Mushoku Tensei
Begaritto Continent Chapter Preview

Chapter 110 - Saying Farewell

Part 1

Begaritto Continent.

That continent is a different land isolated by the ocean.

The place of our objective is Labyrinth City Lapan, inland on the eastern side of the continent.

There are two kinds of routes for the sake of crossing over to the continent.

The method of traveling to the edge of Central Continent, Dragon King Kingdom's port city East Port and then moving across by boat.

That would mean you enter the Begaritto Continent on the eastern side.

It's somewhat of a roundabout way, but it's the safe course.

The other one is a route to take a boat from a port city in Asura Kingdom and enter the Begaritto Continent from the northern side.

It's a bit dangerous because it means crossing Begaritto Continent, but it can drastically reduce the time it takes.

While taking that into consideration, the former would take 18 months.

And latter would take, 12 months, or at least it could be said to be around there.

Even if we were able to find some sort of efficient method to move, we can say from the start it's still impossible to do the round trip within seven months.

In other words, I won't make it in time for the childbirth.

That's not the only concern.

This time I'm completely opposing Hitogami's advice head on.

Unexpectedly, since it's him, the fact that I would disobey it might have been within his assumptions.

However if it comes down to opposing him head on, as I thought the story is different.

If I were to say it, during the time when we crossed over to the Central Continent, it's almost like not going to Shirone Kingdom.

Without ever meeting Zanoba, it would mean Lilia and Aisha continue to remain captive.

Just, in that case, things might have changed so I wouldn't have ended up running into Orsted.

If I had done that, I wonder what would have been going on around this time.

Without any specific problems we would have arrived at the refugee camp.

Still, I wonder if it would have ended up with my first night with Eris and then separation?

About 10 years later, after finding out about Lilia and the others whereabouts, I wonder if I would have regretted it.

Right, that guy said that I would regret it.

The advice from last time is unchanged from this time's advice as well, that I would regret it.

Most likely it's not something related to time.

If I go to Begaritto Continent I will regret it.

I don't know what kind of regret it will be.

There are several things I can imagine.

For example, it could be that... I might lose something.

Right hand or left hand.

Or else, Paul or Zenith...

No, I should stop with thinking about it too deeply.

In any case, if I decided not to go and didn't go, then I would have ended up living another year or two worrying endlessly.

As a result of that, if I hear notice of someone having died, it could be possible that I get criticized by a worn-out Paul or Gisu.

There are any number of possibilities.

I have no choice other than to go.

Even knowing I will regret it.

Part 2

First I decided to talk with Elinalise.

If Sylphy starts to cry when I talk to her, then my resolve might get dull after all.

First by talking about it with those around, I want to fortify my resolve.

I called out Elinalise to an empty classroom at school.

There I informed that I had decided to go to Begaritto Continent. She made a bitter face.

"You know, Rudeus, I told you stay behind here?"

"Yeah, however..."

While I was hesitating to say it, Elinalise said it.

"In the first place, that letter, it might just be Gisu jumping to conclusions you know?"

"Jumping to conclusions huh?"

"I'm sure you know as well Rudeus, but that man has times when he jumps to conclusions without confirming the important things first as well."

Well, I'm sure there are things like that as well.

Gisu is the type that doesn't tell the whole truth while moving around and doing things in the background.

"This time as well, that possibility is plenty likely. Unexpectedly, one month or so later it might become the case that we get a letter saying, [Previous Statement Withdrawal, Zenith is Safe.]"

"I've considered that possibility myself as well."

After going to carry it out and by the time we get there Paul and the others have already resolved it.

It would be a difference in passing.

That's certainly a possibility that exists but...

"But, think about it a bit, isn't it strange that Gisu would know my location?"


"The time when we sent a letter after deciding our residence it was one and a half years ago. If Gisu has been in Begaritto Continent for over half a year, how did he find out our location and send a letter?"

Just by moving it will take close to one year.

Even sending a letter will take about that amount of time.

It's not like we can just use a cellphone or mail.

Even the special express delivery, takes more than half a year to arrive.

The time doesn't match up.

If Gisu had come together with Elinalise, separated soon after and moved straight to Begaritto Continent, then it would still be better.

How could a guy who has always been on Begaritto Continent know of our location.

"Most likely, Gisu has already joined father and the others. Then he heard my location and sent out a letter using that express delivery."

"Then, why is the sender Gisu?"

