Mushoku Tensei
Newlyweds Chapter Preview

Chapter 92 - Things to Prepare Before Marriage - First Part

Part 1

I will marry Sylphy.


It is something I never experienced in my previous life.

It feels a little premature for that matter.

Thus I have a great deal of anxiety.

But, more than that, the expectation as a couple is high and such a thing is allowed.

When I think that the pretty girl is to get my poisonous fang, it would be coveted.

No, of course I don't intend to do anything that Sylphy hates.

However, I was troubled.

When I think about it, I don't know much about the marriage system of this world.

At least, I have never seen such a thing as a wedding ceremony until now.

Paul didn't hold a wedding ceremony with Lilia either.

At best, it's enough to have a celebration by calling people from the village.

Asura nobles throw parties once they get married, but I've never heard of them holding something like a wedding ceremony.

However, marriage and relationship, the concept of a partnership.

But I don't understand it.

What is marriage?

What should a married man do?

What do I do?

16 years have passed since I came to this world and I don't even have such basic common sense.

Now what?

If I don't know, I will learn.

A person can learn it.

If I don't understand, I should ask.

"Are you getting married?"

At first, I decided to ask Zanoba (a 26 years old divorcee[Widower]1) in time for dinner.

The place is a dining room in the dormitory.

"Over time, I gave my partner's family a domestic animal, a soldier, and food as gifts."

In the case of marriage in Shirone, it seems to be common sense that a man sends a gift to the woman's relatives.

"Since you're a prince, isn't it easy to get?"

"Yes? For anyone, even if he is a prince, it is natural that the man sends the gift."

And then Cliff's head coincidentally pops by.

"It's reversed in Milis. The family of the bride gives her a betrothal present."

It has become regular for Cliff to have dinner with us.

This is because he has few friends, so it's lonely for him.

"Oh, but that's it. Don't you lose the woman's family?"

"Instead, the man helps out when there's something going on in the bride's home."

"I see."

Be it Milis or Shirone, recognition of marriage is a strong connection between houses.

"Oh, a marriage is different for different races."

"How is it with the Elf Race?"

"......The truth is I haven't married Liese yet. We have the promise to solve the curse, so I don't know the customs yet. Since Liese is different from the other elves she doesn't seem to be particular about such things."

We had a long discussion.

But talk of a wedding ceremony never came up.

Won't there be something called a wedding ceremony?

There isn't. Is it good that there isn't?

"Then if you're to marry someone, what do you need?"

"You're right... First is a house?"


Zanoba nodded at Cliff's words.


A house.

"Oh? Why is it suddenly a house?"

"It's obvious. In order to get married, what are you going to do without a house."

Looking at Zanoba's face, of course he's nodding.

In this world, is it necessary to have a house to marry?

That reminds me. Did Paul come to live in Buina village upon marrying?

Was he living in the adventurer's inn until then?

When I2 asked, he said Philip granted him a house and a job.

"Generally girls can't enter the male dormitory, so their only options are to refrain from marriage before graduation or to leave the dorm after the marriage. Since there isn't a place to live in."

Now that you mention it that certainly seems true.

I haven't heard any stories of a couple living in a dormitory.

There is no dormitory for married people.

There aren't any concepts of long distance or commuting relationships here.

Basically, a couple lives together.

"Anyway, if the daughter is from a good place, and the other side has a house, either way you are home free. It is resourcefulness that a man prepares."

There's too much male chauvinism in Cliff's words.

But is this the common sense of this world even without our families' assistance?

It'd be reasonable that I prepare for such a thing.

Rather, she might be disillusioned with me if I'm not prepared.

"I understand. First is a house."

Cliff made a suspicious expression when he said so.

"Wait Rudeus, are you getting married?"

"Yeah, well."

"With whom?"

A question from Cliff.

Somehow it doesn't seem right to give Sylphy's name.

It will definitely be found out at some point, but should I keep it secret for a little longer?

