Mushoku Tensei
Summoning Chapter Preview

Chapter 144 - Floating Citadel

Part 1

Half a day's walk from Magic City Sharia, not even an hour by horse, there lies a city ruin.

Or rather, what remains of a castle.

Great columns lie flat on the ground, stone slates scatter about.

This must be how the Parthenon would look after further deterioration.

It must have been a sight to behold once upon a time.

It gives the impression of a relic of history.

"What's left of the Scotts Castle, a relic from when mankind battled Laplace. It was said that thousands came to defend against the Demon invasion. In the end, all was for naught, and it was captured."

Explains the beautiful girl with golden braided hair besides me.

Graceful exterior, clad in expensive travel wear, a charismatic figure obvious even from afar.

Indeed, the one and only Ariel Anemoi Asura.


Was that explanation for me?

With that in mind, I glanced around me.

Luke and Sylphy stand not far behind.

A little further back, Roxy, Zanoba, Cliff and Elinalise.

Nanahoshi ahead.

Ariel looks towards me, there's no one between us.

"Ariel-sama sure knows her stuff."

It would be rude to ignore her.

With that in mind I answered. Ariel gently smiled in response.

"Folktales of this area often mention this topic."

"Are you interested in folktales?"

"To develop relationships with the aristocracy of the area, that is also necessary."

Ariel explains as a matter of fact.

Memorize local history in order to befriend the local aristocracy.

She has it tough.

"But coming to a place like this, can we really reach Perugius-sama from here?"

"To be honest, I don't really know what we do next, but..."

I look towards Nanahoshi in front of us.

Carrying a heavy backpack, moving unimpeded by the rubble around us, she leads looking straight ahead.

She told us to just follow along, but can we really get there from here?

From what I can recall, her notes don't feature a Teleport Magic Circle in this location.

"I'm more worried that having so many people tagging along would be a bother."

Hearing what I said, Ariel laughs out loud.

"Rudeus-sama sure worries over the strangest things. Even if he isn't the king of a country, he's still called [King], a true hero! A few guests like us shouldn't be a bother."

"If you say so..."

I glance behind us.

Me, Nanahoshi, Ariel, Sylphy, Luke, Roxy, Zanoba, Cliff, and Elinalise.

9 in total.

I thought it's a bit too much, but from a royal perspective, that should be nothing.

For royalty, guests come in tens, just us few can't count for much.

By the way, Norn refused politely because of school work.

Maybe she's worried about her promise to not slack off on her sword training and studies after joining the student council.

Well, if I really brought her along, then I'd have to bring Aisha too. This works just as well.

"Perugius-sama may be living the quiet life, but after the Laplace campaign he spent some time as a guest of Asura Kingdom, as an equal of King Asura. He would bring an entourage numbering in the tens or hundreds to the royal palace. Someone of his stature won't be troubled by a mere 9 guests."

"Ah, I see."

Ariel's charismatic voice is pleasing to the ear.

Anyone would be bothered to have guests arrive unannounced, but hearing this from Ariel, maybe it isn't that big of a deal.

"... If he got tired of the court life, maybe he got tired of guests too."

"Maybe. But if that's really the case, then Nanahoshi-sama probably won't allow me to come along."

"I don't think Nanahoshi is the kind of person that worries over these things."

Speaking of that, I recall how Ariel ended up coming along.

Back then, hearing Nanahoshi mention Perugius, I couldn't contain my excitement.

The Armored Dragon King Perugius.

Even I have heard of that name before.

Not long after I came to this world, I read about him in a book.

400 years ago, a hero of the Laplace Campaign.

In it writes that he controls 12 familiars, rebuilt the ancient sky castle, and challenged Laplace with his companions.

After Laplace was sealed, as tribute to his exploits, the new era is named "Armored Dragon era" in his honor.

Armored Dragon King Perugius did not become head of a country, rather he sits afloat Sky Castle [Chaos Breaker] and travels the world.

Of course I'm excited to meet someone of that caliber.

No matter what, a castle in the sky!

Laputa ho!