"Either it's Gisu's own judgment or something with my father's pride I guess."


Elinalise put her hand to her chin and considered it.

Paul wrote down in the letter sent to me as well, that he's leaving things afterwards to me.

That matter is probably interfering and making it hard for him to ask for help.

Elinalise looked at me.

However she made a [Hmm] and considered it some more.

In the end she finally nodded in agreement.

"...It can't be helped can it. Let's go together with the two of us."

I don't know what kind of conclusion she came to.

However, while smiling bitterly, Elinalise said it.

It was almost like she knew it would end up like this.

We'll be going together to Begaritto Continent as a party of two.

That's our plan.

Part 3

One hour later.

"Then, let's decide on the route at once."

Elinalise returned to her own room and quickly came back carrying a large map.

For the sake of the journey it must be something she prepared and left out in advance.

The two of us studied the map.

The detailed roads and locations of the towns aren't written down, it was a simple map with just the shape of the continent and the locations of the mountains.

These past few days Elinalise must have been investigating the roads in advance.

The rough location of Lapan and various important points along the way have marks next to them.

Just as I thought, there are two routes.

"For the time being the sooner we arrive at Lapan, the better isn't it?"

Elinalise pointed her finger at the shortcut.

The route that enters from the north.

"But, the route that enters from the north is dangerous you know."

This route is dangerous.

We don't know the roads either. It's a route where we have no choice but to cross a dangerous continent.

I have a reasonable amount of confidence in my own ability at fighting monsters as well.

There are no worries about combat potential.

Even though I say that, an unknown land is still scary.

"If I remember correctly Rudeus, you can speak the Fighting God language right?"

"Eh? Yeah. It's not very native sounding though."

"Then it would be fine if we hire a guide when we get to the actual place."

"I see."

Following Elinalise's advice we decided on the route in a flash, since she was used to traveling.

After that, we roughly decided the flow of the journey.

First, we'll buy a horse in this town.

We'll travel with the minimal amount of luggage necessary until Asura Kingdom.

If the luggage is too heavy then the movement speed starts to dull after all.

The lighter we are, the more distance we can cover.

Along the way we'll continue to replace our horses, moving as quickly as possible towards the port city of Asura.

After we arrive at the port city of Asura, there we'll buy and prepare equipment and food.

Especially food goods, it's not confirmed that we'll be able to buy what we need in Begaritto Continent.

The price of goods in Asura is high, but at least in regards to food, we'll without a doubt be able to gather it.

After the preparations are done, we'll get on a ship to Begaritto Continent.

In the port city we'll hire a guide.

Depending on the situation, we could hire a number of escorts as well.

Elinalise will conduct the negotiations at that time. I'm the interpreter.

With the help of the guide we'll traverse Begaritto Continent and arrive at Lapan.

There we'll merge with Paul and the others and solve the problem.

Then we'll return using the same route.

"Up until Asura at least, it's a journey we've done any number of times so it will be fine. The problem is choosing what we take with us when going to Begaritto..."

It's not like we can just take anything and everything.

If we could get our hands on something like a carriage it would be easy, but Begaritto is a land of continuous desert.

Most likely there's some other kind of different transport used.

If I were to compare it to Magic Continent, it would be those lizard-like fellows.

According to my predictions there should be something like a camel.

"That is something we'll complete somehow or other relying on experience."

"As expected of an old-one's wisdom."

"Please don't flatter me."

I was an adventurer for five years or so as well.

Even though I say that, if I were to be compared to a great veteran like Elinalise, it would still be fine to call me an amateur.

It's come down to where I'm considerably leaving it to her.

"Since we have physical strength after all, we should be able to move at a considerably quick pace."

"That's right."

Elinalise is probably fine, but the problem is how far I'll be able to keep up I guess.

I've been continuing my training, but I still wonder if I'll end up slowing down Elinalise since she's used to traveling.

Though I think it will be fine.

"Since there are horses raised for the purpose of traveling long distances around here, it's just right."

The objective is to arrive within Asura in less than two months.

I don't know how long the trip on the boat will take, but we can assume one month.

Neither of us have been to Begaritto, but since it seems to be a harsh land, we'll try to move to our objective within half a year.

...One-way it'll take about eight months.

That's reasonably faster than first assumed.

I have the feeling that if I use magic then I can reduce it even more, but the shallow thinking of an amateur can cause some kind of mistake. It's quite possible that it will end up taking unnecessary time as well.

