Mushoku Tensei
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Chapter 229 - Return, Report and to the Next Stage

Part 1

Lilia's Perspective1

That day, Elinalize-sama had visited us.

She came to our house once every few days and proceeded to make small talk about how a wife should be.

Getting married, settling in a residence, even giving birth to a child, her husband going to a distant place, she would be lonely. Since I am a wife as well, I can properly understand such a feeling.

However, her behavior is as usual, and something like loneliness cannot be sensed.

She might have a bit of composure.

Perhaps because of that, she frequently comes along and we receive consultation about the ways of a wife.

At what age and how should a child be given education, from matters like that to trivial talk.

"I wonder how soon until Aisha learns to behave more like an adult."

"Let's see. It's not like she can't do something like that......until a time comes when she personally thinks it's necessary, she most likely won't do that."

"Personally, meaning?"

"If she will be able to love a man or the like....."

"Would it be bad if it's Rudeus-sama?"

"You should know it as well. The reason Aisha behaves like this is because she is Rudeus’s little sister."

"A little."

"Then it's necessary to find a different person for her. A partner who doesn't turn his face when Aisha doesn't behave herself like an adult."


That day, the one taking the advice was none other than myself.

Elinalize-sama looks much younger in appearance than me, but as I thought, it must be because of an old-woman's wisdom, I have to give a firm response.

"That is absolutely right....not relying on someone younger; people who carry excess admiration for adult woman are good."

"Excess admiration?"

"Yes, if it's Aisha, since the thing that is called reality can be taught while satisfying the longing of such boys.

I am well aware of the fact that Aisha can never be together with Rudeus-sama.

Rudeus-sama as well does not wish for it, nor does Aisha.

Having said that, I don't think she will ever bring a companion for a formal marriage interview.

"Well, I would like it if it doesn't become like that." 2


Incidentally, when I hung my head and answered, Leo's figure was slowly revealed in the dining room.

Lara-sama and Lucy-sama were riding on his back.

Probably playing Horse-horse.


Leo barked towards me.

What might it be? Given that he is very smart, he doesn't usually bark without any reason.

Don't tell me, did something happen to Sylphy-sama's body.....!

"Wau, wau!"

While wagging his tail, he is watching me and the entrance alternatively.

No, that's not it. This happy-go-lucky attitude... If something had happened to Sylphy-sama, he would have cried out.

Towards the it a guest?

No, Leo doesn't wag his tail during a visit by guests.

Ah, it could be that Roxy-sama had returned?

On the occasions Eris-sama returns, Leo shakes his tail, but remains quiet without barking.

While thinking about such things, I raised my back and heard a 'gachari' sound from the entranceway. 3

As I thought, it must be Roxy-sama.

Since Eris-sama opens the door with such force as if to break it.

In order to receive her, I rushed towards the entranceway.

"Ah, Lilia-san, I've just returned."

"Welcome home, Rudeus.....sama?"

The one standing at the door was Rudeus-sama.

Eris-sama and Zenith-sama; Aisha is also there.

But they've returned much earlier than the arranged schedule.

Even though the planned schedule was to stay in Millis for half a year, it's only been approximately one month.

On top of that, Rudeus-sama's facial expression is unusually stern.

I immediately understood at once.

Ah, that something might have happened.

Most probably, Claire-sama would be the cause.

Claire-sama is not too flexible.

To add up, Norn and Aisha as well were somewhat treated bitterly.

Being a pious adherent to Millis, by no means do I think of her as a bad person, but I can't flatter her as a good person either. Her affinity with Rudeus-sama might be the worst.

Most likely, they might have gotten into conflict because of their difference in opinion regarding the family.

"Might something have happened?"

On hearing that, Rudeus-sama's already stern expression warped more.

I thought if it was Rudeus-sama, he might be skillfully able to do it.......either way, a hopeless matter is hopeless.

"....Yeah, well."

Rudeus-sama was prevaricating the words with a halfhearted attitude.

"Is it Claire-sama?"

On hearing that, Rudeus-sama made a blank expression.

"No, I had a fight with Ms. Claire, but we were able to reconcile; I don't think she is a bad person."