"It's the person who cured my disease."

"Oh, I see. Name?"

"Well, let's leave that as a secret for now."

"I see...... well, if the partner is from Milis, I'm acquainted with the bishop of this town, and I'm good with informal congratulatory addresses."


So there seems to be a wedding ceremony-like thing in Milis.

In Japan, the wedding ceremony is regarded as particularly awful, but it isn't so here?

However, in this world, it seems to be offensive if you imitate a different sect.

I am not a follower of Milis.

Neither is Sylphy.

"Still, a house... A house will be expensive."

"Shishō, if you do not have enough money shall I lend assistance?"

"Though... I would feel ashamed that I have to depend on Zanoba for this kind of thing."

Even I want to maintain my pride as a man.

What is the market price of a house in this neighborhood anyway?

Hopefully my savings will suffice.

"Anyway, I'll check around town tomorrow. If it looks impossible, then I'll ask."

"Naturally. Rest assured, Shisho will be able to purchase the biggest house in town."

Zanoba said so and laughed.

Royalty doesn't feel any different despite being from a small country.

Part 2

The next day I proceeded to the real estate agent.

Normally the local feudal lord would provide forms for citizens to rent out land and buildings.

However there is no feudal lord in the Magic City Sharia.

The Magic Triumvirate and the Magic Guild collaborate to manage the territory.

The problem that occurs in situations where there is no lord has been solved by installing a [Real Estate Broker].

Though I don't know what kind of problem was actually taking place.

I call it a [Real Estate Broker] for convenience, but the official name is [Land Management Agency] or something like that.

They buy and sell unoccupied houses, and manage vacant land and development.

It's like a so-called government office.

When I went to one of these real estate agents and said, [I want a house], the receptionist handed me a list.

The list of houses on the market was summarized in one page.

Size of the property, the size of the building, number of rooms, the price, the address, etc...

The list ranged from small houses to mansions, each property was very different.


Honestly, I don't understand how much it cost to buy a house.

After all, I wonder about a single-room house with a garden would be good... it would be nice to have enough room to keep a dog.

Or wouldn't an apartment like a tenement house work?

Sylphy is the escort of the princess.

The house should be good, even without considering the fact that she's an escort.

However, because she's an escort, Princess Ariel might visit.

Since that's the case, it would be bad if we had a poor house.

Still, I instinctively clutch my wallet when thinking about buying a high-quality house suited for nobles.3

Should I ask Zanoba for support?

No, I am hesitant to use a friend as a wallet.

Especially since I'm not looking to buy a modest house.


I might come with Sylphy.

I wonder if I should consult with the bride about such a large expense.

No, in this world a man should purchase the house. I also want to impress the woman I like.

When I talk to Sylphy I don't want to seem like a miserable excuse for a man.

I must show my resourcefulness.

"It needs to be large, have many rooms, and the property must be cheap..."

I start scanning the list for such a property.

No matter what world you're in, buying a house will be expensive for sure.

Though it could have been considered normal for a newly-wed couple to rent a cheap apartment in my old world.


And there, I found a good property.

Right at the end of the list.

The property has a single structure.

For its size it could be considered a mansion.

It is located in a corner of the town, but it isn't far from the Magic University.

It is 2-stories, and it also has a basement and a garden.

The only problem is that the house is slightly old.

The price is surprisingly cheap, less than the half price of a comparable property.

If it's this much, I can buy it and still have money left over.

"Why is this listing so cheap?"

The staff member shows a bitter smile when I asked.

"It's a fact that the mansion is haunted."

"Is it a curse?"

"Yes, around midnight you can hear sharp sounds, but even if you look for the sound you won't find anything. When you think that the house is rumbling or something and try to leave it, the next day you'll be found cruelly murdered."

Are you serious?

Well, I didn't hear the story well.

Haunted house.

And I wonder if it's evil spirits.

There are demons in this world, too.

"You didn't exorcise it?"