I ought to be busy with research and child-rearing.

But I still want to go.

Even if only once.

I'm sorry, Lucy. Papa's curiosity got the better of him.

But Papa will definitely bring something back for you!

Sylphy's concerns were the complete opposite of my selfish self.

She asked Nanahoshi.

"Can Ariel-sama come along as well?"


Nanahoshi looked troubled.

Ariel has solicited her on many occasions.

Nanahoshi wields tremendous influence within Asura and Ranoa kingdoms, so Ariel has long sought to bring her into her circle.

But Nanahoshi wants to avoid entanglement with this world. That would just be a bother.

"Yes. Perugius-sama may have lived in seclusion for a long time, but his name still holds pivotal weight within Asura court. Ariel-sama, she... looking towards the future, I'm sure she would want to meet someone like him."

Ariel has connections all over the place.

All preparations to one day take over the Asura throne.

It would be a tough fight, possibly an impossible one.

I don't know Ariel's plans after she graduates in a year.

Will she continue to gather strength here, or will she head back to Asura for a fight to the death?

As long as it doesn't endanger my family, I'd give her a hand.

But her position there is still uncertain.

To be honest, I don't want to involve myself in that mess either, but I do genuinely want to offer support for my wife.

However, Ariel doesn't seem to plan to bring Sylphy back to Asura Kingdom.

Sylphy has a kid now, so I doubt she plans to leave Lucy behind for something so risky.

Still, I doubt she's ready for goodbyes yet, and has been giving her all for Ariel's sake right now.

This is probably one of those cases.

In the battle for the throne, connections are everything.

Particularly, if she can obtain the backing of Armored Dragon King Perugius, hero of Asura Kingdom, then her path for the throne would surely be easier.

"Well, I have been in your care. That's fine, bring her."

I thought for sure that she would refuse, but Nanahoshi okays it.

Afterwards I heard that while I was away, Nanahoshi got a lot of help from Sylphy.

Bringing her meals, help with shopping, casting detoxification magic when she got sick.

Although she stopped after Lucy was born, she used to come by often for baths.

"Really? Thank you very much! I'm sure Ariel-sama would be pleased..."

Sylphy clenched her fist and brightly smiled.

As a result, Ariel and Luke joined the party as well.

Sylphy said Ariel was unusually excited about this.

No matter their station, everyone reacts the same way when meeting someone so famous face to face.

I'm excited too.

He's the real deal, a genuine hero.

Hopefully he's easy to get along with.

... Speaking of which, I just remembered.

A long time ago, I did meet one of Perugius's subordinates.

Just before the Metastasis Event.

I met with Arumanfi of the Bright.

If I recall, back then he suspected me as the person behind the Metastasis Event and attacked me.

Ghyslaine was able to talk him down. He doesn't seem like a bad person, but he did try to kill me once.

That makes me nervous.

No, no reason for the master to be dangerous just because his subordinate was.

Besides, if Perugius-sama had detected the Metastasis event and wanted to stop it...

Then he deserves praise for acting on his own initiative.

But if I was killed back then...

Forget it, what's done is done.

Water under the bridge.

For our initial greetings, I shouldn't be looking to fight.

Forgive and forget.

"We're here."

While I was worrying over these things, Nanahoshi stopped at the center of the ruins.

Middle of nowhere.

Despite what I think, if look carefully, on the ground rests a stool-sized stone.

A stone monument.

Monument of "Seven Great Major Powers."

The faint light that extrudes from it hints at the terrifying powers of the names engraved there.

Seems like these are everywhere, even here.

"Now what?"

"We call him."

Having said that, Nanahoshi drops her baggage and takes out a golden flute.

Not a finger hole on it, so more properly a whistle.

Nanahoshi placed it against her lips and blew.


No whistling.

Just the sound of blowing air.

Maybe a dog whistle?

"No sound?"

Cliff exclaimed.

"Humans can't hear it. Just wait, he'll be here soon."

Having said that, Nanahoshi sat on a rock besides her.

A sound humans can't hear.