With those words, I simultaneously tilted my neck and felt a bit relieved.

Even though I thought that I would become an obstacle if I had gone along, I had been worrying so much for this entire one month; it looks like that was just needless worry.

But then, just what might have happened?

"Then, just what?"

Rudeus-sama made a difficult face and then turned his eyes away.

Aisha is standing with an unpleasant face on his side.

It looks like some kind of different problem has risen up.

Looking at Aisha's complexion, is she the problem?

"Did Aisha make a mistake?"

Just before this, I was consulting about her with Elinalize-sama, but even though this girl is already 15 years old, she still hasn't become quite an adult.

Even though she has the ability, no matter how much time passes, her mind is still that of a child.

Before "A prodigy, with this I'll be able to repay my favor to Rudeus-sama" I would puff my chest out and call her my child, she would remain a (・)prodigy forever..... 4

"No, she perfectly made sure of the matters at hand."

"Then, just what?"

I thought in an instant that any more than this would be intrusive, but I still tried to hear it.

" would be good to gather everyone else since it would become a long story if I speak."

"Certainly, I deeply apologize."

"No....ah, but it's not only just bad news, for one thing I also have good news."

While saying that, Rudeus-sama made a forced smile and proceeded towards his room with a quick pace.

Eris-sama went ahead afterwards with an anxious look.

Aisha and Zenith-sama were the only people left.

Aisha was angry, but it looked like Zenith-sama was in a good mood.

"Aisha, were you able to perform firmly?"

".....blundered a little."

That's different.

She isn't mad, but feeling a little down.

That's unexpected.

Aisha is a girl who wouldn't make any thoughtless mistakes since before.

Even if she blunders, she is a child who would get over it after a while. 5

That is, if she is informing me with such honesty......though she's a child, even if I think she is a child, she might have become a little bit more of an adult.

"Is it a serious mistake?"

"No, Onii-chan immediately settled the case."


Then, just what might have happened.....?

Not to mention Rudeus-sama was making that kind of face......

No, we'll be speaking afterwards to confer, so let's just wait till then.

Firstly, I must aid Zenith-sama, who just returned.


As I was thinking that, Zenith-sama turned her face towards me.

And then, while being in a good mood, she extended her arm towards me and came forward.

I grasped that hand and accompanied her to her room.

Part 2

Afterwards, just when the evening was about to pass, all the members of the family gathered.

On Rudeus-sama's command, every member.

At that place, Elinalize-sama was also present along with Norn and Roxy-sama, who just came from the school.

Of course, we usually gather like this whenever Rudeus-sama returns home after a long period.

Still, the number of times Rudeus-sama himself proposes to gather all of us like this are few; he generally considers Aisha or Sylphy-sama's feelings and then finally gathers all members of the family. He does that many times. 6

On top of that, Rudeus-sama's serious face...

Something might have definitely happened.

While putting myself on guard, we heard the report.

"Reporting now, firstly, the activity in Millis came to a close with a success. Cliff was able to skillfully merge into the business. Be relieved."

Claire-sama created a small amount of trouble, but Cliff-sama was able to establish himself in the religious organization just as planned, and the launch of the branch of the mercenary group was also a success.

On top of that, the Millis Organization now owes a huge debt to us, and making Miko-sama a subordinate of Orsted-sama was also a success.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it was a huge success.

Elinalize-sama gave a sigh of relief after hearing that Cliff had successfully risen himself up in the society.

However, the real problem comes after that.

"Gisu was Hitogami's apostle."


Paul-sama's former party member and a member of the demon race.

It looks like he was the source of trouble this time; he left and vanished after proclaiming a declaration of war at the end.

It struck to no one that Gisu had become an enemy.

He had been socializing together with us since the events of the Begaritto Continent. At that time, he was continuously worried about Paul-sama's and Zenith-sama's health.

Still, his figure doing preparations for the sake of news gathering or labyrinth research was diligent and sincere, or so I remember.

Gisu frantically operated in order to help rescue Roxy-sama.

Having a remarkable ability as a warrior, he encouraged the party members, mapping the area himself as though it was a natural thing to do and then selling the maps; he helped the sad and gloomy Paul, unbeknownst to him.

