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Chapter 155 - Diary - First Half

Part 1

The day after the man claiming to be the future me appeared.

Sleepily, I consider things. First, what is it that I should do? The future me had said it.

『Consult with Nanahoshi』
『Send a letter to Eris』
『Doubt Hitogami, but do not be hostile to him』

I wrote a letter addressed to Eris.
Just for now, the contents say that I'm fine accepting her. However, I'll talk to Sylphy and Roxy before sending it. Depending on how the discussion goes, the contents may change greatly.

Doubt Hitogami, but do not be hostile to him.
I'll declare this the next time he appears in my dream. I don't know when that'll be though.

Consult with Nanahoshi.
Though I want to consult with her, I wonder if she'll believe such a ridiculous talk. No, she's a Slider. Even if it's ridiculous, she should at least have the inclination to believe me.

But before that is――――the diary.

I've decided to read the diary. I didn't know what to do since it was left here. This is the life left by that old person after all.

The diary that the Future Me had brought was old and the earlier pages were dull and tattered. But I read it. Whilst skipping over parts that aren't important, I'll learn about the important parts.

I was thinking that I'd start a diary from today.
Still, a lot has happened these last few days.
What happened with Perugius, what happened with Zenith.
Teleport magic with summoning magic.
There are a lot of things that I have to do, so I thought to write a diary so I didn't forget.

In the morning, Aisha was down and said [A weird mouse died.]
I wonder if she hates mice.

It seems that a cat infected with the Magic Stone Disease has been spotted in the neighbourhood.
How scary.
I'd better tell everyone in the family to wash their hands properly.

Surprisingly, it seems that Elinalise is pregnant.
Though Cliff seemed uneasy, Elinalise looked happy.
I should get everyone together and bless them.
Times like these call for a loud celebration.

Up until now, it's all been normal diary stuff.

Like how they were taught summoning magic from Perugius.

Like how they went around the flying castle sightseeing with Zanoba.

Like how he found out Roxy's weakpoints in bed.

Like how Lucy looked like an angel when she slept, and would definitely become a beauty in the future.

And each day seemed really fun.

Though it had been dated at the beginning, that stopped somewhere along the way. I wonder if it's because it was annoying. Because of that, I don't know how much time passed, but I recall the old person's words, so it's probably within the span of 2 weeks.

However, after this point, it changes.

Roxy collapsed.
Around this time we thought that it was because she was feeling a bit bad, but she eventually gained a fever.
I'd better contact the school and tell them she's resting for a while.
We try using advanced rank detoxification, but it has no effect.
Could it be another incurable disease?
I'd better meet with Cliff soon.

Roxy's feet began turning into a purple crystal.
I immediately called for Cliff, and he used his Eye of Identification.
The name of the disease was 『Magic Stone Disease』.
It can't be healed without God Ranked Detoxification: an incurable illness.

To get our hands on God Class Detoxification chants, we headed to the Holy Kingdom of Milis using the teleport magic circles.
The group members were Cliff, Zanoba and I.
Sylphy had wanted to go as well, but I asked her to look after the house.

We arrived in Milishion.
It seems that the God Class chant was left inside the cathedral.
Though Cliff knew the location, it was somewhere that you couldn't enter unless you were archbishop level or something.
As a result, we decided to sneak in, deep in the night.
We'll just transcribe it, and then return.

We managed to enter.
However, the God Class Detoxification was a book as thick as a dictionary.
There was no way we could transcribe it there.
We took it with us, but during our escape, we were detected.
Right now, we're running from pursuers.

We were ambushed at the teleport magic circle.
During battle, the teleport magic circle was destroyed, and became unusable.
Cliff fell due to poison, and is seriously ill and unconscious.

 ……I killed my first person.
I can still feel it on my hands.
It's disgusting.

We move to another magic circle.
Cliff's consciousness isn't returning.
Our faces are being spread throughout the Holy Kingdom of Milis, and are now wanted.
It seems we've completely become the enemies of the Milis Church.

Cliff died.
I don't feel like writing for a while.

We somehow arrived at another teleport magic circle.
There's just a little more.

We were too late.
I don't want to write anymore today.