"A request was given to the Adventurer's Guild, but the adventurers were brutally murdered."

In short, nobody was able to succeed in exorcising it.

By the way, the subjugation rank of the request seems to be E.

I want to raise the rank, but the budget is lacking and there is also friction with the Adventurer's Guild, which seems difficult in various ways.

"Did you ask for help from the Magic Guild?"

"Yes, but they are in a difficult position to interfere with things of this nature, so we can only handle it on our own."

The real estate agent was about to give up on the haunted house.

Come to think of it, there was a similar case that happened when I was on the magical continent.

It's certainly a common thing in this world.

"If I succeed in exorcising the house, I don't suppose... that you could hand it over for free?"

This guy has a look as if he can't believe what I just asked.

Is that so.

It seems that they will sell it even if it's troublesome.

"I'm sorry, then can we proceed with a temporary contract so I can inspect the property at a later date?

"...Then, I'll ask for your name here."

Although I failed in the initial negotiations, I signed the temporary contract without minding it.

Since there was also a place for references I wrote Demon King Badigadi and Princess Ariel.


The staff member's face paled a bit when he looked at the contract, then retreated back into the offices.

His supervisor appeared immediately.

While rubbing his hands together.

Did this happen because my name is famous?

No, mentioning Badigadi and Ariel might be the reason.

Well, whatever.

I cut in while they spoke a little and the negotiations were concluded.

Furthermore they reduced the price by half.

Well, the property was treated like a plague.

But I'm not going to complain.

Part 3

A few days later.

I went to visit the haunted house.

The building itself is firm, even though it was built more than a hundred years ago.

In this world, probably because magical power dwells in everything, it may take time for it to rot.

The supports are made of solid stone and it has hardwood floors.

An intricate building made of stone and wood.

Moss and ivy are stuck to its outer walls.

However it's a beautiful thing.

I imagined it being a more terrible looking house.

"Well, Zanoba-san, Cliff-san, will we give up?"

Zanoba and Cliff stand a ways behind me.

Although I am an A-rank adventurer, I am self-conscious enough to not attempt this alone.

Therefore I asked Zanoba to lend me his strength, he is a man I can rely upon.

Zanoba can handle it even if a western doll waving a kitchen knife comes out.

Cliff also came along because he had the eyes of someone who wanted to help out his friends.

That said, he's a genius who can use advanced level Exorcism magic.

If the other party is a demon or evil spirit-based, he will certainly be helpful.

"It's a very good house. It looks a little cramped, but about this size... is this much considered reasonable?"

"Isn't this house too large to live in with only two people? If it was me, first I would buy a small house then save money. Then later, if it becomes too small, I would move."

The two opinions contrast.

I guess that means I'll take this as the middle ground.

"The price is low for a reason, now let's go."

"You are wise Shishō, more than anything."

Zanoba starts walking calmly while saying that.

He has a club in one hand.

It is a weapon that I prepared.

During subjugation requests being unarmed is bad, but this guy with his monstrous4 strength seems to break all of his weapons.

So I gave him a club which I made with earth magic.

It's a free weapon to break.

Cliff is in the middle.

He's clutching his staff, which seems to be expensive, and looking around restlessly.

Even if the person himself intends to be cautious, I can only see it as being scared.

I act as the rear guard and prepare for an attack from behind.

It is important that the party protects Cliff who can use healing magic.

As for me, who's the most experienced, I'm in the back to also keep a close watch on everyone.

I walked over the broken stone pavement to arrive at the entrance.

There is a cracked wooden door.

One hinge is broken.

I better repair this later.

"I don't think that there's a risk of a trap, but please be careful."

"Yes, Shishō."

While watching with my foresight eye,

Zanoba grabbed the doorknob and just broke it.

No hesitation.

"Hey, don't break it so suddenly."

"Excuse me. The door was distorted and it wouldn't open. Renovation would have been necessary anyway."

Apparently, the door that looked safe upon first glance was somehow distorted.