Yet it can reach Perugius.

That should be impossible in normal circumstances.

In other word, that flute is a magic item too.


Suddenly Elinalise yelled at Cliff with a straight face.

"What is it?"

"While we're still here I have to say this. Where we're going isn't a place to joke around at. Remember to watch your mouth."

"... I get it. I am not a kid anymore."

Cliff pouts like a kid that just got lectured.

Then Elinalise presses herself against Cliff, whispering into his ears.

Cliff seems to have calmed down, probably some sweet nothings as an apology.

"What sorts of statues will a castle in the sky have, I can't wait to find out!"

Zanoba is his usual self.

Once set to to visit Perugius, he immediately started to say [Well, let's bring some of our results to show Perugius-sama] and packed up the Ruijerd that I made and other figures into his luggage.

I doubt there's an opportunity, but he probably wants to do some promoting like I once did with Badigadi.

Truly enthusiastic for his work.

By the way, Ginger isn't here.

Zanoba ordered her to protect my family.

Even though Ginger obviously wanted to come along.

Well, for me the more protection for them the better, so one more doesn't hurt.

But it's not like I'm taking a long leave of absence either.

"Don't always push your hobbies onto others. After all, that guy is over 400 years old already."

"Hahaha, isn't Badigadi-sama even older? The older they are, the more they can appreciate the craftsmanship of Shisho's figures."

"Oh... Really?"

Far in the sky, something is shining.

"He's here."

Just as Nanahoshi said.

He appears.

Literally, in a twinkle of an eye, he suddenly appears.

Golden hair, a buttoned-up, white outfit like a student's uniform.

Probably a handsome face hidden behind that yellow mask.

The mask in the shape of a fox.

A large dagger hangs down his waist.

"Arumanfi of the Bright, present."

Truly abrupt. Feels like he just materialized in the center of us.

I guess he flew?

At the speed of light, he flew all the way from the castle in the sky.

Just the way he showed up when the Fedoa Region disappeared.


Abruptly, Arumanfi turns towards me.

Does he remember me?

I'm scared he's going to attack me again.

Secretly I open my demon eye and grip my staff.

But Arumanfi doesn't seem to remember me.

Instead of me, he walks before Nanahoshi.

"...Today you've brought a lot of people."

Arumanfi looks around him, as he said to Nanahoshi

Nanahoshi said [Oh] as she nods.

"It's fine, right? As long as under 12 people."

"The number doesn't matter, however..."

Arumanfi looks towards Roxy.

"No Magic Race."

"Eh, W-why?"

Roxy looks like a cat with water poured over it.

"In the Sky Castle, Magic Race are not allowed."

"I-is that so."

Roxy sunken, her shoulders droop.

Perugius waged battles against the Magic Race during the Laplace Campaign.

Can't be helped if some prejudice towards the Magic Race remains.

"No matter what?"

"Perugius-sama is kind, but he hates the Magic Race."

I have forgotten, since this area doesn't share much prejudice against the Magic Race, but hatred towards them still runs deep.

Perugius may be a person of legends, but he's also a witness to war.

Perhaps like Ruijerd, he has memories that can't be erased of those battles.

But only Roxy is left out, I feel bad for her.

"No, it's fine. In that case, I'll stay home. Since I was a little scared of meeting Perugius... -sama as well. I still have school work to do, so just as well."

Her shoulders drooped, a flat refusal.

But looking carefully, I see some lingering regrets.

She turns to me with a forced smile.

"Rudi, I'll take care of the house."

"Okay. I'll make sure to bring some gifts back..."

"Don't worry about that, just a kiss is fine."

That, I do immediately.

A whole ten seconds, Roxy's heart races, my ATOMIC BAZOOKA engaged, its nuclear warhead loaded, fire! 1


"No, the pleasure is mine."

Still a little upset, but with her face red, Roxy backs away with a slight smile.

I will shower her with affection when I get back.

"Done, are you?"

Arumanfi approaches us as Roxy and I say our goodbyes.

He hands me something like a baton.