I can't understand that such a person was acting like that in order to trap Rudeus-sama and Roxy-sama in a bind.

"I was thinking about it since when you contacted me to put him on the wanted list....might it not be some kind of mistake?"

Roxy-sama said so.

With her skill as a labyrinth researcher, she had acknowledged Gisu with only but a glance.

That, excluding the area of combat, someone more reliable doesn't exist.

"It would have been nice......if it was a mistake."

While saying that with a bitter smile, he took out one letter from his breast pocket.

Roxy-sama received that letter and read over the contents, which made her usual sleepy expression cloudy.

However, she immediately understood and accepted it with a nod and passed the letter onto me.

Thereupon, I was finally able to consent to it.

The contents of the letter did seem like Gisu's.

Apart from the goofy nature and jokes, but somewhere, the one who left behind that one slight core was none other than Gisu himself. 7

He didn't particularly hate Rudeus-sama or Roxy-sama, nor was he trying to trap them from the very beginning.

He may have become an opponent necessary to deal with, but he is not someone who has a grudge towards us; a feeling like that.

"Even though he's usually random; to say Gisu behaves like such a gentlemen occasionally is just like Gisu, isn't it......"

Elinalize-sama spoke while passing a sigh.

Come to think of it, during the old days in the inner palace(reserved for women) of the Asura Kingdom, things like this frequently occurred.

In that country with violent disputes over authority, even though no hate was involved, the occurrences of people becoming each others’ mutual enemies were numerous.

It's just that, now that they had become enemies, they had the tendency to fight fair and square.

This letter might have something to comply with such an intention.

"I must apologize to everyone for the matter that we are indebted to Gisu, but I will probably fight with Gisu.....and end up killing him."

While declaring that, Rudeus-sama's face looked awfully painful.

One might not think that, but Rudeus-sama actually acknowledges Gisu as well.

Considering what I heard from Eris-sama, their relationship was good enough to the point that they called themselves out with nicknames like 'Senpai' and 'Newbie'.

Gisu as well, he talked about Rudeus-sama's achievements as his own, and it looks like he had some fondness for him.....

It could be that the one hurt the most is Rudeus-sama himself.


Sylphy-sama can't find the words needed to be said after looking at Rudeus-sama's expression.

Roxy-sama is making a stern expression as well.

She's also just like me, who had a personal history of uniting with Gisu's party and receiving assistance.

However, Roxy-sama's decision was too quick; her face doesn't particularly show any hesitation.

Rather, she has a face like, "If Rudeus loses, I will..."

"In any case, I will once again be available in the house for a short while. Even though we have Leo's protection, I don't know what Gisu will try to do.

Everyone should take extreme caution so that danger doesn't befall you."

In the end, Rudeus-sama firmly brought this matter to an end.

Of course, it does not even need to be said; we don't have any intention of becoming Rudeus-sama's weak point.

Rudeus-sama should go into battle with peace of mind; I have the intention of protecting this house while cooperating with the family members and naturally looking after myself.

This is one good part of Rudeus-sama; that he always looks back here frequently without sympathizing with that resolution, but he also has a small lonely place when he isn't dependent. 8

Our existence might be seen as somewhat frail on Rudeus-sama's degree.

"I understand Rudi, if Gisu has become an enemy, then tell us what work we can do. If there is something that needs to be done, please give a call out."

"Me too, though I can't move around very well yet, I'll become Rudi's strength."

Roxy-sama and Sylphy-sama are just like before.

The faces of Eris-sama and Aisha displayed agreement as a matter of course.

Norn-sama was feeling a bit uneasy, but ascertained herself with a strong nod.

"Thank you. Tomorrow I will go and consult with Orsted-sama again; for now, let's end this family meeting........"

"Ah, Onii-chan."

While Rudeus-sama was declaring the breakup of the meeting, Aisha called out to him.

"You have to tell them about Zenith-sama as well."

"Ah, that's right."

The matter regarding Zenith-sama.

I could feel my body stiffening up after listening to that.

At the same time, I recalled the mistake Aisha was talking about that I didn't touch upon.

My tension is rising.

However, Rudeus-sama smiled with a puff.