"Is that so? But you should say something next time."

"Yes, Shishō."

Just the answer is fine, Zanoba.

Anyway, we entered the house.

We saw the lobby immediately.

There are stairs going up to the second floor directly in front of us and there are doors on our right and left.

There is a corridor leading to the back, near the side of the stairs.

Although it's viewed as a haunted house from the outside, the inside was bright.

The house's exposure to the sun is good. It is a good place.

Does a real estate agent regularly clean? There isn't much dust piling up.

"Shishō, how should we proceed?"

"First we'll start by investigating the right side of the house, looking through all the rooms. I don't think that there are traps, but please be careful where you step because there is a possibility that the floor and ceiling have become rotten."

Zanoba nodded, and Cliff looked back.

"You, you look like the real thing, you know."

"...For the time being, I am also an A-rank adventurer after all."

"Ah, that's right."

Cliff seems to be tense or something.

That reminds me, it seemed like he went off on an adventure with Elinalise and [Stepped Leader] the other day, but I never heard any details.

How did it turn out?

"That reminds me, how did the adventure go the other day?"

"...It was harsh."

"Well, they are all S-ranked..."

It probably wasn't that harsh for every member of [Stepped Leader].

I understand that their partner is a rookie.

They might not have been very considerate of that fact since it was their intention to educate him about this and that.

However, it's another story if Cliff didn't think of it like that.

"What should I do?"

"Please attack with Exorcism magic if you find an enemy."

"I understand... What should I do if that doesn't defeat the spirit?"

"Please withdraw, Zanoba or I will handle it."

When I said that, Cliff made a face that seemed offended.

I follow up.

"Because if Cliff-senpai uses magic, the house may be damaged."

Cliff seems to be convinced when I say that.

I had better let the beginner get a hit in.

You use Exorcism magic if you find an enemy.

That's the first wave of attack.

Then I'll join in if that doesn't work.

"Zanoba. There is a possibility that a demon who uses magic is lurking, so please be careful."

"Leave it to me."

Unexpectedly Zanoba has a warrior's temperament and was not scared at all.


I enter the door to the right of the lobby.

It was a large room.

The room was around the size of 20 tatami mats.5

It was well lit, there was a large fireplace against the wall towards the back of the room.

I wonder if this place is the living room or the dining room?

The fireplace becomes a concern.

"Cliff-senpai, this fireplace, could it be a magic tool?"

"Here, I will know if I try to examine it."

Cliff was just about to go look around the back of the fireplace...

"Stop. There may be an enemy."

We'll stop there, I'll inspect the fireplace.


Winters around here are cold, so heating is important.

If the fireplace is a magic tool, then the whole house will become warm.

If it isn't6, then we'll consider remodeling.

No...! In the cold, Sylphy and I hugging each other naked is what will keep us warm... but a good fireplace is still hard to pass up.

"Get ready, when I start forcing air through the fireplace anything like a demon hiding inside should come flying out."

And to draw its attention, with magic I force a strong wind through the fireplace's chimney.

Nothing happens.

I listen carefully, but there isn't any sign that something is moving.

Some soot fell down from the chimney.

I wonder if I should try maintaining a fire in it at least once while we're here.

If there's a hole or something in the chimney and it starts a fire, that would be unpleasant.

Anyway, I decided to go and take a look through from the bottom.

I could see the sky from the depths of the chimney.

For the time being I light it and try to maintain the fire for a moment.

There is no sign that anything is lurking.

It should be all right.

"Cliff-senpai, thank you for waiting."

"All right."

Cliff investigated the inside of the fireplace and discovered a magic circle immediately.

As expected, since he has been examining a lot of magic tools and curses recently.

"It is usable?"

"I don't understand how the fire works, but it seems to be no problem with magic."

"Is that so, thank you."

All right.

I nodded and we moved to the next room.

Looking from the entrance, it is the room to the right.

The floor in this room is stone and there seems to be something like a stove.

