Mushoku Tensei
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Chapter 166 - Summon

Part 1

[To Rudeus Greyrat. Ever since then, how is your physical condition? Has your magic recovered? I wish to talk about the future. I will wait inside the hut located in Sharia city's suburb. Due to our circumstances, I wish for you to come alone. Orsted.]

After I read that letter, I asked Aisha to prepare some food.

After getting the food, I went back to my room and changed clothes.

Choosing the best clothes possible, I showed them to Aisha and asked her to confirm whether there were any weird spots.

Then I left the house, taking with me Aqua Hartia and the diary from the future. 1

On the way I called out to the baby treant Beet and the playing Zenith.2

"Mother, I'm off."

Zenith was waving her hand as if saying [Take care].

Next to her, Beet was also shaking his leaves and branches.

I did not call out to Sylphy and the others.

If I did, they would probably insist on coming along.

The letter said to come alone.

Thus I would go alone.

This time was not to go to fight.

I had no intention to destroy the hut Orsted was in with magic, because if it came down to a fight, I would definitely lose my life.

If I was asked whether I trusted Orsted, it would be a difficult question.

But from the letter I could somehow feel his consideration.

Even Nanahoshi emotionally felt that it was better for me to avoid fighting Orsted, and personally I also think that he is someone who can be trusted more than the Human God.

"But, after all I'm nervous."

While talking to myself, I took the path to Sharia.

On the way I found a pool of water and confirmed multiple times whether there were any weird spots on my face.

I decided to work under Orsted.3

In other words Orsted is my boss.

It was unpleasant to appear before the boss in a weird fashion.

"I wonder if it would be better to apply perfume or not?"

Perhaps I should have cleaned myself with hot water, since there might be Eris's lingering scent from last night.

I wonder what the president would think if an employee was called to his office with an erotic smell?

While I might not suddenly be fired, his view would definitely not be favorable. 4

I wish to give Orsted a favorable impression.


Someone capable of fighting and winning against Human God.

Apparently with the help of my descendants he will kill Human God.

While I feel sorry for the Human God...

But I was the one who was first betrayed.

He's somebody who laid his hands on Roxy and Sylphy.

Sympathy cannot be shown.

I will wag my tail at Orsted.

Wagging my tail like an electric fan while bearing fangs towards the Human God.

Doing what will definitely protect my family.

"All right."

Renewing my determination, I head towards the suburb.

While being careful not to get splashed by the carriage with dirty water.

Part 2

A weird atmosphere was drifting around the hut in the suburb.

Somehow it was different.

It could not be expressed in words, but something was different.

Surely something like sound effects and other effects seen in manga will come out from the hut.

Ah, with one glance I understood that Orsted was in there.

"Haa~, fuu~..."5

I took a deep breath.

And knocked at the door.

"Rudeus Greyrat! Entering!"

"Ah...quite early."

Even though I knew he was here, I shivered when I received a reply.

As expected, it seems my fear towards Orsted still remained inside.

"May I please come in?"

"Why do you ask for permission. Isn't this the hut you have prepared?"

"Yes! Please excuse me!"

When I opened the door and entered, Orsted was inside.

Sitting on one of the chairs inside, he was glaring at me.

No, he wasn't glaring at me.

He was just looking. It was quite the scary face.

I closed the door and moved towards Orsted as briskly as possible.

Standing right in front of the chair and taking an attentive pose.

Orsted was making a suspicious face towards me.

"I thought you would come with a large number of comrades...two people, huh."

"Yes, I came, two people?"

Hearing those unexpected words, I doubted my hearing.

Unless Orsted had presbyopia and was seeing me doubled, I should have been only one person.

"Eris Greyrat! Come in if you want!"

As Orsted shouted, she vigorously blew open the door.

It was Eris.

She had drawn the sword that she was carrying.

And released blood thirst.

"Orsted! If you lay a hand on Rudeus, I will kill you!"

She declared while pointing her sword at Orsted.

With tremendous determination enough to cause you to wet yourself.

Orsted was composed before her.

"I do not have such an intention."

"You can't be trusted!"