"Actually, the matter regarding mother's curse was made clear."

It looks like it was not a mistake, but good news.

"Her curse allows her to read other people's minds; she can't read all of it, but.....she appears to have a precise comprehension about our situation."

After saying that, Rudeus-sama started telling us about what Miko-sama had told him.

From there, the talk shifted towards how Zenith-sama sees this world now.

Listening to that story, tears started spilling over from my eyes.

At the same time, her memories of life up till now have been flowing like surging waves.

Come to think of it, there were lots of times that she showed some ideas.

She took initiative during the garden's maintenance, and when Lucy-sama was very small, it looked like she knew before Lucy would cry and then moved accordingly to precede it.

Moreover, what would this matter be called.........

Zenith-sama actually knows about Paul-sama's matter and understands it.

I thought that she might not know that we had suddenly lost Paul-sama.

I thought that if her memories came back, it would surely be a painful experience for her.

But, Zenith-sama already knew about everything.

On top of that, she had accepted it and was looking forward.

If I think about it, the tears just won't stop.


"I apologize.....Rudeus-sama...."

Within everyone who was moved to tears, I was the only one who continued to cry out with a 'waaaa' while covering my face.

Recently, I feel like nothing but crying.

Since when I was young, I never cried so much that I would sink in my own tears.

I considered myself as a human who was not moved emotionally by anything.

This must be because of my age.

I kept crying while Aisha patted me on my back,

After some time when I stopped crying, Zenith-sama immediately brushed me gently on my head, and I started crying again.

Rudeus’s Perspective

I finished reporting to my family.

Just like always, it was kind of sufficient; I got a reliable answer.

Particularly, Roxy and Lilia might have some place in their mind about Gisu, but they didn't show any complaint or disapproval, and were in agreement with the fight against Gisu.

President Orsted is the next person to have the staff meeting with.

Even if I say staff, Ariel, Cliff, and Miko are not here, but.....

Still, Sylphy, Roxy, Eris, and Aisha - with these four people, I was sitting with Zanoba to have him make something for me.

While moving with the horse-drawn carriage that is owned by the Mercenary Group, I picked up Zanoba in the middle and am now on my way to the office.

"Then, Zanoba, I'll be relying on you about the matter concerning the Magic Armor."

Along the way, we were planning about the powering up of the Magic Armor.

Resuming development of 『Mk. III』.

One more thing to add to that is the matter of the preparation of a trump card. After watching my Magic Armor, Gisu might come up with something; I want to add measures on this side for once as well.

"I understand Master, since the amount of workers has recently increased here, it might just be possible."

"In that case, let me help you out as well."

While listening to my plan, I entrusted Zanoba, who was striking his chest.

The one who cut in our conversation was none other than Roxy.

"I have also been increasing my knowledge regarding magic battle formations; I think I can assist you on that."

An assistant, huh?

Certainly I would be grateful, but is it ok?

Honestly, its construction and maintenance is very complex to the point that even I am not able to do it sometimes.

"Is it really fine? ...I think it's too difficult to just dabble in."

"Geez, Rudi, just who do you think you're facing towards and inquiring with?"

"S-sorry, that was rude of me!"

I recovered the balance of my mind! 9

Even though there is no such thing that Roxy-sensei isn't capable of doing!

Just what am I saying?

I am a foolish guy! Good grief, it would have been good if I died!

"Even I have been continuously studying for Rudi's sake.

I could help out with the maintenance and improvement after looking at Zanoba's or Cliff's research papers....."


Come to think of it, she was depicted as a Fire Saint Class in Magic in Shirone, right......?

It was not because she was able to do that in the former days; it could be that doing Magic training after coming back from Magic University might have given out results.

"I understand. I'll let you look after the Magic Armor and entrust my life to sensei!"

"Entrust it to me."

I was thinking that the Magic Armor's progress would not advance much further since Cliff is not here; it's a pleasant miscalculation.

If Roxy made the Armor, it would be tremendously strong.

Even if the raw materials only consist of cardboard, perhaps it would be able to crush three Orsteds put in order? 10

"Don't underestimate me like that just because Cliff is not here."

While saying that, Roxy puffed her breasts.