I think I should write about yesterday.
When we entered town, we met Eris and Ghyslaine. Eris screamed something, but I already had two wives,
so I told her that I couldn't be with her anymore and she left with a shocked expression.
In the end, Ghyslaine sent me an unpleasant look of scorn.
When I reached home, everyone had mournful expressions. 1
Half of Roxy's body had crystallized, and she died.
The chant was useless.

 After that, I told Elinalise about Cliff's death.
I was hit across the cheek by Elinalise, and she left for somewhere, crying.
I feel like shit.

We had Roxy's funeral.
I didn't feel like doing anything.
All that came were tears.
I don't care about anything.

It seems that Elinalise disappeared from town.
Though she's heavily pregnant, I wonder where she went.
Well, whatever.

Sylphy tried to cheer me up, but I don't feel better.
Roxy isn't here anymore.
That Roxy.
Roxy who gave her best at everything.
Roxy who brought me outside, and who gently comforted me when Paul died.
Roxy who had become my guide in life. That Roxy.
(The pages were crumpled from tears.)

Lately it feels like I've been doing nothing but drinking.
When I don't drink, I remember Roxy and start crying.
Sylphy said that this was no good, but what would she know?
Even though Roxy had taught me very important things.

When I drank inside the house, Lilia would scold me.
I started drinking outside the house.
When I drink in the bar, I occasionally bump into Eris.
She says whatever she wants, and then hits me.
What's with that woman?
Ghyslaine doesn't stop her either.
Also, lately Norn hasn't spoken to me. She sends me looks of disdain.
Nobody understands how I feel.

Lately, Sylphy has been openly trying to seduce me.
She says stuff about forgetting about Roxy and sleeping with her.
Because she was way too persistent, I shouted at her.
There's no way I'd sleep with her after being told something thoughtless like that.
But that's not all.
If I slept with Sylphy now, I'd probably treat her with drunken violence.
She'd take Roxy's place, then after that I'd let out my anger on her.
That's... no good.

I've messed up.
While I was drinking in the bar, a prostitute called out to me.
I was drunk as well, so I went with her to an inn and slept with her.
As expected, women in this trade really are skilled.
It's a bit like, though I thought I've been sleeping with women until now, they were actually just girls, or something...
No, that doesn't matter.
The problem was that I made Sylphy cry.
She saw me coming home, smelling like a woman, and saying "Why aren't I good enough...?" and ran to her room crying.
I was lectured by Lilia, and even Aisha bluntly frowned at me.
I can hear crying behind the door even now.
She won't reply when I knock.
I've failed.
I might've been better treating her violently. She might've wanted me to vent out my sadness.
I'll apologize tomorrow.

Sylphy won't speak to me.
What should I do?
At these times, if Elinalise were here...

Sylphy has disappeared.
When I woke up, the room was empty.
Strictly speaking, only my clothes and belongings were left.
Lilia ordered me to immediately chase after her.
But I wonder if I'm qualified to do so.
Wouldn't it be natural to divorce a man like me?

When I grumbled, Zenith slapped me.
Though she didn't say anything, she slapped me again and again.
It's almost like she was criticising me.

I decided to chase after Sylphy.
When I gathered information, I found that Sylphy and Ariel had gone back to the Kingdom of Asura.
Though there should've been a few months left before graduation, I wonder why they left so quickly.
Though I don't know why they did this, something might have happened back in Asura.
I decided to hurry as well.

I met with Eris again.
She said some incomprehensible stuff about forgiving me now or something or other.
I didn't want to hear it so she suddenly hit me.
Because she was getting way too annoying, I sent her flying with magic, and she drew her sword and attacked me, so I ran.
Eris……Even though you abandoned me, why now……

I was stopped because of the snow.
I wonder if Sylphy has already left the snowy region.
I'm getting really impatient.

I finally reached the Kingdom of Asura.
But, I was stopped at the border by something troublesome.
It seems that because I was wanted in Milis, I was treated as a criminal in Asura as well.
They tried to restrain me, and I escaped in a panic.
I'll have to find smugglers somehow.

I managed to find a smugglers guild.
It seems that these kinds of organisations exist anywhere you go.
It seems like I was the talk of the guild, and they looked at me with envy.
As the thief that stole God Ranked chants from the Holy Kingdom of Milis, I was a celebrity.