"I suppose so."

Being told that, Eris positioned herself in a corner of the hut and crossed her arms.

While I became stiff with Eris's appearance, I compared Eris with Orsted.

I guess I should give an explanation.

That I did not bring Eris with me. That I came alone.

That I'm not an enemy.

But, how should I explain Eris, who appeared with a sword?

What should I do, how can I do it?

"What are you doing, Rudeus Greyrat. Sit down. Let us talk."

While I was thinking, I was rushed by Orsted.

"Ah, yes. Please excuse me."

Even if I sat down on the chair, I was still concerned about Eris.

Eris who was holding a drawn weapon.

"Eris is..."

"I can tell from your behavior. It seems like you have been tailed."

"Ah, yes. It's that kind of, before the talk, can I have a quick word with Eris?"

"I don't mind."

He didn't seem angry.

While being seated, I turned towards Eris and beckoned her.


"Eris, why did you come here?"

"Because Rudeus dressed up, I was just wondering where you were going."

Dressed up.

Indeed, I was choosing clothes and was carefully doing my hair.

From another perspective, it might have looked like nothing else.

"You understand that I came to work under Orsted, right?"

"...I understand, but with that kind of guy, who knows what he's planning. It's possible that he might deceive Rudeus."

"Maybe. But it's still too early to judge that. If possible, it would be good if you're quiet and don't disturb us."


"If we're deceived, let's fight together, Eris. I'm relying on you."

"Tsk! Understood!"

After coming to an understanding, Eris sheathed her sword and sat down next to me.

Quite simple.


"I am very sorry."

"I don't mind."

"Anyway, Eris still doesn't seem to be able to trust Orsted-sama...but it can't be helped because of the curse."

Having said so, it felt like Orsted-sama's eyes flashed.

"Where did you hear about my curse?"

"...From the Human God. About how at some point Orsted-sama's body received the curse."

I answered honestly.

What I was told and informed by the Human God.

It would be better if I let out everything I was told.

"Is that so..."

Orsted rested his chin in his hand and looked in the direction slightly above.

There was nothing above his line of sight.

...Is that his thinking pose?

"Anyway, let's do as promised."


"Why are you making such a surprised face. I am different from the Human God. I keep my promises."

"That's not it, what kind of promise did we make?"

"The way to protect your family from the Human God."

Ah, I see.

That's right, how could I forget that.

No, I only forgot what kind of promise we made.

Rather, it felt more like a contract.

A contract with the devil.

I see, a contract-like promise.

"I still haven't done anything, is that fine?"

"Are you not also anxious if your family was exposed to danger?"

"Well, that's true."

It somehow felt like receiving a favor.

Or rather, it was a far kinder feeling than I thought.

I thought it would be more like being ordered around.

Though his face may be scary, unexpectedly he might be someone who takes his subordinates' feelings into consideration.

To the point where the edgy Eris couldn't believe it.

"It is not that difficult. Summoning a guardian magical beast possessing a strong fate and letting it protect them."

"Summon, is it? However, right now I still cannot use summoning magic."

"Then I will write the magic circle. Put your own magic into it."

"Ah, yes, I will be troubling you."

A guardian magical beast possessing a strong fate, huh.

Fate, I think it was about the law of causation.

"Are you sure just this is enough for protection?"

"The Human God cannot manipulate inhuman beings. Further, he cannot manipulate a great number of people at the same time. As long as we move, he will have his hands full with our interference. Based on his personality, that will be more than enough prevention."

Talking about personality...

Still, not being able to manipulate a great number of people means in the worst case at the very least he can manipulate two people.

While I was being manipulated, I wonder if he was manipulating someone else.

"But do not let your guard down. We do not know what the Human God is doing. Instead of just leaving it to the magical beast, checking up on them frequently is better."

When Orsted said to [Check up on them frequently], something felt wrong.

It seemed his talk was literal.

I knew that you shouldn't judge based on appearance.


Being told that he will prepare it, for now let's continue.

Then, to the main topic.

"Then, what should I do from now on?"

There were many things I wanted to know, but it was only polite to answer questions regarding myself.

