern, I slumped.

I knew it… I thought. I’m sorry I named you Birby… Old me, what the hell were you thinking… Then I hid my face with the palm of my hands.

“It’ll be great if we start introducing Birby to other people in the future.”

“No! Please don’t!” I bellowed. “That’s torture! At least introduce him as a White-tail instead!”

“Ahahaha.” She chuckled. “Why not? He liked his name, you know?” She said as she continued patting Birby while it gave a low growl.


You too?!

“Then at least don’t tell them I named him…” I said as I held her hand. “Please, have mercy.” I begged.

“In that case,” She said with a smirk. “Ride Birby with me.”

I looked towards Birby’s back and saw a saddle for two. “Won’t it be dangerous?” I asked worried about falling to my death.

“As long as you hold tight, then there wouldn’t be a problem.” She grinned.

“Then I guess it’s fine?” I answered.


Well, even I am excited finding out how it feels to fly. I thought. I don’t see any problem with riding it anyway

“Then let’s go?” She asked.

Later that day…

“Fast! Too fast!” I shouted as I held the reins tight as if holding for my dear life as we flew into the sky.

“Hehehehe.” Kanna laughed. “Go on Lia, hug me tighter!”


“What Nonese-” cut off by the sudden flip, I unconsciously embraced Kanna tighter as I felt my hips lifting from the saddle for a moment.

W-what the… Frightened of the unfamiliar feeling, I thought.

Ughh… I’m starting to feel sick… I thought as Birby did continuous maneuvers in the air. For several times, I felt that my heart was being left somewhere else, and my soul slowly sucked. I think I’ll develop a trauma from flying…

“If that’s what you want.” I said as I used Reinforcement on my arms and embraced Kanna tighter.

“W-wait Tight! Too tight!”


“B-bring us down!” I commanded. “I-I’ll make it tighter if you don’t!”

“N-no! I can still handle this!” She answered.

“You’re so stubborn!” I shouted and poured mana into my horn.

“Aaah! No! Way too tight!” She screamed. “You’ll squeeze my insides!” She cried. “Alright, alright, I’ll bring us down!” Upon hearing her answer, I halted the mana flow and hid my horn.


Then she began to change the direction and proceeded with a nosedive.

“T-this is too much for meeee!” I screamed as the wind rushed towards me with eyes closed.

I can’t believe you’d do this! I screamed. I don’t want to die!

Then a sudden force made me lean forward and hit my head on Kanna.

“”Ouch!”” We both cried.


Upon reaching the ground,“Uhh…” I muttered light-headed. With my sense of balance overthrown, legs quivering like a newborn deer, I tried to walk towards the nearest tree and threw up.

I just got cleaned today and here I am throwing up after being covered by saliva…

“Are you okay?” Kanna asked.

“Of course no- Ugh…” Then I threw a second time. “I don’t think… I’ll get used to riding a wyvern…”


“Ahehehe.” Kanna laughed lightly. “I’m sorry, but don’t worry, next time we’ll start out at the speed of galloping horse, that way, you’ll get used to it.”

“No… I don’t want to ride with you anymore…”


“I’ll ask for someone else…” I muttered.

“W-w-wait!” She panicked. “I’m sorry! I’m really, really, really sorry!” She cried. “Don’t replace me, Lia! I’m begging you! And besides, no one is better at riding wyverns other than me! I’ll teach you every trick I know!”


“…” I looked at her with disdain. “No.”

“Ahhh! What have I done?!” She shouted messing with her hair with both arms. “Ahuhuhu… Randolf… What do I do?! Lia hates me again!” She asked the heavens.

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