Perhaps this is the kitchen.

A piece of cloth is on the ground near the stove, and when I went to pick it up I noticed it was a piece of tattered apron.

Sylphy might be willing to cook for me in a naked apron here.

If I think about that, it is something to be excited about.

Innovation, and then remorse.

We're here to get rid of the evil spirits.

It's not the situation to be getting up. 7

I checked the stove and anywhere else that seems like it might be a hiding place.

"All right, there is nothing unusual, next."

On the way, I look at the rooms in sequence.

I discovered a door to the basement behind the stairs.

I advance to the next room counter-clockwise.

There is nothing unusual.

There were places where the dust has piled up a little, but these rooms are so beautiful you wouldn't think of them as over a hundred years old.

Did the former residents even do repairs?

"Is this the last room?"

I finished inspecting the rooms on the ground floor.

Although I knew by looking at the floor plan, this mansion is symmetrical.

However, there was no stove in the kitchen on the other side.

That room might have been used for another purpose, not for cooking.

Maybe for laundry.

But, let's call it a kitchen for the time being.

2 kitchens.

2 large rooms.

4 small rooms.

2 toilets.

I get the impression that this house was built by renovating two smaller houses together.

The only staircase is the one near the entrance.

"The basement or the upper floor. Which place is more likely to have a demon?"

"I guess the basement."

"It will be the basement."

Unanimously it was decided that we check the basement first.

The door to the basement is attached to the back of the stairs to the upper floor.

A door which requires a key and looks like a storeroom.

The stairs leading into the basement were dark...

I light the lamps which I prepared and handed them to Zanoba and Cliff.

"I'll use my foresight eye to support from the rear. Don't part with the lamp even if you think that it's dangerous, I can't support you if I can't see."

"Wahaha, I am a Miko. There is nothing I fear."

While spitting out a reliable death flag, Zanoba goes down the stairs.

Be more careful.

There might even be an arrow that will come flying out as soon as you open a door.

We arrived at the basement.

"Hmm, there's nothing."

The basement was deserted.

Some wooden shelves were lined up side-by-side.

It feels like an empty warehouse.

I light up the dark room, but there is no sign of something lurking.

There is a little stain on the wall, but it doesn't particularly look like blood.

Towards the end of the wall board, there's just a little rot.

This is... We have to accept this for the time being.

There isn't a demon.

That was anticlimactic.

"Okay, so the upper floor is next."

We go out of the basement and head back to the lobby.

Then we carefully go up the stairs to the upper floor.

The wooden stairs don't make a sound. They're solid.

We make it upstairs and begin to inspect the rooms one by one.

The upper floor was also symmetrical.

There are two slightly larger rooms on each end which connect to the inside of their adjoining rooms.

The other rooms are six tatami side-by-side.

There are a total of 8 rooms.

4 small rooms of about six tatami.8

2 rooms of about twelve tatami.

The middle room which leads to the bedroom had an area of about six tatami.

In addition, there was the balcony in the middle room, too.


Let's put a big bed in the bedroom.

A bed large enough to fit three people lying down.

Maybe I could combine two normal beds...

No, sleeping huddled in a small bed isn't that bad.

You'll be warm when you wake up from sleeping side by side.

Being sexually active, with Sylphy's chest to massage within arm's reach.

It isn't too bad.

Anyway, the bed is important since I use it every day.

Oops, of course it isn't limited to erotic purposes.

It's also to sleep in every day.


"What is it? Did you find what it was?"

"Do you think a bigger bed is better when you use it as a couple?"


Cliff falls silent for approximately several seconds.


He inhales suddenly.

And sighed.

"It is. Such a 'thing' is also important, but it's rude to the other party if you are always like that."

"Yeah... Hm, is that so."

His words are persuasive for some reason.

I wonder what Elinalise would do.

As soon as they are alone in a room, Elinalise would attack Cliff with bloodshot eyes.

I can't imagine it easily.9

I will take it to heart.