I turn around to look, seems everyone else is holding a similar one.

"Hold this."

I take it and follow his instructions.

A golden baton around 20 CM in length, some intricate patterns engraved on its surface.

Magic crystals nested on top and bottom.

Another magic item?

"Now what?"

"Just hold still. Perugius-sama will use teleportation magic to bring you to the Sky Castle."

Ah, teleportation magic, so this is a magic item for that.

So this exists as well.

How convenient.

Eh? I thought humans cannot be summoned..?

No, this is teleportation.

What's the difference?

Use this baton to teleport over to the Sky Castle, is that how it works?

"Ah, what about the return trip?"

"The way back, something similar."

Arumanfi replies as a matter of fact.

In that case, then it can be done.

If I have to walk home, by then Lucy would have grown up already.

I feel reassured with that said.

"Everyone got it? Hold on tight."

Nanahoshi nods after checking up on everyone and confirms with Arumanfi.

"Just a moment."

Arumanfi nods and disappears in the light.

Reporting back to Perugius that the preparations are ready, I suppose.

"... This is kind of exciting."


Ariel and Sylphy banter.

It is kind of exciting.

A wry smile from Luke.

Say, with teleportation.

If it fails, where would we end up?

Kind of scary.

Even someone as powerful as Perugius could make a mistake. After all, he's only human.


While I was thinking about it, I suddenly feel heat coming from the baton.

Feels like my palm is getting sucked in by it.

What happens if I let go right now?

Would it fail?

But for this to happen all of a sudden, some people would let go by instinct right...


I look around.

Everyone's gone.

No, I caught the moment when Sylphy disappeared.

Only Roxy and I remain.


They left without me?

At that moment, my conscious fell into the baton.

Part 2

When I came to, I find myself flying in a completely white world.

Nothing at all, a completely white space.

I feel myself flying towards something in the distance.

Like a fish hooked on a powered fishing pole.

Some distance before me I see Sylphy reeling towards the same location.

So that's what being summoned feels like.

Speaking of which, this space.

Feels like I have been here before.

Ah, when was it?

Oh yeah, Hitogami.

It feels a little vague, but this looks just like when Hitogami appears in my dreams.

The only exception, is my body isn't from my previous life.

Like running in a marathon, I keep flying that way.

Then, light appears before me.

The light outlines a sophisticated magic circle, which sucked me in.

Part 3

Returning to my senses, I stand grounded.


Like waking up from a dream.

Did I lose consciousness?

No, not at all.

I really was flying through a space of nothingness.

"So this is... Perugius's teleportation magic."

What a strange sensation.

But, I have experienced something similar once before.

The Metastasis Event.

Back then, it felt like flying in the air as well.

Well, there's one difference from then.

A sense of assurance.

If the Metastasis Event is jumping out of a speeding car, then this is like riding a taxi.

A feeling of safe travels.

"... This feels familiar."

Sylphy murmurs softly.

Ah, she felt it as well.


I look around as I replied.

Ariel, Luke, Zanoba, Cliff, Elinalise, and Nanahoshi.

Everyone but Nanahoshi and Elinalise look baffled.

Regardless, everyone arrived safely.

"What an incredibly large magic circle..."

Cliff, speaking to himself.

Finally I noticed my surroundings.

We stand above a giant magic circle.

Maybe 10 meters radius.

Carved directly from a marble-like floor, with water gushing throughout.

Faint light shone from the water. Some kind of magic.

The water aside, I have seen these lights before, exactly the same as when we teleported to the Begaritto Continent.

In other words, another type of Teleport Magic Circle.

This baton and that water magic circle. Looks like teleportation magic requires all sort of preparations.


Stealing my attention, far behind the magic circle...

Sits a gigantic castle.

Taller than a 50 floor skyscraper.

Wide too, not lanky, but full-frame and sturdy.

Not unlike a movie backdrop without going in to check.

Even with memory from my past life, I can't recall a building of this size.

Like building a castle atop of the Tokyo Dome.

This is the castle in the sky?

Although I saw it from the ground before... to think it's in reality that huge.

