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Younger Sisters Chapter Preview

Chapter 99 - Letter

Part 1

It was morning, I opened my eyes.

Sylphy was sleeping using my arm as a pillow.

White hair and a white nape.

If you look closely long eyelashes.

This cute of a girl is sleeping using my arm as a pillow without even a single piece of underwear to be seen.

She's sleeping so peacefully while defenselessly showing me her sleeping face.

It's just that much of a situation, but I already feel a hustle coming on this morning.

I flip up the blanket and glance below it and I can see Sylphy's cherry blossoms.

Just a bit above that, a small bruise is remaining.

It's the so-called kiss mark.

It's something that I put on her last night.

In my previous life, I always wondered what was so fun about adding a kiss mark though.

Just like this, waking up in the morning and seeing the kiss mark you've created yourself is really enjoyable.

I guess it's the DQN sensation of putting a tattoo or piercing on your own girlfriend. 1

The feeling of conquest comes rising to the surface.

Sylphy is my woman.

I won't hand her over to anyone.

And while I was thinking such things, my son had started morning radio exercises. 2

Even though he did that much intense exercise yesterday, he sure is energetic.

In my previous life, it was nothing but solo training, even though he was just a hikikomori these past few years, recently when it comes down to the time to act he's been quite energetic.

No good, no good, I can't serve it up in the morning.

Sylphy has work today as well.

I'll work it off on my end with my morning routine.

I removed my arm from under Sylphy's head and placed a pillow there.

"Nnn... Rudi, that isn't something you drink..."

Sylphy stirred, tightly shrinking her body.

Her sleep talk is cute.

I wonder what I'm drinking in the dream.

I have the feeling that I could drink any amount of Sylphy's Mineral Water. 3

Somehow or other, I touched Sylphy's chest and stroked them a bit.

If I do it too strong in the morning, she'll wake up. So tenderly, gently.

Almost like touching tofu as you filter it. 4

It's a modest sensation.

To think that I would get to touch something this good in the morning. I might be the happiest person in the world.

This is real sufficiency huh?

"Nn... Rude...?"

Sylphy faintly opened her eyes and looked at me.

And then she grabbed my hand, and with an absent-minded face laughed blankly and said,

"...Have a safe trip."

"I'm heading out and I shall be back."

I left the room.

The next time we'll be able to sleep together is three days later huh?

I'm looking forward to it.

Part 2

Recently here, I've lived truly peacefully.

There’s been no incident-like incident.

If you could say there was one, it would just be about the level that Rinia and Pursena introduced me to a first year.

Somehow, this boy is a delinquent of the first years and within two months he had put the squeeze on all of the delinquents in the same year as him.

After that, he was getting full of himself and thought he'd put his hands on the Bancho Group, it seems he was harshly beaten by the first assassin Zanoba. 5

As a result of that, it seems a variety of things happened and it was decided he would enter under my group.

That's quite the surprising and unexpected story. 6

According to the story I heard, it seems our school has an existence like the Four Heavenly Kings, called the [Six Demon Group] ruling over it. 7

The one ruling over the summit of that is me it seems.

It seems if you manage to defeat all of them you can gain the privilege to challenge me, the boss.

It's a composition like a delinquent manga.

I better not have some name like Gakuensai Festival or something with that kind of feel attached. 8

Incidentally, those six are Zanoba, Cliff, Rinia, Pursena, Fitts, and Badigadi, these six.

If you're speaking of all of them, I wonder if I'll end up having to face an opponent that can defeat a Demon King.

I don't really like that.

In any case this first year student boss was pitiful, since he was defeated by the first man.

By the time he had made it to my place, his tail was curled up, his head was rounded, it was truly a meek attitude.

This first year student head, it seems he was able to give a somewhat decent fight thanks to the fact that he kept his distance and fought Zanoba using magic.

Zanoba somehow endured it, then approached when his opponent had exhausted his magic power and sunk him with one punch supposedly.

Nothing can be done about the fact that long ranged fights end up being close for Zanoba.

Next time I thought about teaching Zanoba the ultimate technique to swing a rock with a golf swing and send the opponent flying to China. 9

In any case, at some point unknown to me people really started to treat me as the Bancho.

But you know, thanks to that the delinquents all listen to what I tell them, so it's quite helpful.

The other day at the time when I found some guys lurking behind the school it was the same.

If I say one word after readying my stance, their faces suddenly turn pale and they stop.

If I say just a single line to someone bullying, then the bullying stops.

It's not a bad position.

