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Chapter 118 - Confirmation of the Situation

Part 1

The rough story from last time: After hearing that Roxy was missing in the "Teleport Labyrinth" Rudeus was stained in the color of despair. However, within his hands was "Exploration Record of the Teleport Labyrinth" which has almost everything described about the labyrinth in it.


Roxy is in a pinch.

After hearing that, even now the impulse of wanting to jump into the labyrinth is spurring me on.

The location is the S-ranked Teleport Labyrinth, but luckily I had obtained a book describing a past exploration attempt.

I had already investigated things in regards to teleport magic circles as well.

If you have the time to observe each magic circle, then I'm sure just as written in the book you can conquer the labyrinth.

However, first we need to organize the situation.

Organizing the situation is important.

Roxy and Zenith might be in a fight against the clock.

Just five minutes, if the rescue is late, any chance to just barely save them might disappear.

However, for this reason, we can't afford to be impatient.

After organizing the situation and carefully preparing we have no choice other than to definitely rescue them.

In a restless state, we might overlook something.

Overlooking something, making a mistake, then the probability we'll have a misstep increases.

As a result of that, let alone five minutes, one day, two days, even three days might end up being wasted.

We have no choice other than to proceed carefully.

This a setting where we can't afford mistakes.

If we were to fail I'm sure that would connect together with "regret".

Regardless of the shape, if because of my mistake we were unable to save Roxy or Zenith, I'm sure I would have a large regret remaining.

"Dad. Here I have with me a Teleport Labyrinth book, a record of adventurers entering deep inside."

First, I presented the existence of the book.

"Exploration Record of the Teleport Labyrinth."

Once, it was the book that Sylphy, disguised as Fitts-senpai, recommended to me.

It's a book with the shape of the taboo teleport magic circles written in detail.

Different than other books, it's a book that paints out a description.

The reason it was able to escape the censorship of the Magic University would simply be good luck, or else because this is an adventurers record I'm sure.

Also, there's the possibility that this book is fiction as well.

The teleport labyrinth is a labyrinth that no one has conquered.

The possibility that it's a fictional adventurer's record exists as well.

Though I think that probability is low.

The shape of the teleport magic circles written in this book actually resemble the real thing.

In reality, I investigated teleport magic circles myself as well, but this book has the most accurate moreover detailed ones written.

As a result of comparing it to other books, there's no mistake.

However it might... a different "Teleport Labyrinth".

We can't just ignore the possibility that more than two labyrinths exist in this world filled with teleport traps.

Even if the title of the capturing book is the same, if the contents are different, there's no meaning.

"If the contents of this book are the same as the labyrinth we're facing after this, then I'm sure this book will be very useful in regards to exploring the labyrinth."

After I said that Paul and the others eyes were wide open.

"Hey Rudi... Wh, Why do you have something like that?"

"I thought it would somehow be useful so I brought it from the library in Magic University."

"I see..."

For now I'll keep hidden things about the teleport magic circles.

What we need to ascertain right now are the contents of this book and the contents of the labyrinths we're about to go towards after this.

"Please confirm this. And then, if it seems like it will work as a reference for exploring the labyrinth, let's make use of it."

After Paul took that into his hands and spent a moment gazing at the cover, then passed it over to Gisu at his side.

After receiving the book Gisu asked...

"Then, I'm going to read it?"

"...Please do."

Why Gisu, I had such thoughts as well.

However, since everyone had faces as if that was natural, I didn't ask.

In regards to Paul and their party, Gisu took that sort of role I guess.

He can do anything which is why he does everything, certainly I remember hearing that some time ago.

For example, "mapping" and "organizing information" in regards to exploring the labyrinth as well, I'm sure he's the one doing it.

"Dad. While Gisu-san is reading it, please tell me about the labyrinth."

Straight from the front I asked various questions of Paul.

All of them were trying to confirm things written in the book.

"Sure, it's fine."