Looks like she has self-confidence in this. If that's the case, then the plan for improvement may also become true.

"Hahaha, I just can't match up to master's master!"

With Zanoba's single sentence, the entirety of the carriage was wrapped up with laughter.


Inside it was an unexpectedly quiet character.

It's Eris.

While deep in thought, she is looking outside the window.

Eris might also be recalling the things regarding Gisu.

Eris said one thing or another and fairly got emotionally attached to Gisu after meeting by chance with him in the Great Forest.

There is also the memory of her getting taught cooking by him.

Eris's compatibility with various people is poor; Gisu was someone who matched her rhythm.


Sylphy, who was sitting next to me suddenly grasped my arm tightly.

"Rudi, you alright?"

".....Eh? Ah, I'm alright."

I didn't quite get in what way or how I'm alright, but for now I gave that answer.

The matter regarding Gisu was a big shock, but still it's alright.

Sylphy's stomach has also increased a little bit from before.

It was discovered that she was 3 months pregnant; it's been 1 month since then, so estimating some more time, it can be assumed that she's more or less 5 months in.

"What about Sylphy?"

"Unlike others, I was not particularly acquainted with Gisu, so..."

"I see."

That was not something I was expecting to hear, but I guess it's fine if that topic is not touched upon.

She might have some composure because there is a second person.

However, caution is advised.

A long time ago, Hitogami also said that.

Something about how fate becomes ambiguous during pregnancy, so it becomes easier to kill women with strong fate.

The fact Hitogami said that remains, so a Demon Beast was summoned for protection on Orsted's advice.

That's why it should be fine, but as I thought, some anxiety still remains.

What to do?

I want one more relief ingredient.

If there is something that can be done...

I think I'll be able to do something.


"I think until Gisu is dealt with, we should stop doing erotic things."

I thought the words that came out of my mouth weren't mine.

Sylphy was staring in puzzlement, Roxy with a gaping mouth, and Eris was doing side-long glances; all three of them respectively looked at me.

"Ummm......if Rudi wants that, I don't mind?"

"I don't mind, you want to have a Buddhist prayer?" 11

"I might have mentioned this before, but it's easier for Hitogami to aim at us during pregnancy. Gisu might also be aiming for that, so let's stop for a short while."

They look like they've heard that for the first time.

Did I not tell them about it before?.......

I told them, but they might've forgotten.

"It can't be helped."

It looked like Eris was discontent, but she didn't object.

She muttered that while returning her gaze back to the window.

"But I don't think Rudeus will be able to abide by that promise."

That's a bitter comment.

I don't have much confidence in the lower half of my body.

I am untrustworthy.

I might be calm right now, but it's the male instinct to shoot when the bullet is loaded.

And then, if the firing hammer is cocked, I'll probably shoot if it's now or never.

"I don't think even Sylphy would be able to reject."

"Uuuu.......even I will be able to uphold it if that's what Rudi wants."

"No way. Rudi will say 'just a little,' and then you'll allow it while saying 'if it's just a little', right?"

".......I'll probably allow it."

That might be possible if I just feel them up. If I can at least hug them to replenish my energy......

'Just a little' - that feeling is fatal.

"That's why I will always stay beside Rudi, and if he tries to do something, I'll hit him."

If I try to do something erotic.

Eris will hit me.

I'll lose consciousness. And forget about it by the time I wake up.

It's perfect.

"I'll be in your care."

Alright, from today onwards I am the abstinent Rudeus.

Be strong.

Part 3

We arrived at the office.

If you look at the place, it emits a strange atmosphere like that of a Devil King's castle; Orsted seems to relax here without the helmet when he makes a stay.

No, it's wrong to just arbitrarily decide only on the atmosphere.

Perhaps, it might not be.......ah, just now, I had a hunch that the atmosphere softened.

Thought so, it's here.

"Ah, President Rudeus! Adviser Aisha! Thanks for your hard work!"

The instant we entered, a young woman sitting in the lobby vigorously bowed to us.

A women who is a half between the human race and long-eared race(elf-race).

She might have the long-lived blood of the long-eared race, but she's still quite young.

She's Orsted's secretary, who was hand-picked from the many candidates that were carefully screened repeatedly.