It was showing your character.

"...Do you not have more things that you want to know?"

Or so I thought, but I was questioned in return.

"There is a lot."

"Why do you not ask?"

"I thought that asking without answering any questions would not be good..."

Having said so, Orsted let out a sigh.

"You have become my comrade, thus――"

"Subordinate. Let us keep the hierarchical relationship in mind."

Beating me to a pulp, giving me a method to protect my family.

Then being told that we are equals, I am not insensitive.6

"It is fine if you want to think that way...regardless, you and I will work together for the sake of overthrowing Human God. You must know what you want to know."

"Despite saying all this, what will you do if I am a double agent for Human God? I might be telling Human God every night information about Orsted-san."

"I trust you."

With a strong glance I was told so.

"Your stance is that of someone desperately trying to protect his family."

I was a little embarrassed being told that.

I was indeed very desperate that time.

But, well, saying so means he takes me at my word.

The things that I wanted to know.

There are several.

Regarding the discord between Orsted and Human God.

Regarding the Laplace Factor.

Regarding the mana calamity.

Regarding what's with fate.

For now it's such things.

"Then, please tell me one by one."

Part 3 - Regarding the discord between Orsted and Human God

The relationship between Orsted and Human God.

I decided to hear about that first.

I also wanted to know.

"About myself?"

"That's right. Please."

"Didn't you hear it from Human God? Though it seems you have heard about the curse?"


What was it, it was five years ago.

Recall, recall.

What Human God said at that time.

"You have four curses."


"First, the curse of being hated and feared by all living creatures in this world. Second, the curse of being invisible from Human God's view. Third, the curse of being unable to go all-out. About the last one, he said something about not being quite clear."7

"I see."

Having said that, Orsted was quietly nodding his head.

"About the first one, ever since I was born, I was indeed shunned by all living creatures."

"But I don't seem to hate you that much..."

"That being said, there seem to exist some like that, for example Nanahoshi."

"I see."

Apparently there are exceptions.

It may be related to the fact that Nanahoshi and I were not originally humans from this world.

Should I mention this or should I remain silent.

Because Eris was sitting next to me, I hesitated a little...

But it would not be wise to keep it a secret.

"Orsted-san. I did not intend to hide it but... originally I am a human from the same world as Nanahoshi. It's possible that they are related."

"...Then is Rudeus Greyrat an alias?"

"That story will take very long to tell, but I am different from Nanahoshi, that is...before I knew it, I was reborn as Rudeus Greyrat in this world...and ehm, I wonder how to talk about it."

"Reincarnation, huh."

I was surprised.

For reincarnation to come out of Orsted's mouth.

No, it was written in the diary, something about the dragon-tribe knowing the method of reincarnation.8

Even if they die, they will come back to life in a few decades.

To them, reincarnation would be something major.

"It is probably related to your reincarnated body as for why you do not fear me."

"Are there any other people who do not fear you?"

"Except for special exceptions, only those who have the blood of the ancient dragon-tribe."9

So such as Perugius.

No, I remember that even Perugius was quite scared.

...Or is it not related to the curse.

Apart from the curse, there are also other reasons to fear other people.

"The second curse, regarding the curse of being invisible from Human God's is not a curse."

"Then that is?"

When asked, Orsted was thinking a little bit.

While thinking, he looked into my eyes and said.

"It is a secret technique the first generation Dragon God came up with a long time ago while fighting Human is a technique allowing one to see fate and at the same time allows one to deviate from the law of the world."


"Human God also can see into the future and possesses the power of foresight. However, it can not see the ones who have deviated from the law of the world."10

I see.

I didn't know what it means to have deviated from the law of the world, but being able to escape from Human God's sight is phenomenal.

"What is it, the power to see fate?"

"Let's see..."

Orsted was making a pose as he was thinking.

It couldn't be that he's thinking about it right now.

"It is to know the rough history of the path an individual should have taken."

The rough history.

"That means Orsted-sama can see the future."

"No...what I can see is the past, not the future. The one pre-ordained by fate."


Somehow it was quite philosophical.

It was quite hard to tell it apart from seeing the future.