"The types of monsters and names."

"Their numbers up to the level they're on."

"The situation inside and the color of the magic circles" etc...

Paul smoothly informed me about them.

First, there were five types of monsters.

Since Paul had only stepped foot down to the third floor, there seem to be monsters they haven't seen yet as well.

Misfortune Spider, [Tarantula Deathlord]1

It's a huge poisonous spider. Even though it's a tarantula it spits out webs. Its poison can be healed using elementary detoxification. B rank.

Iron Crawler

A caterpillar that is like a heavy tank. Hard and heavy. B rank.

Mad Skull

It's a humanoid monster covered in mud. Since inside of its body a person's skull is buried, that is the weak point. A rank.

Armored Warrior

Rusty armor with four arms. In each of its hands it holds swords with a good cutting edge. A rank.

Little Devil

It's a monster with long arms, legs, and sharp claws. It moves by crawling along the walls and ceiling. A rank.

The careful part would be how many floors.

This we don't know.

According to rumors, it's said to have six or seven floors, but among all those who entered until now, no one has seen the Guardian.

How far does the first floor go is a difficult talk as well, but according to the book where the spiders are making a large quantity of nests is the first floor.

The place where a large quantity of caterpillars and spiders are is the second floor.

Mad Skulls can be found commanding groups of caterpillars and spiders on the third floor.

After you get to the four floor the spiders and caterpillars disappear, it becomes just Mad Skulls and Armored Warriors.

And then, after you get to the fifth floor the Mad Skulls disappear as well, it becomes just Armored Warriors and Little Devils.

On the sixth floor it's nothing but Little Devils.

Things after that aren't written down in the book.

The situation inside.

From the first floor until the third floor, the inside of the labyrinth is an "Ant's Nest".

A curving tunnel with complicated passages and dead end rooms.

And then, it seems there's always teleport magic circles inside of the room.

According to the book, it seems that it changes into the shape of a stone ruin around the fourth floor.

Paul and the others haven't made it down to there yet.

Just, information about the monsters and the state of the vicinity up until the third floor they had gained some amount of information about that from numerous adventurers trial-and-error it seems.

A model of a teleport magic circle.

It gives off a bluish-white light and has a strange complex design carved into it.

After hearing the details I think it's the same as the teleport magic circles I've seen numerous times.

The things I heard from Paul were mostly the same as the contents I had read in the book, the things they saw match together.

"This..sure is amazing.. Haha!! As expected of senpai. You really..brought along something amazing!"

Around the time the explanation ended, Gisu closed the book while shouting with a somewhat excited voice.

It seems he finished skimming it.

He's a considerably fast reader.

Or maybe he only read the parts that they've touched on.

After seeing Gisu's state Paul raised his voice in surprise.

"Hey, Gisu. Is it really..that amazing?"

"Yeah, it's amazing Paul. If the things written in this are real, then clearing up to the sixth floor is already easy."

In his excited state Gisu handed the book over to Talhand.

Talhand gave a sidelong glance a he started to read and Gisu started to explain the contents written in the book to Paul as he couldn't hide his excitement.

"All of the things we couldn't figure out were written down. Which magic circles are fine to take, which magic circles are no good. Taking which magic circle will lead to which place and even what will be waiting on the other side!"

Somehow, it seems according to what Gisu saw, this book is "real".

However, Paul was glaring at Gisu with a serious look.

"I see, and, using that book do you know what happened to Roxy or Zenith?"

"That is..we don't know though."

Gisu made a face like he had cold water poured over him.

"Gisu, don't get very excited. We already can't afford anymore mistakes."

Paul said that in a low voice.


I'm sure we have no choice other than to proceed carefully.

If we blindly believe the things written in the book and end up being annihilated there's no hope.

"..I get what you want to say Paul. But you know, in addition to the book, we've got an additional reliable vanguard and rear guard as well. First we should be glad, right?"

While saying that Gisu looked over everyone surrounding us.