She stays here throughout the daytime and devotes herself to office work, communicating with Orsted by exchange of words without accidentally meeting him, who sits inside the room.

What was her name again?

"Thank you for your hard work. Is the President present?"

"Yes, he has been staying in the room since this last month."

For 1 month, that means he's been staying there for almost the entire time since I've been to Millis.

It looks like he's not out of the office much recently.

It gives off the feeling of a shut-in.

No, he might have seen the situation of my house.

According to the Miko's observation of Zenith's memories, he visited quite a number of times.....

"But, if I am the Chairman and Orsted-sama is the Company President, then it feels like my authority is sort of greater than him."

"Huh.....then, what should I call you?"

What would be good?

If Rinia is the leader, Aisha the advisor, and if we assume I am the Chairman.......

"Commander-in-Chief......or something like that?"

".....Should I comply with that?"

"That's right, umm, I look forward to working with you."

Anyhow, it looks like we’re done with her ignorance.

Any big problems have not risen up till now.

Her wages were settled with a boost as well and she might be tolerant about the amount.

"Are there any problems besides that?"

"No, there are none."

"Is that so? If there are any complaints, immediately say them; we'll grant the request as soon as possible."


She got surprised.

Why was she surprised?

Certainly we don't have any Labor Standards Act, but we surely intend to become a white company. 12

"I apologize. I ended up saying that because Orsted-sama talks like that."

"Ah, is that so......."

"We have already gained a lot of convenience."

Even if it's usually indirect and such a suggestion is done, one would put himself on guard if it's a contract with the devil itself.

It's only thanks to the helmet Cliff made which alleviated Orsted's curse.

I wonder if it's fine.

"Even though I am much obliged, it's a pity that I can’t even look at his face."

"It's because of his curse. The moment you see his face, the feeling that you're getting now would probably be changed to resentment or suspicion or the like."

"That's a rather dreadful thing."

"Yeah. That's why, you must never open the door13 when Orsted is working inside."

".....Be-bedding?" 14


Well, it should be fine if he'd put the helmet on at that time.

Even Orsted wouldn't put it on at all times.

"In any case, I'll be making use of the conference room now."

"I understand."

I passed the office worker and opened the door.

Part 4

Orsted was as usual, writing in a book on his desk.

With the helmet equipped.

"Rudeus, is it?"

"I have just returned."

When I bowed to greet, Orsted closed his bulky leather notebook with a snap.

"What were you writing about today?"

"The same, information sorting."

"Is that right?"

I tried to take a peek in that notebook once when Orsted wasn't around, but it was written in Dragon Race language, so I wasn't able to read it.

One would think that it contains necessary information, since Orsted doesn't usually tell me about important things.

Having said that, if it is something like a diary, then it would be like trespassing his privacy........

"Were you not immediately leaving for the Kingdom of the Dragon King?"

"Before that, I would like to revise this time's report in the meeting hereafter."

"I have already informed you over the Lithograph; there is nothing else more from me to tell you."

"I expected to come back, and since our movements will change from now on, it's my obligation to report."

"....I see."

Orsted said that with a sigh and reseated himself on the chair.

I told the 5 people that I bought along with to sit on the chairs and then sat myself.

"Why bring them along?"

"I am concerned about Gisu's people, so just in case. I also wanted your opinion, so..."

On taking a glance at those five people, the girls looked demure.

The straightforward hostility isn't there like before.

Eris is almost displeased.

"Then, make it brief."

I cleared my throat with a cough.

"We've already discussed this over the Lithograph, but it looks like Gisu is assembling war potential to kill me from right in front.

We don't know whether it's true or not, but I am considering assembling strong comrades of our own to oppose them."


"Firstly, we need to call dibs on Death God in the Kingdom of the Dragon King and then Atofe; after that we'll think about the North God.....are you aware of North God's whereabouts?

After Atofe, I intend to call out at least the upper positions from the Seven Major World Powers.

Rank #5 『Death God』.

Rank #6 『Sword God』.

Rank #7 『North God』.

They're arranged in this order, but prior to the meeting with Orsted, it was likely that it would be easier to call out to North God.

