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Silver Amelia
Chapter 12: Proving 2 - A Child and what used to be a Child


As soon she spoke her name, light gradually wrapped my body, it was warm, gentle, and comforting. Soon, the throbbing pain throughout eased, my wounds closed, the dirt vanished, and the blood cleaned. A healing magic, no, a compound magic of purify and high heal.


Before I was able to finish, my body lifted from the ground and floated. I floated, then rotated until I faced the direction of Celes, then dropped on my two feet.

“T-thank you,” I said mystified by the events, but she did not reply and instead, stared at my being.

I felt no sense of danger as she stared straight at me, in fact, I felt comfortable, I felt like I knew her somehow, or as if I’m related to her in another way.

“Umm… Where you the one who appeared in my dream?” I hesitantly asked.

[That is not a dream.] She said as she took a step closer.

“Not a dream?” I said puzzled.

[Yes.] She said unconcernedly as she started pacing around me. [Let me show you.]

The surroundings suddenly blurred and immediately returned. Soon, I was standing on a water surface.

“I-is this real?” I said looking at my feet.

Every step I took produced small ripples and yet, “I’m not sinking…”

In my surroundings, a small portion of the water surface is visible; the rest was covered by mist.

Where’s Celes

As soon as I thought, I sank deep into the water. Water rushed to my cheeks, my breath unintentionally released, and I opened my eyes – it was dark, a deep abyss.

I looked up to seek the light, but as soon as I saw, I was dragged deeper into the abyss. I tried to reach out my hands in an attempt to grab it, but it was futile, the light immediately disappeared, then my consciousness followed…


“Uhh…” I muttered.

I opened my eyes to see my body leaning on a wooden wall on a street, the pavement riddled with water and mud, droplets of rain soaking my body.

I opened my eyes to see my body leaning on a wall. The pavement riddled with water and the street lined with stalls sheltering people from the rain.

“Where am I?” I looked around as I stood.

Rattling carriages passed by scattering water and mud, the structures made by a mix of wood and cob, and the roofs thatched with sedges.

“This place… somehow feels familiar…” I muttered while walking down the streets unconcerned of the raindrops.

I walked through the town with my destination as the walls surrounding it. Along the way, I found a church bearing the emblem of a familiar kingdom.

“That… Isn’t that the emblem of Brent?” I muttered astonished. “But I was in Alabaster a few moments ago… Could it be… Transfer magic?”

Transfer magic is possible but needs two magic circles in two different places with the exact same configuration. If not, the transfer would become random.

As I contemplate about the reason why I am here, the rain became a downpour. This time, I ran to the nearest roofed structure to take shelter. By coincidence, I arrived at the town’s Adventurer Guild.

Contrary to my expectations, none seemed interested in me, who bore a silver hair. Not even a single glance or gaze was directed at me as if I was invisible.

Huh? I haven’t used any concealment magic. So why are they ignoring me? Although I couldn’t care less but this feels different.

I tried approaching a person and waved my hands in front of him, but to no avail did not he turn nor did he bother with his line of sight.

“Am I really invisible?” I asked the man, but no reply came.

“I guess they can’t see or hear me, but I can touch them and feel that they are real,” I said as my sight wandered as I walk around the guild. “Really, what is happening here?”

As I exited the guild, I saw a girl running through the rain chasing a bunch of kids.

“W-wait! Please wait! Please return it!” The girl said. “Please! Give it back!”

Unfortunately, the girl fell down and the children got away.

“Uhuu… Uhuu…” The girl sniffled.

The girl wore what used to be a dress, it was tattered, covered in dirt, smeared with blood, bruises covered her short arms, her hair a mess and the color almost unrecognizable silver, and lastly a necklace, a sacrificial necklace, with two crystals shattered and with one remaining.

My eyes opened wide upon realizing the girl before me, the girl that I used to be, the innocent and naïve princess, none other than myself.

“Mama… Papa… I’m sorry…” The girl continued crying.

None of the passersby took notice of the girl.

“T-this can’t be…” I muttered as I approached the crying girl with uneasy steps and trembling hands.

I tried to prop the girl up, but for some reason, my hands passed through the girl and achieved nothing.

I remember… It was that time. That time that I sold my own necklace and wore Grandfathers' instead. I sold the necklace in order to get funds to get the Lord of the town to treat Erina and the last knight that survived the journey back. Then, during the trip back to the Lord’s mansion, I was robbed by the children of the gold I earned…

“Get out of the way, scum!” A fat bellied man shouted as he kicked the girl in the stomach.

“Uuuu…” the girl whimpered as she balled herself trying to protect her stomach.

“!” I was surprised, surprised of what this man did to a princess of another kingdom.

“Hehe, die, you pitiful scum who disobeys the law of God!” He said as he approached the girl and raised his feet once more.

Before he was able, to kick the girl again, I unconsciously drew the rapier and stabbed him in the chest.

“W-what.” The man grunted in surprise.

Then blood started dripping from his mouth as he fell to the ground.

“”!”” The nearby citizens were surprised.

“The cleric!” a woman cried. “Is he alive?!”

“No, it’s impossible! He’s dead!” Another woman answered.

“T-that girl is cursed!” A man said as he pointed at the girl. “Run!”

As he fled, screams from the surrounding followed, then one by one, the citizens left.

After a few minutes, the girl tried to stand by crawling on the ground.

I… I can’t even help myself…

As I watch myself crawling on the wet ground, my emotions started to turn colder and colder.

“Erina… Gust… Please wait for me…” The girl muttered as she slowly crawled with one arm and bleeding fingers.

“Aha, Ahaha, Ahahahaha” I laughed weakly. “What is this, really, what is this…”

Why do I have to go through this again… Why…

I thought as I gripped the rapier in my hand.

Soon, a man covered in black garments approached the girl and drew his sword, but before he was able to finish drawing his sword, his head flew into the air. Then I kicked his body away and smashed the head with the guard.

“I’m not so kind to let you get close you bastards” I muttered as I looked down on the body of the church’s assassin.



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