No, of course, considering the presence of it just from a distance.

"Incredible, it's even bigger than the Asura palace!"

Hearing Sylphy's voice, I looked down.

In front of the castle is an equally large garden.

Trees of all kinds and flowers of all colors planted everywhere like a maze.

Before the garden a small river shining under the sun.

Even from afar, it's easy to see how manicured the garden is.

"R-Rudi... Look back."


I turn back as Sylphy instructed.

Out of the magic circle, behind a golden fence.

A sea of clouds extends in every direction.


In my past life, I rode an airplane once during elementary school.

What lies before us looks just like that.

But, to see it with my own eyes, without a window obstructing us, that's a first for me too.

Why is watching the clouds from above such a moving experience?

This must be why mountaineers climb mountains.


Cliff and Luke were stunned, their mouth open ear to ear.

Ariel too, her eyes wide, looking towards the open sky.

A scenery that takes your breath away.

It can't be helped.

No airplanes in this world, no concept of mountain climbing either.

No chance of ever experiencing a scene like this.

Suddenly, Sylphy grabs me by the hem.

"Ugh... I don't do well in high places."

I look down, Sylphy's legs have given out.

If you knew, why did you come in the first place?

Such a hard worker.

Well, if she couldn't walk anymore, then I can carry her over.

"Sky Castle [Chaos Breaker], is everyone enjoying the view?"

Suddenly an unfamiliar voice rang behind us.

I look back in a hurry, a female figure stands before us.

Like a statue, just outside of the magic circle.

Her near-white, golden hair drapes down her shoulders, wearing a white mask of a bird.

Can't be sure if she's human or not, but her figure looks female.

She wears a gown-like white robe, holding a magic staff.

The staff carries a magic stone, opaque and dark.

Without a doubt, a particularly expensive one.

In my opinion, not everything is about money, but that's definitely something expensive.

Even more expensive than my precious staff.

What's exceptional about her isn't her gown or staff.

But what's behind her.

Startlingly, from her back grows a pair of jet black wings.

"A Heaven Race...?"

That pair of wings hold an overwhelming presence.

Despite that, her person is that of eerie calm, hiding her presence.

A female that gives out a strange sensation.

She quickly bows her head once we exchanged a glance.

"Everyone, it's an honor for you to come."

How well mannered.

Even with someone as ignorant of etiquette as me can tell that her movement is well practiced.

"I am the first Familiar of Perugius-sama, Sylvaril of the Void. Please allow me to lead everyone towards Sky Castle [Chaos Breaker]."

"Guardian Knight of the Second Princess of Asura Kingdom, Luke Notos Greyrat at your service. It's an honor to be at your presence. I'll be in your care."

Luke returns the greeting.

He stands before Ariel, flashing a gentle smile towards the woman named Sylvaril.

Sylvaril isn't particularly tall or short, but she should still be within his strike range.

No, no.

That's not what he means, this is just courtesy.

"This is the Second Princess of Asura Kingdom, Ariel Anemoi Asura."

With Luke's introduction, holding her skirt, Ariel curtsey.

Also a practiced motion.

Not something I could learn.

Afterwards, each of us make our self introduction.

Cliff and Zanoba both made their greetings gracefully.

Perhaps among the people here, I know the least of etiquette.

"Oh, everyone, it's an honor."

Although her thoughts are opaque, her actions have been courteous to us.

Finally, Nanahoshi answers her casually.

"Been a while, Sylvaril-san."

"Em, you too, Nanahoshi-sama... are you feeling well?"

"Just a slight discomfort."

Only a short conversation between them.

But they seem comfortable with each other, so it's probably fine.

"Then, this way please."

Sylvaril turns and starts walking forward, without a sound.

Her head almost without any bobble. With her legs covered in the gown, she moves like a ghost.

Nanahoshi follows behind without any concern.

We exchange a glance and follow.

Part 4

Sylvaril advances straight through the garden.

In front a huge set of doors.

Rather than doors, they're more like the Arc de Triomphe.