 When I explained the situation to them, it was decided that I'd be guided by a voluptuous female thief named Triss.
I'm worried that if Sylphy sees me with this woman, she'll get the wrong idea.

I entered the Kingdom of Asura.
I put on a hood and mask to hide my face.
From now on my name was Rude Ronumar, and came up with a lie about how my face was cursed, and people who saw it would be turned to stone.
It was decided that Ronumar was a magician working away from his home in Basherant, and was being shown around by his cousin Triss.
Because they thought about various things for me, I bowed.

I got hold of information about the King's death.
There was also a rumor about fighting between the princes for his position.
That's probably why Ariel returned here quickly.

We'll reach the capital soon.
However, I've heard nothing but suspicious things about Ariel.
It seems that she had assembled troops and staged a coup d'état or something.
It seems that people don't think that she has what it takes to win.
Well, Ariel probably isn't that stupid.
It's just a rumor.

We reached the capital.
When I left the role of gathering information to Triss and entered the bar, I spotted Eris.
Could she have followed me all the way here?
No, that's not it.
She was born in the Kingdom of Asura.
In the first place, our destination was probably the same.

It seems that Ariel's hidden herself.
Of course, Luke and Sylphy too.
Will I be able to find them?

I can't find them.
Triss thinks that they've already left the capital and moved to another town.
Places that Ariel seems like she'd go to... Luke's family's house, perhaps?
Tomorrow, I'll propose to Triss about going to the Notus family's territory.

We came to the Milbotts region, governed by Philemon Notus Greyrat.
At the same time, we managed to get hold of information that said that Ariel was hiding in the Notus home.
But how can I meet with Sylphy?
Should I break in?

When I entered the Notus home, for some reason Eris was there and I was beat up.
I was caught, thrown into a dungeon, there a person whose face resembled Paul, called themselves Philemon and verbally abused me.
It seems that for some reason, he thinks that I'm here to usurp the Notus house.
After saying that he'd execute me tomorrow and hand my head over to the Milis Church, he left.
After that, I escaped but... Ariel wasn't in Philemon's territory.

A coup d'état broke out in the capital.
『Ariel is in the Milbotts region』 was a false rumour.
It seems that Ariel was hiding in the capital, and waiting for her chance.
Will I make it?

At a place a day's travel from the capital, I heard that the coup d'état had been suppressed.
First of all it was too reckless, second of all, just as Ariel was thinking of killing the second prince,
she was stopped by the Water God and North Emperor and her forces were annihilated. 
It seems that Ariel was caught, and the next day she was executed.
Her forces were annihilated.
And Sylphy……?

…………I'm tired of it all.
Why did this have to happen……?

I'd better write yesterday's events.
In a corner of the capital, at the place of executions, the bodies of Ariel's followers were displayed.
Among them were Luke... and Sylphy.
Sylphy's body was missing its arm, and it had a large cut down its face.
A number of people were throwing stones at them.
As one of the criminals who disturbed the peace of the capital, Sylphy had stones thrown at her.
Each time a stone was thrown, the crows would fly off.
I couldn't bear it any longer and burnt Sylphy and the rest.
I burnt everyone that got in my way as well.
This country should just disappear.

Part 2

I closed the diary with a bang.

It's painful to read. I don't want to read it anymore. Did I really have no choice but to read this? Why did I read such a thing?


I feel sick. I'm sure this is just a story that the old man came up with in his delusions. I don't want to think that this kind of future is possible.


But I have to read it. Knowledge will surely be power.

So I look at the diary... But I don't have the courage to open it. I feel sick. I wonder what other suffering is written in that diary. When I think about it, I start to feel nauseous.

"I'll take a little break..."

I got out of my chair and headed to the toilet.

I threw up. Tears came out. It might be because it was my own handwriting, but I was able to imagine what I was feeling at the time.

The sadness when Roxy died.

The anxiety and hopelessness when Sylphy left.

The feelings when he chased after them.

Then the feeling of loss when he saw the dead Sylphy.


With my face buried in the toilet, I just threw up. My stomach is completely empty, but I have no appetite. I'll probably be fine eating nothing today.