This is where I'd like to go with a more reliable method of arrival.

Other than that, there're various other things we need to keep in mind while confirming one by one on the way.

I'd say as expected of a veteran like Elinalise.

She's ironing out the details to avoid conflicting opinions from coming up during the journey.

Worthless disputes can't be stomped out in just a single day.

Even down to the details, we confirmed each and every thing.

"The problem is..."

In the end Elinalise put her hand on her chin and made a difficult face.

I feel that we decided all the main points, but I wonder if there's anything else.

"It's about my curse."


If she doesn't have intercourse with men, she'll die.

If it's a willful journey, then it's fine.

It's fine to just find a relevant partner in a town she stops by.

If it comes down to a long journey, then there's also the possibility of sticking together with a party from somewhere as well.

But, on a journey in a rush, there will be times when nothing can be done about it.



We both kept silent.

There's a method to resolve it.

It would be fine for me to be the partner.

I'm a man as well.

Before we attended the university, it's different from the time when I formed a party with Elinalise.

If I was told to work as a partner, then I can do something like being a partner.

However I don't want to betray Sylphy or Cliff.

"During the journey, Elinalise-san and I can't do it."

"Yeah, that's right."

"Let's try to make use of something like a brothel on the way."

During the journey, we won't lay our hands on each other.

We need to make that clear.

If we don't do that, we might end gradually moving in a direction where we end up doing something after all.

"Come to think of it, that one magic tool? It can weaken the effect of the curse right?"

"If I were to bring that out, then Cliff will.."

"You don't intend to speak to Cliff?"

Elinalise intends to silently leave Cliff it seems.

No matter what, isn't that just to pitiful for Cliff?

"It's no good if you don't talk to Cliff."

"But, I.."

"Please leave it to me. I won't let it end up badly."

We started towards Cliff's place.

Part 4

Cliff's research room.

After Cliff saw us, he came up to show us that one diaper magic tool with a full face smile.

"Just look at this, I've improved it a bit and it's become smaller. With this, even if you wear it for long periods it won't rub against your crotch and cause any pain..."

"Cliff-senpai, do you love Elinalise-san?"

I interrupted with my words and asked straight to the point.

Cliff looked at me with a puzzled face.

"That's obviously right?"

It was a face like he was asked, [Yesterday, did you eat food?]

As expected of him, I'd say.

"Do you intend to continue to love her no matter what happens?"

"Naturally. I love Lize. You know that much right?"

"I wanted to hear those words."

I explained the situation.

The possibility that my family has fallen into a predicament.

That my father has a deep relation as friends with Elinalise and she wants to go help them.

That it will be a long journey.

During that time, the probability is high that Elinalise will end up having relations with other men.

In addition, I talked about various things.


Cliff remained silent while listening to the story advance.

And then flatly said it.

"...If I were to try and go with you, I'd be nothing but a dead weight."

That is frankly true, but they're words that are hard to reply to.

The one who replied wasn't me, but Elinalise.

"That's right. Honestly, Cliff's physical strength won't last."

If it was the usual Elinalise, then she would continue more oblate.

However, this time she said it quite clearly in order to bluntly refuse.

"I see..."

Cliff dropped his gaze in regret.

That gesture felt like it was stabbing into my chest.

I wonder how much he really takes matters to heart with her. 1

If she goes on the journey, then Elinalise has no choice other than to have intercourse with other men.

No matter how much Cliff accepts her in his heart, even if he understands that it's because of the curse, it's still something heartbreaking I'm sure.

"Hey, Elinalise-san, why don't we have Cliff-senpai come along as well in spite of it. He can use barrier magic as well. Even his Exorcism is Advanced level. Certainly he might be lacking in physical strength, but I'm sure he'll be useful somew..."

"No, it's fine Rudeus. During the time when we went adventuring together as well, I was just slowing things down. I'm sure, this time as well even if I were to follow along on the journey, I would just end up as a hindrance."

While saying that, Cliff placed the diaper-like magic tool in my hand.



"I entrust Lize to you."

Honestly, I thought he would cry out about it more.

However, still even more than I thought, it seems Cliff understands his own power.


Cliff faced Elinalise's direction.

And then, from a somewhat lower height from her, gently embraced her.


Just like that the two tightly embraced each other.