Standing in front of it, Zanoba says with something with a hushed awe.

"Wow, what an incredible relief."

Although uninterested in everything but figures, Zanoba still recognizes art when he sees it. Perhaps there are some things in common here.

I could not tell at all whether these engravings are good or bad. But if Zanoba says so, then it must be quite outstanding.

After all, something that's not a figure managed to take his breath away.

Paying more attention now that he mentioned it, they are indeed quite beautiful.

A doorway like the Arc de Triomphe, even the interior is covered in intricate relief.

No matter what, with all these delicate patterns all over, you can't help but look up.

Walking and looking, I heard Sylvaril explaining from the front.

"This arc is handmade by the Dark Dragon King Maxwell. Maxwell-sama specializes in this sort of craftsmanship and magical construction. His extant work is also available within the palace of Holy Milis Kingdom-"



Zanoba suddenly shouts.

Sylvaril turns around in confusion.

"Is there a problem?"

"W-well! Where is Maxwell-sama presently?"

Zanoba stares excitedly at a particular corner. He's trembling.

What's over there?

But I really have no idea what's he looking at.

"Dark Dragon King Maxwell-sama wanders the world. If he's still alive, he is probably still wandering somewhere."

"I-is that so, such an amazing person... yet.. yet.."

Zanoba can't contain his excitement.

Well, Zanoba never could contain his excitement.

"May we continue?"

"Oh, oh yeah. I'm very sorry. It was just too beautiful to pass up."

"Is that so. Once you enter the castle, there're plenty other outstanding works too. We'll be happy to satisfy you."

Finishing in a gentle tone, Sylvaril moves ahead.

She's probably smiling under that mask.

At the same time, Zanoba rushes over besides me.

He shoves his mouth near my ear and quietly asks.

"Shisho, did you see?"


"Huge discovery! Fortunate that we came. I really need to properly thank Nanahoshi for this."

A huge discovery?

Seems like Zanoba and I pay attention differently.

"I'm sorry. I couldn't figure out what you discovered. Can you properly explain it to me when we have the time?"

Zanoba looks visibly disappointed, hearing that from me.

"What? Shisho didn't notice?"

Zanoba retreats back a few steps.

I'm sorry! I'm not as good as you when it come to appraising this stuff.


As we pass the door, I noticed some white particles coming from Sylphy before me.


Sylvaril stops, turning around to look at Sylphy and me.

Although hidden behind her mask, I can feel the mood shift beneath it suddenly.

Rather, maybe it's us.

"I-is there a problem?"

I hesitantly ask Sylvaril.

Last time Arumanfi abruptly attacked.

I don't want that to happen again.

If that's possible, then I really hope we can talk it out and avoid a misunderstanding.

Even if it isn't, and something bad really does happen, at least we should retreat as soon as possible.

Although I have some questions for Perugius, but I'd rather go home rather than look for a fight.

"No. It's nothing particular. There are quite a few people like you on earth."

"Is that so?"

What does she mean by people like us?

Makes me nervous.

Don't tell me we would be trapped as soon we enter the castle?

I should keep my demon eye open.

"However, may I ask you two something?"

"Go ahead."

"Hitogami, have you heard that name before?"

I tried hard to not show a reaction.


Hearing that suddenly reminds me of Orsted.

Last time, Orsted asked the same question. When I answered, he nearly killed me.

I don't want that to happen again.

I hesitated.

If I answer truthfully, it'd spell trouble if she turn hostile.

Indeed, Hitogami has been playing me in the palm of his hands, and he has helped me.

I never planned to be his underling, but I also realize that I'm becoming that sort of thing.

"No, not at all."

Sylphy shakes her head while I hesitate.

"Then, when you hear that name, do you feel an unspeakable anger or murderous intent?"

Sylphy shakes her head in silence.

I as well.

But I can sense what that question is about.

Orsted gives out that kind of feeling.

To know such things, maybe Orsted and Perugius are rivals?

I'm not sure.

"In that case, then everything is fine."

With that said, Sylvaril starts to walk again.