When I was rinsing out my mouth with water magic, I found that Sylphy was standing there worriedly.

"R-, Rudi. What's wrong? Are you okay?"

With white hair down to her shoulders, she was wearing casual wear, and felt a little unguarded.

With a wound down her face, missing an arm, killed, cold, and exposed to the public... Such a scene came to mind.

"Wah-, what?"

I embraced Sylphy without a word. Sylphy's body was soft, and warm.

"Rudi, were you that influenced by the fight with Atofe?"


"Guess it can't be helped, huh... There, there. Whenever it gets tough, I'll be there to comfort you, okay? I know that you're not that strong after all, Rudi."

Whilst tiptoeing a little, Sylphy pat me on the back.

[Whenever it gets tough, I'll be there to comfort you, okay?]

The Future Me ignored these words.

"Mn. Sorry, Sylphy."

"It's fine."

"In the future when things get tough, I might not depend on you, or do or say bad things."


"But please don't leave me."

"Umm... If that happens, I might get a little irritated at you, treat you coldly, and fight with you... But we can make up, right?"

"Yeah. Of course we can. Mn, we can make up..."

Sylphy really is gentle. I'll betray this gentle girl.

"Um, Rudi. The way your hands are touching my butt is kind of perverted."

"...Do you not want me to touch you?"

"Well I don't lose anything, so it's fine but... Wah-"

Since I got permission, I picked Sylphy up. I headed to the bedroom. I'm not particularly thinking of doing anything perverted. I was just thinking of flirting together with her like this.

How do I say this? Is it a bit like regaining something I've lost? I don't really get it. Because of reading that diary, I've become sentimental.

While thinking such things, I heal myself with Sylphy.

Part 3

After Roxy came home, I started following her everywhere. I was sitting next to her on the sofa, and playing with the ends of her braids.

Enough that I was asked,

"What's the matter?"

"Umm, Roxy. Won't we talk a little?"

"Don't we always talk...? Or is there something in particular that you'd like to talk about?"

"No, like, in a more flirty way."

"Hahh... Well, it's fine with me, but doing 'that' today is no good, you know?"

"Right. I'm just clinging to you a little, but is that no good?"

"It's fine."

Roxy sat on my lap and dropped her head onto my shoulder. While embracing her shoulders, I meet her eyes up close. Though I said that, it's not like I had something to talk about.

"Umm, how was your day?"


"Nothing happened at all. It was just as usual... All that really happened was that the Principal's wig flew off due to the prank of some students, I guess."

"Ahh, I kind of wanted to see that."

"After that――――"

Roxy worked the whole day and was tired. Even so, she concerned herself with me. While we were giggling with idle chat, I somehow ended up giving her butt a feel, and was instantly slapped away. Even so, because I kept insisting on it, Roxy said [I guess it can't be helped] and permitted it.

After that, we entered the bathroom together and I cleaned her back and massaged her shoulders. I was almost like a child showing piety to his parents.

"You're a bit 'that' today, Rudi. Did something tough happen?"

"No, no. Nothing at all. I was just thinking [I'm really so happy that Roxy is alive] again."

"I see... Well, I really did think I was going to die in the Teleport Labyrinth after all. Feel free to confirm it as much as you'd like."

Said Roxy, sitting on my lap in the bath. Whilst massaging her slim shoulders, I asked,

"Roxy. Lately, have there been any weird changes to your body?"

I've avoided the Magic Stone Disease... or so I think, but just because I've taken care of that rat, doesn't mean that things are guaranteed to be okay. There's a chance that the investigation by the Future Me was wrong, after all.

"Ehh? I'm fine, you know. Why did you ask something like that?"

"Well, I was just thinking [It'd be really great if Roxy lived a long life] you see."

"If you think about the lifespans of races, I'll live longer than you after all. I should be the one asking you to live longer, Rudi."

"Of course."

Saying this, I gently smiled at Roxy. For now, things seem okay.


Sylphy and Roxy.

The two of them are alive.

Things won't become like in that diary.

I'll definitely avoid it.

With this in mind, I've gained the strength to read that diary again.

I'm ready.

  1. [TL: assuming he meant 沈痛]

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