Within my field of vision, I don't forgive guys who harass the weak.

Even if for example, the bullied side was the problem.

Part 3

One such day.

A letter arrived.

It was from Paul.

It seems to be a letter that was sent a year prior finally making its trip here.

To Rudeus.

I saw the letter. That you're going to attend the Magic University. Congratulations!

Various things happened, but I feel happy that you're walking down your own path.

I'm sure you've heard from Elinalise, but it seems like we can somehow or other manage things with Zenith.

It's thanks to Roxy, Talhand, and Elinalise's help.

Please tell Elinalise thanks in that regard as well.

Well, I'm sure she'll just make an unpleasant face anyway though.

Well then, right now we're in East Port.

We're getting ready to head towards Begaritto Continent after this.

I've never been to Begaritto Continent before, but it's supposedly the next harshest land after Magic Continent.

Crossing over with children makes me a little bit uncomfortable.

Norn and Aisha are still nine years old after all.

So, the idea came up that we would send just the children up to your place.

Even though I say that, I know that letting the children journey on their own is dangerous.

Ginger said she would act as the escort for them, but I don't know what could happen.

It's dangerous, but if we're going to be separated again and worry about it, then it's better to take them along.

Just about the time I thought that, we reunited with a certain individual.

It's a person you know as well.

That person said he would take over escorting the children, so I left it to them.

I think you'll be surprised when you meet as well.

It's a reliable person.

Honestly, it was a mortifying option.

If something happens in the middle of the journey and it becomes something terrible when my eyes are off them.

When I think that, the feeling that I want to take them together with me is large as well.

But, after all I really want the children to stay in a safe place.

Including you as well.

After Norn and Aisha get there, I'd like for you to prepare a place for them to live and to commute to school from, it's fine even if it's small.

I've left money for school fees and life expenses in their possession.

It's a considerably large amount of money.

Don't buy a woman or anything.

...Like that could be the case. Well, I'm sure if it's you then you'll be able to handle it well.

Rather, it's something that I really should be doing myself though... sorry I'm a bad father.

I'm sorry, but I'm depending on you.

Thinking about it, you're already 15 years old, by the time this letter arrives you should be 16 huh.

You're an adult.

I feel bad that I wasn't ever able to congratulate you on your birthday.

I can't congratulate Aisha and Norn for their 10th birthdays as well.

But well, that's something grand we can do at the time when we reunite.

Together with all of our family.

It's alright for you to leave this side to us.

In reality, the Fedoa Region search group has disbanded, all that's left are Lilia, Talhand, Roxy, Vera, Shera, and I.

We should have enough combat potential to return from Begaritto Continent.

If things proceed favorably, with a one or two year delay we'll be able to head over there I'm sure.

In the beginning, I thought about having Lilia go together with the children on the journey, but it seems that Lilia is more worried about me than the children.

It's something I can't really accept. How pathetic.

Even though I say that, Lilia trusts in Aisha.

She seems to have taught her most things that she has to be taught.

Aisha is a genius.

Between you and Aisha, I'm scared of my own seed.

But, Norn is a normal child.

A bit different from you and Aisha.

That's why I'm sure you might feel impatient at many times, but please look at it over the long term.

Also, probably because I was spoiling her, I think she has some selfish points.

She also seems to hate you as well, along with that, her relationship with Aisha isn't very good.

Since that's the case, I think there's the possibility that she might end up being isolated, but... as an older brother I'd like for you to look after her without hating it.

Just in case, I've left the same letter with both of them.

I think it will be fine leaving it to that person, but if six months pass after the time this letter arrives, I'd like for you to search for them on your side.

For the time being, something along those lines.

It's come down to where I'm leaving every little thing down to you, I do feel apologetic about that.

I leave it in your care.

From Paul Greyrat.

It was a letter overflowing with apologies.

Paul you... really now.

It seems Norn and Aisha alone are heading here.

I'm a bit worried, but I think it's probably better for them to come here instead of going to the Begaritto Continent as well.

But, I wonder if it would have been fine if they were left in the care of Zenith's parents in Milishion.

No, I think that in itself might have had its own problems associated with it.

Putting aside Norn, Aisha doesn't have Zenith's blood flowing in her after all.

The journey is, well it should be alright.

Comparing the Central Continent to the Magic Continent, the degree of danger is pretty low after all.

If you were to call it a worry, then I am worried that there are many kidnappings in this world, but kidnappers fundamentally only target the weak.