Part 5

The Sky Castle [Chaos Breaker].

Despite its name, the only word that can properly describe it is stunning.

I can't imagine how such a huge structure was constructed.

However, despite its size, every corner has been decorated with exquisite statues, and every statue made meticulously by master craftsmen.

Not just on the outside.

The inside is covered by golden embroidered carpeting, paintings line the walls, and each side is decorated with expensive artwork and sculptures.

Zanoba will speak nonstop, looking at this and that, [This sculpture is obviously out of the Ganon school. Could it be by the master himself?] [The original rider statue? To see this in person, what an honor!] He looks truly happy.

Originally Sylvaril and Ariel would respond, but they soon got worn down by him and simply smile wearily.

Usually there would be a second bothersome person.

Yet when I look at Cliff, he looks painfully tense.

His eyes are wide, but he's keeping his mouth shut unless being asked otherwise.

Elinalise besides him, holding his hand like a mom and keeping him moving along.

Well, this is fine. If those two start chattering it'd be rather noisy.

"The audience room is just before us."

At the end of the hallway, Sylvaril stops before a pair of doors.

A heavy door, dotted with silver, with a dragon painted on each side.

All in all, it took almost an hour for us to reach here from the magic circle.

Such a large place is kind of a pain too.

A segway would be nice.

"Although Perugius is generous, please observe proper etiquette."

Having said that, Sylvaril places a hand on the door.

No knocking?

"Excuse us, but we're still in our travel wear! Wouldn't that be inappropriate?"

Ariel hurriedly asks.

Now that she mentions it, don't they usually bring the guests to the reception room first in these situations?

Change into proper formal wear, get everything set before initial greetings.

I recall doing that when meeting with King Shirone.

But I didn't have any formal wear of sorts, so I ended up wearing my old shabby robes like usual.

Oh no, I never thought about this before, so that was an audience.

I should have brought a formal wear.

"Perugius-sama doesn't care about the dress code. Rather, he really dislikes the old-fashion formalities at Asura Kingdom. In my opinion, rather than changing intentionally, keep what you have on, and you'll leave a better impression with master."

Hearing that, Ariel shut her mouth.

Maybe something happened back then.

Like, the reason Perugius left for the Sky Castle was that he got bullied by King Asura or something.

"Well, may we at least put aside our coats and luggage?"

"I understand, please come this way."

Hearing what amounted to begging from Ariel, Sylvaril consents and nods.

Walking away from the big door, she opens a room on the side.

Roughly the size of my bedroom.

Compared to the rest of the castle it's relatively small and plain, but even the table, cabinet, and clothing racks are items of high quality.

"Thank you very much."

"Perugius-sama is waiting. Please hurry."

With that said, Sylvaril closed the door.

Confirming that, Ariel removes her overcoat.

Luke immediately went over to take it from her, and Sylphy takes out a haircomb and begins to comb Ariel's hair.

At the same time, Zanoba put away his overcoat in the clothing rack and put on a new one to wear.

Elinalise busies herself inspecting Cliff's hair and outfit.

I dust off my outfit and straighten my shirt.

Nothing formal... What you wear isn't important, sincerity is.

Casual wear doesn't mean we can just wear whatever.

By the way, Nanahoshi isn't doing anything.

At most she just straightened her bangs.

Say, today she's in uniform too.

Does she really hate clothing from this world that much?

"All set."

Finally Sylphy removes her sunglasses. Everyone's ready to go.

All in all, no more than 10 minutes have passed.

Despite that, Ariel looks almost like a different person.

She has bearings to begin with, but now she just exudes elegance.

Perhaps as royalty, she has spent a long time honing the skills to become beautiful.

"Sorry for the wait."

"Oh. This way."

Sylvaril receives the signal from outside.

Like nothing happened, she heads back before the previous door.

Giant doors painted with dragons.

Behind it waits Perugius.

Realizing that, I start to feel nervous.


Before the doors open, I heard Ariel taking a deep breath.

  1. RX-78GP02A Gundam reference

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15: Summoning Chapter