That is why North God would be given preference over Sword God.

"I don't know. Those guys are wanderers. Just a little alteration in history and they end up at the opposite sides of the world. The distinction can't be gripped with this many changes."

"How does it look like usually?"

"Second Gen North God in the Begaritto Continent and Third Gen North God ought to be in the Strife Zone in the Central Continent."

Both of them are too far, and it doesn't seem like there is a landmark for them.

Then that means it would be better to give up on the North God.

"If war is that important, Ore God would be a nice installment later on. That guy can mass-produce good quality armor if he gets accustomed to the war, but has a weak point when it comes to fighting himself."15

"Understood. Then, next would be Sword God."

For now, the sequential order is Death God, Atofe, and Sword God.....

I want to call out to even more various people.

For example, the Seven Major World Powers' ranking superiors......

At the top of the Seven Major World Powers is 『Technique God』, 『Dragon God』, 『Fighting God』, and 『Demon God』 in sequential order.

Other than the Dragon God, the others are missing or sealed, was it like that?


"Which reminds me, won't Technique God become our ally? Certainly, there is the matter regarding him split into two and Demon God, but won't he cooperate if he hears about our fight with Hitogami?"


"Because of his memories being vague? Then, let's just work out how to restore Demon God Laplace's true spirit back by combining him......ah, but if we do that, Perugius-sama will get angry. But, that piece is appetizing......"

"Stop it."

With those powerful words I held my tongue.

"I don't have any intention of becoming those guys' comrade."

Those guys.

I somehow understood with those words.

Orsted sees Laplace and Perugius as the same rank as him.

Probably not just those two, the rest as well; similarly, those people who are known as the Five Dragon Generals.

".........But then, ummmm, Perugius-sama won't stay silent if it's something relevant to Laplace, right?"

"If they become enemies, then I'll deal with them."

".......I understand."

I can more or less guess why he's so obstinate.

Orsted's curse won't be effective against Perugius.

Despite the curse' effectiveness, Orsted will not become friends with Perugius.

An obstinate refusal.

The derived answers are not too many.

However, I hesitated to ask the reason.

For some reason, I can't ask.

It's impossible to ask now.

『The 『Treasures of the Dragon Tribe』 that lead to Hitogami's place, are those the life force of the Five Dragon Generals?』

If I end up asking that, it feels like Perugius or Orsted will become enemies.

As of now, the unknown matter must be put in advance.

"Well then.........let's talk about it some other time."


I decided to change the subject.

It's not a good thing if I persist the matter unreasonably even though it's in vain.

Since I can say with confidence that I am his subordinate, I must abide by his decisions as well.

"I received quite some influence during this one case, but I didn't have enough stuff like a little bit of Orsted-sama's 『influence』, so I have a preposition."

".....What is it?"

"Although I got used to calling myself 『Dragon God's Right Hand』, but even now there are people who don't feel frightened or how should I put this, there are still many who don't yet understand just how frightening 『Dragon God』 is, that is why..........

Would it be fine to just pick up an easier title like 『Dragon King』?

A very appropriate title like Mud Dragon King would be fine........"

Well, it's just a name.

Orsted's popularity is low, but Perugius is famous.

It's the same rank as that Perugius, and such a really amazing thing will be easy to circulate if you think about it.

"No good."


"There are many who call themselves the Dragon King."

He is glaring at me.

A terrifying glare.

I can comprehend the anger beyond that helmet.

What is this? Danger, danger, my feet are shivering.

"They live as they please with that tiny pride of theirs and die because of a foolish enemy."


"But you are different. Therefore, don't call yourself that. Rudeus Greyrat."


It was unexpected.

That he would so strongly reject it.

I thought he would say 'You can freely name yourself'.

Not good, my trembling isn't stopping.


"Eris, stop it!"

While I stopped Eris who was trying to come forward before, she clicked her tongue.

It's alright. It's not a fight. It's not a discord.

I just made the President a little bit angry by saying the exact opposite about his management policies.

So please stop rising your back while gripping your hand.

"That was an obtruded preposition. I'm very sorry."

"I don't mind."

After I bowed, the anger vanished.

Apart from his premise of moving through his loops, even Orsted has things that he can't concede to.