Following along Paul looked over them as well.

And then, he stopped his gaze on me.

"Ah..that's right I guess..sorry about that. It's just like that."

On Paul's face a smile floated up like he had some composure.

No matter how desperate of a situation it is, some amount of composure is required.

I'm sure Paul understands something like that as well.

"Alright, after we all finish reading it, let's decide on the formation."

In an energetic voice after regaining himself, the atmosphere of the place softened a bit.

Part 2

The members going into the labyrinth are five people.

Paul, Elinalise, Gisu, Talhand, and I.

Elinalise and I have replaced Vera and Shera.

Since the labyrinth is narrow, even if we try to enter with a large number we'll just end up being a hindrance to each other it seems.

In order for Elinalise to replace Vera and I to replace Shera, it became a formation where we completely stole away their job.

Elinalise the Tank.

Paul the Sub-Attacker.

I'm the Attacker and Healer.

Talhand can become both Sub-Tank and Sub-Attacker.

These four are in charge of the combat side.

Talhand's role is somewhat vague.

It seems he can use earth magic up to intermediate level.

However it seems he plays it by ear as a Magic Warrior.

Since he's the utility type, supposedly he can fight anywhere.

Even though he looks clumsy, he's quite skillful.

No, all dwarves were skillful weren't they.

"Looking forward to working with you!"

It seems he'll end up standing right in front or right behind me, he patted my shoulder with a sociable feeling.

For some reason I got chills down my back.

"Rudi is fundamentally in charge of the magic. After the combat ends we'll depend on you for the healing as well, can you do it?"

"No problem."

Offense and Recovery.

Even though it's my first time in a labyrinth I have numerous plain jobs.

However, during the time when I was an adventurer my role was something like that as well.

I'm sure there's nothing we can't do.

With these four people, Gisu is added on.

He's useless in combat, but everything outside of that he can perform at a high level.

Confirming the map, establishing the direction to advance, management of food, sorting the raw materials. He has the judgement to withdraw from the labyrinth as well.

He works as the control tower and does odd jobs.

I guess it would become a feeling like, Director.

Since exploring labyrinths isn't just about combat, naturally as it is having someone take on roles like this is necessary.

The remaining three people.

It's become that Vera, Shera, and Lilia waiting on standby at the entrance of the city on support duty.

You could call it house-sitting, but it seems this itself is an important job in it's own way.

At the time when large clans explore a labyrinth, I've heard that they assign people to house-sitting.

The majority of the preparations can be left to Elinalise and Talhand, the pros.

I'm an amateur when it comes down to exploring labyrinths.

If I make use of my knowledge from my previous life then I can think of this and that, but at the present I'll put that aside.

First I'll follow along the pros' way of doing things.

And then, if there are any parts that I can think of something it would be fine if I make a suggestion.

A suggestion.

In my knowledge from my previous life, I don't know if the things I learned from Rogue-like type games will be effective. 3

"First it's about our initial objective, but it's the third floor."

After deciding on the formation, Paul declared that.

"There we'll make clear Roxy's whereabouts."

We don't know if Roxy is alive or not.

However in the case that she's alive, after we secure her, we'll return at once from the labyrinth.

Depending on the condition Roxy is in, we'll have her join the party after she has recovered and then venture even deeper into the labyrinth.

The six of us will check the fourth floor and beyond which we haven't been able to reach yet.

And there, after we arrive to the greatest depths, we'll search thoroughly all around and try to find Zenith who is believed to be there.

We don't know how many days it will take.

It's become an exploration wait and see. 4

Part 3

That night.

It became that I would be sleeping in the same room as Paul and Lilia.

It seems to have been the technician Gisu's refined way of creating a space for just us family.

Even though I say that, the time I've spent with Lilia not as family is longer.

Since the time I was born up until having my sister, she was a maid after all.

I can't help but see her as a maid.

Paul sees Lilia as a wife, but as a second wife.