For now I will think of it as being one rank lower than Human God's future sight.

"Are you going to teach me that technique?"

"No, it is better not to."

"...That is to say?"

To become invisible to Human God is a very attractive advantage.

I wanted to hear the reason for not teaching it.

"When receiving the secret technique, there are side effects...that is the speed at which magic recovers becomes tremendously slow."

"When saying tremendously slow, exactly how much?"

"You have recovered from your drained state in about 10 days, you can think of it as becoming 1000 times slower."

1000 times.

That is about 10000 days.

Roughly 30 years.

"Thus I cannot freely use magic. [Being rarely able to go all-out] means that."

I see, if you cannot recover magic, then you would not be able to go all-out.

While I didn't know what magic quantity Orsted has, if magic hadn't recovered in a few years time, he couldn't go all-out.

He must conserve power.

"Although I cannot teach you the secret technique, if you work under me, a similar effect can be granted."

I took a look at the bracelet worn on my left hand.

Apparently it had a jamming-like effect.

"Is there no side effect to this? If you mass produced it..."

"It would have already been done if it was possible. Together with breaking my body's curse."

Was that so.

"Rather, I have used up a considerable amount of magic in our fight. For a while I will not be able to seriously fight."

"Eh, seriously. But wasn't it more like instant kill?"

"I resisted your magic three times head-on and even drew the God sword. A reasonable amount of magic was used up."11

Orsted bitterly said.

From my perspective I felt that I was beaten around without being able to do much, but surprisingly it was quite a balanced fight.

So it can be said that I have given my best. Ufufu.

"Not much of my magic is remaining. Thus you will move, becoming my hands and legs."

"...Yes. I will do my best."

Working for the amount I have deducted.

It is appropriate.

"Then, for what reason is Orsted-sama fighting against Human God?"

"That is...ah..."

As Orsted hesitantly said so, he faced towards the day after tomorrow.

Since earlier, he was thinking about what to say and was often in a thinking pose.

I was wondering whether he was spewing out lies.

No, that couldn't be.

It may be that while I may be trusted, I have yet to prove worthy of his trust.12

For now I will move based on his partial truth while also investigating tendencies...such a possibility also exists.

"Human God is... my father's ruin."


Father's ruin.

The future me was burning for vengeance as a result of Roxy and Sylphy.

While the me in the present, who has not lost anyone, can say that vengeance will not give birth to anything...

In fact, it is clear from the diary, that being consumed with feelings for vengeance I changed into a demon.

"And, overthrowing Human God is the ancient dragon-tribe's dearest wish. Our, the Dragon God's sole reason for existence is to defeat Human God."

This was what you would call, for a great cause.13

Wait, we?

"How many Dragon Gods were there?"

"I am the 100th generation. A hundred Dragon Gods have studied on how to overthrow Human God."

"I see."

"However, Human God has defeated Dragon Gods with weaker blood."

Orsted looked at me with glinting eyes.

"Thus my father, the first generation Dragon God, has sent me to the future using the method of reincarnation."

Orsted off-handedly said so.

  1. (TL: Aqua Hartia is the furigana of the staff Rudeus received on his 10th birthday, アクアハーティア)
  2. (Beet is the baby treant Aisha is raising, ビート)
  3. (TL: I totally got yaoi vibes from the Japanese sentence.)(ED: there was actually a yaoi reference in the previous chapter, I think)
  4. (TL: It literally said losing his neck.)
  5. (TL: Sounds of breathing in and out.)
  6. (TL: Literally 'don't have thick skin'.)
  7. (TL: Need TLC about the last one, あと一つは、分からないみたいな事を言っていましたね)
  8. (TL: Translated 龍族 as dragon-tribe.)
  9. (TL: Rudeus and Nanahoshi are special exceptions, ancient dragon tribe are normal exceptions.)
  10. (TL: Translated 遠視 as foresight.)
  11. (TL: Translated 相応 as God sword.)
  12. (TL: Needs TLC, Japanese isn't good enough to completely grasp the nuances here.
  13. (TL: translated 大義のため as great cause)

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