If there are two of them and they have an escort with some amount of skill, then I'm sure no one will try to forcefully abduct them.

It was written in the letter that they have an escort with them.

Ginger was a female knight imperial guard belonging to Zanoba.

I don't remember how skilled she was.

It's just that, since the knights of Shirone had learned the Water God style, I'm sure she'll be useful for the duty of escorting.

And then, there's one more.

It's written that it's a person I can trust.

I wonder who. Maybe Gisu?

There's no way it could be Eris right.

Thinking about other reliable people that Paul and I know... ah, maybe it could be that person.

They did say they were going to search the Central Continent after all, it could be that luckily they managed to encounter each other.

If it's that person, then I can leave it to them.

To the point where Ginger is unnecessary.

In any case, I could really feel Paul's trust in me from the contents of the letter.

It won't be good if I don't respond to that trust.

I'm the eldest son after all!

However, if that's the case it's really a success that I already bought a house.

We have plenty of leftover rooms as well.

We can receive them without any problems.

If there was going to be any problems, it would be that my two younger sisters are still young.

Sylphy's and my love life might not go very well in regards to their education.

Well, it should be fine as long as we prepare a room for them away from our bedroom.

It's something to look forward to.

I wonder when they'll come.

Maybe about two months later.

And before that.

"It's no good if I don't properly discuss these things."

I'll go discuss it with Sylphy.

Around this time she should be in the kitchen cooking.

After looking into the kitchen, a girl with a small build was chopping vegetables with a [chopchop].

Short height, small shoulders, a slender and well-proportioned body.

After seeing such a figure from behind, I started to feel a bit turned on.


I embraced Sylphy from behind.

I put my hands inside the hem of her apron and groped her soft chest.



After looking Sylphy cut her finger.

The red blood was creating a glob and dripping down on top of the chopping board.

In the moment I embraced her, she cut her finger.

"...Geez. Rudi, that's dangerous when I'm holding cutlery."

Sylphy said it in an unusually criticizing tone.

The cut on her finger was healed in no time at all.

She seems to be using chantless healing magic almost subconsciously.

"I'm sorry. I won't cling to you when you're in the middle of cooking."

"Yeah. Please endure it when I'm cooking. It will be done soon after all."

I retreated from the kitchen and waited in the dining room.

I was a bit nervous.

I ended up getting her hurt.

I was getting a bit too ahead of myself.

I sat on the chair and waited.

And then, since Sylphy came out from the kitchen, I lowered my head.

"I am very sorry for just now."

"I'm not that angry. If you're going to apologize just do it normally."

"Yeah. Sorry."

"Yes. It will fine as long as you're careful next time."

We sat together on two chairs and started eating.

The distance to Sylphy is close.

It seems she isn't angry.

Recently, I might have been loving her too much, I'm afraid of the recoil from the time when she gets tired of courtesy. 10

"So, what is it? It's unusual for Rudi to be that cheerful."

"Yeah, I received a letter from my father."

"Eh!! From Paul-san!?"

I handed Sylphy the letter while she was surprised.

With a tense expression she started reading the letter and then looked a bit disappointed.

"Ah, it seems like the news that we got married still hasn't arrived yet."

It seems she wanted to know my family's reaction to our marriage.

However, after she continued reading it her face turned serious.

In the end she whispered, "I see."

"That's great isn't it, Rudi. Everyone's safe."


Come to think of it, it was said pretty nonchalantly, but Sylphy already lost her parents.

I might be lacking a bit of delicacy.

After seeing my face, Sylphy made a bitter smile.

"Really, Rudi, don't make that face. Certainly my mother and father died, but now I have Rudi and Elinalise-san here as well, so I'm not lonely."

While saying that, Sylphy grasped my hand and smiled with a "yeah~"

Recently, Sylphy has been getting even more adorable.

Her very short hair has grown a bit and is just short now, it's making her seem even more girlish.

Her white hair is silky and the long ears that extend out from the sides of her hair are cute.

This kind of girl is my wife.

This isn't a dream right.


I want to make a new family with this cute girl.

Such a desire is naturally rising to the surface.

All the more since we're doing it almost every night on the days we're together.

Even though I say that, the one who will be troubled by childbirth is Sylphy.

Her butt is small and cute, but it's far from the easy delivery type.

Since there's healing magic in this world, I think there are few death incidents during childbirth...

However, not dying and the difficulty of it are also different matters.

No, the problem rather than that, is if we can manage to raise a child.

Honestly, Sylphy and I are both still immature as people.