Zenith is number one, Lilia is number two.

I wonder if Norn would be number three.

Aisha would be fourth and I'm even further below I guess.

"It's the first time I've slept in the same room as Rudeus-sama isn't it."

"That's right."

Speaking of Lilia, she seems to give off a respectful attitude in the atmosphere as if she only sees Paul and I as her employers.

Being brought along with that atmosphere, I became somewhat respectful myself.

"Husband's snoring is loud so without reservation please order me."

However, the contents of Lilia's words were light and overflowing with humor.

"Ah, yes.."

In regards to that I was unable to return it overflowing with humor.

What it would be good to talk about, I don't know well.

How did I use to talk with Lilia again.

During the time we were in Buina village I feel it was considerably business like.


Since a while ago Paul has done nothing but look at me and hasn't said anything.

I wonder what it is, it's a strange face.

It's not quite to the level of a grin, but his cheeks are becoming loose, that face.

"Umm, Rudeus-sama."

"Yes, what is it?"

"Is Aisha getting along properly?"

I thought over the answer to Lilia's question.

The topic of our family.

That's right, we're family.

Then, it would be fine to talk about the family.

"Yes. Aisha is giving it her best."

"She hasn't done anything to trouble Rudeus-sama?"

"Yeah, nothing at all. She takes care of all the cleaning as well, it's a big help."

"Is that so, it's fine if she hasn't said anything selfish."

"If she would be a bit more selfish then it would be more comfortable for me though."

After saying that Lilia quietly smiled.

It was a smile of relief.

"How about Norn-ojosama and Aisha? Have they been getting into fights?"

"That's right.. there's some awkwardness, but for the time being there's no conspicuous antagonism. The fights are almost charming."

"I told her to always stand down to Norn-ojosama, but why did it end up becoming like that..."

While saying that Lilia let out a sigh.

"It can't be helped, Aisha is still a child as well. Isn't it important for the parents to give them an equal amount of love."

"I see..that might be the case. Aisha is my child, but since she has Husband's blood in her as well..."

"Things like blood don't matter at all do they. We're family after all."

"...Thank you very much."

Paul didn't enter into the conversation.

He was just listening to my exchange with Lilia since before with the same expression and thinking about something.

"What is it, dad. Since just now, you've been grinning."

"No, somehow, it's nice, I was just thinking."

While scratching the back of his head Paul's face went red as he seemed to be embarrassed.


"What is?"

"That Rudi has. Properly become an adult and the scene of him talking to Lilia."

The exchange between his adult son and his wife.

Lilia isn't my mother, but in regards to Paul they're both family.

It might be deeply moving.

Maybe it's something I'll understand as well when my child grows up.

"Come to think of it, Rudi. You, got married didn't you."

"Yeah. Just about half a year ago."

"I see, to think that Rudi would, just that other time we met, even though you were still this small."

"My height has grown considerably over these past few years after all."

Before I realized it my height had gotten to about the same as Paul.

I'd say around 170 cm.

Paul is a bit taller, but I might still grow a bit more, I think I might eventually overtake him.

"It won't be good if we don't have a grand celebration with everyone when we return."

"That's right. After all dad, it's your first grandchild. You'll be Paul-ojichan."

"Stop that, I'm still not that old after all."

Even while saying that Paul was making a face like he didn't hate it.

And then it changed to a smile.

"That you've made a child, you mean, Rudi. You've become a "man" as well now right?"

"Husband, I don't know if you should be saying anything too vulgar.."

Paul with a grinning old man-like smile floating on his face rebuked Lilia.

"Isn't it fine, you know I, I always wanted to have this sort of talk with Rudi once."


"I'm sure you're interested as well, about Rudi."

"I feel that it's unfair to use that way of saying it."

"And, and, who was your first partner? After all Sylphy? Or else maybe Eris? If I remember you said you separated, but didn't it come down to that kind of talk when you separated?"