"Lize. After you return, let's have the wedding ceremony. The curse still hasn't been solved, but we'll buy a house for the two of us and live there together. I've made you feel uneasy because we haven't done that until now right? That it might just be talk like that."

"Ah, Cliff, but I'm a cruel woman you know. This time as well, I was actually planning to leave silently without telling you."

"The marriage ceremony will be a Milis ceremony, but is that fine? Even though Lize isn't a Milis believer.."

I wonder if Cliff was intentionally ignoring Elinalise's words.

In any case, for Elinalise that was fine.

Just by hearing those words from Cliff, it seems she was overcome with emotion.

"Ah, Cliff..I love you! More than anyone in this world!"

Elinalise pushed down Cliff.

By the time Cliff's lower half had been peeled bare I had left the research room.

From here on out, it's time for the two of them.

The hindrance will be left here.

However, that Cliff, he really knew she was feeling uneasy about his promise to marry when he said that.

Part 5

I went around to say farewell to others in each place as well.

I won't be able to return for a year and a half.

If any trouble happens on the other side, then it might even take two years.

Two years is a long time.

It's no good if I don't do it properly rather than just a short greeting.

The first place I went towards was the staff member room.

It's Jinas's place.

It won't be good if I don't make sure to take care of the formal office work-like procedures ahead of time.

The same as always, he had a pile of documents in front of him as he worked energetically.

"Greetings, vice principal Jinas."

"Ah, if it isn't Rudeus-san. It's been a while. I heard that you succeeded on a large scale experiment or something at Seven Star-san's place."

"Yeah, it's thanks to the assistance from Zanoba and Cliff."

"Is that how it was?"

It seems that story of that one experiment has circulated around to Jinas as well.

I wonder if that kind of information unexpectedly seems to make it around.

"And then, what is it for today?"

"Yes, I need to do preparations for an absence of about two years or so."

"Two years is it?"

"Something important has come up."

"Is that so..."

It's not that I'm trying to avoid the topic, but Jinas didn't try to ask anything more than that.

"I understand. I'll do the paperwork for a temporary absence from school, at the time when you return, please show yourself in front of me again."

"Is it alright to take a temporary absence for two years?"

"If it was a normal student then it wouldn't be something good, but it's permitted as a special privilege to special students."

I'm sure it would have been taken as dropping out normally after all.

"Thank you very much."

"No, the special student system is for that sake after all."

"Then, in addition could I ask to allow the student known as Elinalize to be treated as a temporary absence as well? She isn't a special student, but she intends to go along with my convenience as an escort."

"Is that so... I understand. I'll try to make it work out somehow."

Jinas pleasantly took that on.

It's a really appreciated talk.

I said my thanks to Jinas and left the staff member room.

Part 6

Soon after leaving the staff member room, I ran into Rinia and Pursena.

After seeing me, the two of them raised their hands and approached me.

I told the two that I would be absent for about two years or so as well.

"I see. It will become lonely nya."

"If it's going to be two years, then we'll have graduated. We won't meet again nano."

After it was said, I realized it.

They're sixth year students. In another two years, they'll have graduated.

They'll have returned to the Great Forest.

It sure is lonely not be present at that farewell.

"That's right isn't it..."

Come to think of it, the Human God said to start a relationship with one of these two.

In another two months or so the mating season will start. I wonder if a development like that would come up.

I take a good look at the two.

"What nya? Is there something on me?"


Those cat ears that twitch as they move, the tail that swings back and forth, and those healthy looking thighs are her characteristics.

Her chest size is big as well. About D or E size.

Since all the Beast Race are big, it might just be average.

She gives off the feeling of a healthy kyonyu-chan.

Even on top of the bed, it seems like it would be enjoyable for her to show that cheeky reaction.

"[Sniff][Sniff]... could it be boss, since we're not going to see each other again, you're thinking something like, [At least once] nano?"


With those soft looking dog ears and that plump full body as her characteristics.

Even among the beast race the dog type seem to be large, but I think her chest is around F.

I've groped them several times, but they're considerably soft.

If you were to embrace her enough to be buried in them, I'm sure that would feel great.

"Excuse me. The other day, a certain person gave me the advice to push you two down during the mating season. So I was just remembering that."

"Seriously, boss, did you have such intention nya?"

"Even though I've tried seducing you, since you never get on board I thought we were hated by you nano."

While the two said that indifferently, they were smiling with a grin.

Making children with them.

Furthermore, according to the way Hitogami put it, Sylphy doesn't blame me for that it seems.