I seem to have stepped there thoughtlessly.

I don't really care; something like a nickname, it doesn't matter, anything is fine.

Something like authority, I can just put that in any other part as many times as I like.

For example.....something like borrowing Ariel's, Asura Kingdom's authority.

Alright, let's go in that direction.

"Well then, apart from receiving Ariel's authority someway or other.....who should we find to make a comrade after Sword God?"

".......Perhaps Biheilir country. Fierce God lives there."16

Fierce God.

Someone like that exists?

"Is it fine to make him a comrade?"

"No, I investigated that guy thoroughly; he's a person who has a high possibility of becoming an apostle. If Gisu is recruiting him as a soldier, then it should be fine to just crush him."

Crush them to forestall it.

I see. That method also exists.

Increase this side's pawns and decrease that side's pawns.

In order to not fight with all 5 people in one go, a method to crush each and every person.

"Are there any others who can become possible enemies?"

"Let's see......with the exception of Fierce God, there aren't many important people.......『Hades』 Vita who lives in the Heaven Continent's labyrinth 『Hell』. The Demon Continent's 『Unpleasant Demon King』 Kebura Kabura; it would be fine to crush both of them.

Also, it's fine to choose the former as the last if you're proceeding in this direction, since it's just small quantity of bones."

"I see."

Those are some terrific names.

Would it be fine to just not fight them.....

They just have a 『high』 probability of becoming Hitogami's apostle.

Presently, we don't know anything as of yet.

They haven't yet become apostles.

Then, wouldn't it be fine to make them a comrade before that?

It's not like we won't be able to escape an urgent problem without making some sacrifice.17

It's fine to just fight at that time if it's unnatural.

I mean, if I go around killing companions who don't even know how they are related is... I don't want that.

"Well then, I'll be taking the method of making them into comrades or neutralizing them."

"That is right."

For the present, it's been settled what to do about who.

Next time will be details.

"Then, on to the next topic. It's about the visit to the Kingdom of the Dragon King----"

After that, we concentrated on the preparation to go to KDK and gave that situation a closure.

Still, I hadn't thought that he would get so angry when I mentioned about the Dragon Race.

I'll be careful from next time.

  1. TLN: It looks like Lilia talks in Keigo even in her thoughts. My power level of TL isn't high enough to TL all of that so you people have to deal with this for now. I apologize for inconvenience.
  2. 「ま、なるようにしかなりませんわ」
  3. gachari= onomatopoeia for door open and close.
  4. Tln : Can someone tell me what does that (・) mean? It was in ch 228 as well. ((It's an interpunct written as furigana. In this case it says 天才児 "child prodigy" and the interpunct is given as if it's a reading over the 児 "child" character. I was personally wondering if it was suggesting that part of the text could be omitted, as in "child prodigy" but that's just my wild guess.))
  5. Not sure.  失敗しても、なぁなぁで済ませようとする子でもありました。
  6. Not Sure.  アイシャやシルフィ様が気を利かせて、ようやく全員あつまることが多いのです。
  7. Not sure at all.  飄々として、おちゃらけていて、でもどこか、何か一本の芯を残しているギースそのものでした。
  8. Needs better TL : その覚悟を察してくれず、いつもチラチラとこちらに振り返ってしまうのは、ルーデウス様の良い所ですが、頼られてはいないようで、少しさびしい所でもあります。
  9. A reference to FFIV, when a character is mind controlled. Best pic I could find [1][おれはしょうきにもどった!]
  10. TLN : I was dumbfounded at this sentence and went over it for like 15 mins. He really did say this. What the shit.
  11. TLN : Can be TLed more properly. 「構いませんが……何かの願掛けですか?」
  12. TLN : This is NOT racist. He's just saying that he intends to make company free of corruption or the like......probably.
  13. read:fusuma{ふすま}[japanese sliding screen]
  14. TLN : Maybe she misunderstood it as bedding since it can be read as bedding as well. I don't know.
  15. TLN : 鉱神(aragane kami)
  16. TLN : See World Map 3 for this. I TLed it as well. :^
  17. Not sure. 背に腹は代えられないってわけじゃない。

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