Of course, in terms of age we're already considered adults in this world and we can earn money.

However, as a single human parent, I wonder if we can manage it.

...It's alright, it's something all the living beings in the world are doing.

Even I should be able to do it.

Even if I can't, Sylphy is here as well.

It'll be fine if we give it our best together.

Two years later, Paul and the others will return as well.

Lilia has her own personal views on child raising after all, so there's nothing to worry about I'm sure.

The problem is the mother-in-law though.

I had heard that Zenith and Sylphy got along well together, therefore, I want to think that nothing bad will happen.

In Paul's case... well if you just show him something like his grandchild, I'm sure he would be simple-mindedly happy about it.

Oh, that's no good.

Putting that aside for now.

"I'm sure you understand after reading the letter, but my two little sisters are coming. I'd like to let them live in this house, but is that alright?"

"Of course it is. This house will become busy as well."

While saying that Sylphy laughed shyly.

And there’s no problem.

Part 4

After we finished eating dinner we moved to the living room.

It was time to study magic.

As usual I can't use healing magic chantlessly.

However, I've learned the incantations by heart in preparation and stored the theory as knowledge in case it's needed to survive later.

Chantless isn't the only technique.

There's no need be fixated on it, it's better if I don't try to think about getting skilled at it in a hurry.

I think I'm the type who has talent in regards to this world, but I'm sure I can't reach the peak either way.

Since that's the case, I need to make sure I fortify my foundations and be careful so I don't fall down.


Currently, Sylphy is trying to extinguish the Water Ball I've made with her Magic Disturb.

Her fingertips are facing my hand with her face bright red as she groans.

I maintain the Water Ball I created with magic power in order to try and prevent it from being extinguished.

It feels kind of like load training.

If the Water Ball twists and bends then flies off, it's Sylphy's win.

Then she acquires the privilege to do anything she likes with me on top of the bed.

Even without that privilege, if she just says a word about it, then I will go with it.

In reverse, as long as I can maintain it then it's my win.

Then I acquire the privilege to love Sylphy to my heart's content on top of the bed.

Though I possess it even without winning.

Incidentally, I generally win.

Currently, it seems Sylphy can use Advanced level attack magic of everything except fire.

Furthermore her healing is Advanced and Detoxification is Advanced.

It's this sort of feeling.


Fire Magic: Intermediate

Water Magic: Advanced

Earth Magic: Advanced

Wind Magic: Advanced

Healing Magic: Advanced

Detoxification Magic: Advanced


They're exceedingly high spec.

It's something I learned recently, but these six types are called the "Basic Six Types" in the Magic University.

Although they're called basic, they're the types of magic that are used the most frequently.

In regards to the Magic University, in your first two or three years you're supposed to get these six types to Elementary level as your goal.

After you've achieved that, in the remaining few years you decide on your major type, and learn it up to Advanced level.

Or at least that seems to be the standard flow for it.

Even if you devote yourself to a single one of them, without talent you'll reach a dead end at the Intermediate level.

For example not having a high enough aggregate magic power or stumbling on melded magic...

After taking any of the types to Advanced level, there are almost no individuals who make it up to Saint class.

Although, it seems there are outstanding talents like Sylphy and Cliff once every ten years.

Outstanding talents once every ten years.

That means every 10 years there's one guy like that.

If they're a genius then I guess you could call them a genius, but it's a general category.

They'll never reach the level of the monsters known as Gods.

I wonder about myself.

After putting together the stories I heard from Badigadi and Kishirika, it seems my aggregate amount of magic power is in the realm of God class.

However, that absolutely doesn't mean that I myself can be considered God class.

In my case, it's almost like attaching a passenger plane's fuel tank onto an average car.

No matter how long it runs it won't stop, but the speed won't increase.

Along with the fuel tank, if you throw on the jet engine as well, this time the body of the car won't hold together.

From a design standpoint it would be a piece of junk.

Being able to run as much as it wants without stopping is a great advantage though.

"Come to think of it, Sylphy."

"Wh, what? you know I'm concentrating..."

"It's about our child, but I wonder if they would have talent in magic."


Sylphy's concentration power was disturbed.

The unskilled Magic Disturb scattered and the Water Ball was created to its complete orb form.

I froze that and then sunk it into the cup in front of me.

"Th... That is something we won't know until it's born..."

Sylphy's face was bright red, she was restlessly squirming with her thighs together.

"In order for it to be born, that is, it's essential for the Danna-sama to give it his best, you know?"