I wonder if it's because she's pregnant, or else if she doesn't want it to turn into a scene of carnage, I don't know.

However, if it means that I'm going to become even happier, I wonder if that means it would result in something that's convenient for me.

It's one thing to have a sword to protect Sylphy's honor, but I'm a man as well.

It's still somewhat captivating.

Having a harem is the dream of a man after all.

Accept them as the concubines and do some foursome play with Sylphy.

I guess there was such a future out there.

"Rinia, Pursena."

"Yes nya."


After calling out to them, the two of them were looking at me with somewhat tense expressions.

"Let's continue being friends."

The two's features crumbled.

They shrugged their shoulders and came up from both sides.

"...It can't be helped nya. Boss is the lonely type after nyall.

"We'll remain friends, don't want to betray-nano."

I exchanged a handshake with the two.

Thinking about it, this might be the first time I've shook their hands.

Female friends huh.

Friendship doesn't exist between men and women, I've heard such talk before though.

Well, even if there's some amount of sexual desire mixed in, friendship can still hold true as friendship.

What's important is to maintain a mutual sense of distance.

"Then, we'll meet again. Ten years later, or twenty years later I don't know though."

"Right nya. In another ten years, I'll have become great, so you'll need to prostrate before me nya."

"For the conquest of the Great Forest."

The two speaking of their ambitions, I left just saying one thing, "I'll pray that it doesn't become a case of gekokujo." 2

If luck permits, then I'm sure we'll meet again.

Part 7

After arriving in front of Nanahoshi's research room.

I wonder how I should break the ice.

She's the solitary type.

While taking a tsuntsun attitude, on the contrary she might show a large amount of loneliness.

I'm going to be absent for up to two years.

If it comes down to that, her research will stagnate as well.

Her journey home has already been progressing slowly at best.

Natural as it is, I'm sure she'll try to restrain me.

Probably with some kind of reason attached.

She might try to threaten me as well.

[If you're going to go on a trip then, I'll ***** Sylphy] If I'm told something like that I wonder what I should do. 3

I don't think she's yandere to that extent though.


I took a single breath. A single knock.

"Come in."

After waiting for a response, I enter the research room.

Nanahoshi raises her face from the desk and looks over here.

"What? It's different from the usual time though."

"Actually, I've come to give notice of something unfortunate."

"Unfortunate notice?"

Nanahoshi was making a puzzled face.

Well, it doesn't really change how I talk about it.

I'll just say it as it is.

"I'm leaving on a journey. Since my family is in trouble. I'll be going as far as Labyrinth City Lapan on the Begaritto Continent. Round trip it will take about two years or so."


After spending a short while dumbfounded, Nanahoshi stood up while kicking off from the chair sharply.

She put her hand on top of the desk and looked at me with a dumbfounded face.

"....Begaritto, Labyrinth City Lapan, two years..."

She continued to repeat my words like she was considering over them.

"I'm very sorry about this, even though I said I would help you. But, no matter what, this is something that I have to go and do."

Nanahoshi opened her eyes after hearing my words and took a deep breath.

And then, sat down in the chair with a bang and looked up at the ceiling.

"Two years..."

"After I return, I'll properly continue to help out with your research."

"...Two years."

Nanahoshi crossed her arms and didn't say anything but two years.

More than that, she didn't say anything else.

She's not trying to restrain me or cry out either.

Just, she's looking at the ceiling like she's thinking about something.

Just like that, about half the time passed.

Today is nothing but painful times.

"Well then, please excuse me."

It can't be helped.

Even she should understand that I'm only helping out of good will.

I'm sure she really wants to restrain me, she's enduring it.

I turned heel and was about to leave,

"Wait a minute."

I stopped my feet at that voice.

Honestly, I don't really want to chat.

I know she's going to try and stop me.

But, I'm sure it's better to properly talk it out.

Thinking that, I turn around.

From the lowest drawer of her desk Nanahoshi takes out something like a notebook.

She turns over the pages flipping through that, she opens it to a certain page and shows it to me.

"Look at this."

Just as I was told I take a look.

The notebook had scraps of a map attached to it.

I have a recollection of the map, it's the surroundings of this city.

Even though I say that, the scale is somewhat large.

On the top part of the map, in somewhat large letters, "N1" was written.

In a certain forest in the southwest a red cross mark was made.

Above the cross mark the letters, "B3" were written.