It seems Paul wants to have some vulgar Boys Talk.

I do have a part that wonders if it's alright to talk about that at this kind of time though...

Well, it's not like I don't understand.

It's been the first time he's seen me in a while and I'm sure Paul is in high spirits as well.

I'm sure he just wasn't able to make this sort of face in front of everyone earlier.

I have some parts where I'm happy to see Paul again for the first time in a while as well.

Since Paul and I get along well after all.

The day after tomorrow we're entering the labyrinth, that sort of composure will disappear.

For just today, it should be fine to unfasten that restraint and talk about it.

"Dad has a bit of confidence, in regards to that, after all. I'll hear you out on it all. Even if I look like this, during the time when dad was young I played around quite a bit after all." 5

It can't be helped, why don't I keep you company then.

This sort of partner that I can frankly talk about out in the open like this, it's only somewhat but I felt I wanted it as well.

"That's right, then there are a number of things I want to ask about though.."

"Really now, even Rudeus-sama.."

"Lilia is saying it like this, but if it comes down to the other side she's quite intense."


"Come to think of it, at some point already, there was a time when Lilia-san tempted you right. Please tell me about the situation at that time in detail."

"Even Rudeus-sama, please stop it!..Really."

While watching us like that Lilia let out a voice with a sigh mixed in.

However, that face was smiling.

After that, we continued to talk like that until late into the night.

Part 4

Late night.

The lights are out and I'm laying sideways on the bed.

I wonder if Paul and Lilia are already asleep.

On the bed nearby I can hear a steady sleeping breath.

It seems the two won't start messing around after confirming that I'm asleep.

Paul did say he was trying to abstain until Zenith is found.

I'm sure he's properly abiding by that.

I got a bit excited from the talk with Paul and I can't sleep.

I couldn't have ever possibly thought that the day would come where I have real experience and can take part in the ero talk.

In life you really never know what can happen.

Well, putting that aside.

In regards to the matters this time.

After all, this time I might be dancing in Hitogami's palms again.

I have such a feeling.

Thinking about it, the only reason I was able to obtain that book was because I went to the Magic University.

If I hadn't gone to the Magic University and been told to investigate the teleport incident, I would have never encountered that book and been in a situation to challenge the Teleport Labyrinth without anything.

That suggestive Hitogami's speech was the same as well.

Whether I regret it and about putting my hands on Rinia or Purusena.

I have the feeling like he spoke in such a way that he knew I would oppose him.

If Hitogami hadn't said anything, or else if Hitogami had said to "Go".

I have the feeling that the probability that I would have "stayed" would be high.

I've had rebellious feelings towards the Hitogami after all, and it might be about the same weight as things with Sylphy on that scale.

In that case, I'm sure I wouldn't have just done something irresponsible.

For example, I might have tried to dispatch Ruijerd, Badigadi, or otherwise Zoldat.

I wonder if the Hitogami acted while anticipating all of that.

All of the things that I would need to rescue Zenith, I went to the school in order to obtain.

I wonder what in the world the Human God [Hitogami] is...

Really, I wonder what he wants me to do.

Could it be that he really just finds it enjoyable to watch me?

The same as always, I don't know what his endgame is.

Just, there's no mistake that he's my ally.

I wonder if he might show up again around tonight.

That timing would be way too convenient I guess.

If things go well, then I'll give something to him as an offering.

Though I don't know what that guy likes, so I don't know if he'll be happy.

While thinking that I fell asleep.

Hitogami never appeared in my dream.

  1. 朱凶蜘蛛 not too sure on this one.If it's all one name or what not.. [Evil Spider Tarantula Death Lord]
  2. Iitodebiru, I'm not sure what it was going for with the iito part.
  4. koshi o sue te? sit and wait? fixed?
  5. this line is Paul, occasionally he refers to himself as dad when talking to Rudi kind of hard line to tell who was saying it even in the Japanese

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