While laughing and trying to cover that up Sylphy came over and rubbed my thighs.

Sylphy's thin hand tickled.

In exchange, I rubbed the back side of Sylphy's shoulders as well.

These days this kind of contact somehow makes me happy.

In an instant, the mood in the living room became pink colored.

Sylphy buried her face on the top of my shoulder as she embraced me.


Danna-sama wants to give it his best right now.

Le... let alone talking about when it's born, it's too soon to be talking about it when it's not even made yet isn't it.

An un-captured tanuki or something or other. 11

If I don't capture the tanuki first.

"Yeah. But, since my elf blood is strong, it might be hard to make it... That is, I know that Rudi wants a child, but it seems there are cases where it can take a considerable amount of time to make it. Grandm... Elinalise-san said it as well, but, that is, the probability that we won't be able to make it soon is higher right..."

Sylphy separated her head from my shoulder and cast her eyes down with a somewhat worried face.

Several months since we were married.

Sylphy's and my sexual relationship has been proceeding favorably.

It's just a bit of naked talk, but in the instant I'm about to pull the trigger on my magnum, I use lines often said in ero games. 12

Not with any particularly deep meaning, simply because I just wanted to try saying the lines, and while I'm aware that they are considerably disgusting, and somehow or other the interest takes a hold and I suddenly end up blurting them out.

Sylphy might be interpreting those seriously.

It seems she's still not to the point of worrying about infertility, but she might be holding worries about it in her own way.

"Th... That is if I'm unable to have a child, it's fine if you accept a mistress okay?"

"For the time being, there's no expectation for that at all."

"But Rudi... you want a child right?"

I'll try thinking about it with the positions reversed.

If it were to come to light that I was infertile and Sylphy felt by all means that she wanted a child.

Sylphy was led away by a different man and made a child.

I might commit suicide.

I can't afford to let Sylphy feel those sorts of things.

"You sure are foolish Sylphy. What I want isn't a child, it's the crystallization of love with the partner that I love."


"I love you Sylphy. My princess."

Even for me, those are some pretty toothy lines.

The back of my neck is itchy.

However Sylphy... Or more like, the people of this world are weak to these kinds of lines.

The other day as well, as a joke I said, "Cheers to your eyes" and Sylphy's face went bright red.

The effect is outstanding.

If I'm too embarrassed to say it then we can't move forward.

"...I love you as well."

Sylphy's eyes were clouded while she was clinging onto my arm.

Her face was bright red, the area around her mouth was linked like she was extremely embarrassed.

Perfect Communication. 13

Well then, now that we've gotten a rise we should move up to the second floor.

I picked up Sylphy and carried her princess-like.

Sylphy put her hands around my neck.

In those clouded eyes, I could see my reflected figure trying to appear as attractive as possible, my heart was pounding like an alarm bell.

That she's given in to the arousal as well, is the best of all.

In these cases, the most important thing is that both sides' feelings are in it after all.

Now then, tonight it seems that it's going to be a hot night.

  2. Radio Taiso
  3. Mineral Water in Engrish, you just can't make this stuff up.
  4. I'm not sure how tofu works, but strain/filter through a cloth?
  5. Bancho = Delinquent Leader/Head
  6. Expression: nemimi ni mizu, water in the ears.
  7. "roku ma ren"
  8. 愕怨祭 reference to Sakigake!! otokojuku? can't read it those kanji/kana but Gakuensai would generally mean school festival, though the way the line is worded would be like, "School Festival Festival School Festival" making no sense on my end.
    Vanant: The kanji read 'gakuensai', but it's basically a joke lol. The kanji sound the same as 'School Festival' (学園祭, gakuensai) but are actually just random 'tough' words that have the same sound, Fear Grudge Festival (愕怨祭, gakuensai). It's basically the same stupid stuff as 'nice to meet you' 夜露死苦 (NIGHT DEW DEATH SUFFERING, yoroshiku) or 'Hello Kitty' 覇狼鬼帝(Conquering Wolf Demon Emperor, harou kitei).
  9. Clearly some kind of reference.
  10. I couldn't think of the proper word here... overly cling? dependent? aisaresugi te i te, aiso o tsukasare
  11. Wow. Pro style expression usage there Rudeus. He literally breaks it off with something or other. Googled: Toranu tanuki no kawazanyou, the expression means something like calculating your profit before you capture it. Now go get them tsuchinokos!
  12. eroge ni ari gachi na daishi o ittari mo suru, not sure on this part + the part line below that is related

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