Oh, apart from that, is there a need to make the bed slightly bigger?

"Phew, there isn't."

I said with a sigh after looking around the last rooms.

"So, as planned, let's spend a night here."

"Yes. Thank you."

I didn't expect to see the problem when I was tentatively searching for it today.

Originally, it's a story of a guy that appears in the middle of the night.

Along with a sharp sound.

It's a creepy story.

Perhaps some kind of demon has settled down here.

I don't know of a demon ghost or any another demon.

I didn't think that it was a strong demon when I was in town, but carelessness is bad because the low rank adventurers that failed the request are now dead.

Unexpectedly, you don't know whether a homeless thief or something else has made this their headquarters either.

There's a kirikiri sound sharply picking at the entrance.

No, the door was broken. Then is it the back door?

A smell doesn't do for it.10

Isn't there a line?

Um, I don't know.

Are three people enough? I should have also brought Elinalise... just to make sure.

In her experience, acquired through age, she might have known about something like this.

But to be honest, I feel like I can't put up with her in a sexual sense.

A shadow that comes creeping in when you see it in the middle of the night.

The temptation that is whispered in the ear...

[Cliff is sleeping in the other room.]

[No, it is not okay.]

I also understand that.

It's not good.

I made an announcement at the end of the second floor, from just outside the bedroom.

"I will wait here tonight. You may not show up during the day, but for the time being I'm sleeping here tonight."

"Hmm. Julie will be worried."

"I'm also worried about Liese."

The two people spoke their worries about the woman whom they each left.

Julie's a smart child.

However I understand that she's considered a slave as well.

In the corners of the male dormitory, many of the nobles like to prowl indiscriminately.

But Zanoba doesn't need to worry.

Elinalise is a woman who is lascivious.

I also know that she is popular.

She may have an affair by taking advantage of when Cliff isn't there tonight.

It will be a worry for him.

In contrast, how about my Sylphy?

She will escort the princess today.

It's as usual, nothing to worry about.

No, I said I would go out today, but I didn't say that I was going to stay out.

Possibly, she may plan to come to my room and talk a little bit before going to bed.

However, I am not there.

Sylphy might be left waiting in a cold corridor.

A voice echoes out [Rudi's late...] all alone.

I'm worried about it.

"The night will fall soon."

At Zanoba's words, I look out and see the sunset's reflection in the window.

I can't tell her before tonight.

Sylphy would have already returned to the girl's dormitory.

No, even without saying it directly, if I write something in front of the door saying I'm out tonight...

All right, let's do it, let's do it now.

Oh wait.

What will these two do while I'm out.

It is regrettable.

For the time being, I'm the leader of this party.

Well it's a little thing.

Even Sylphy will understand it, if I explain it properly later.

No, but I heard somewhere a long time ago.

The accumulation of little things will produce a big crack later on.

Damn, I have a bad feeling about this.

During such a time I'm wearing a death flag on purpose, I must dispel this bad feeling.


"What's the matter?"

"...When this request is over, I'll get married."

"Yes. It is something that should be done quickly if you want to celebrate grandly in this mansion."

Zanoba nodded while looking puzzled.

My bad.

I had a bad feeling I wouldn't make it out the front door.

I felt that it would be impossible to succeed if I said something like [Please give us your blessing.] while riding the mood here.

That... For the time being, I'll put some hard thing in my breast pocket.

And, although I thought that, I have no breast pocket.

It is not possible to suddenly stop a flying .357 magnum bullet like this.

Cliff interrupted my line of thought.

"Invite Liese and me to the celebration."

"Isn't that natural?"

"It's okay if you take me for granted, but I would feel sorry for Liese to be left out."

Because Cliff is a guy who cannot read the mood, I wonder if he's always this glum.

Pitiful guy.

I'll invite him properly.

Of course, Elinalise also.


Nevertheless, I am a man.

I want to end this quickly and rub Sylphy's breasts.

No, I will strongly endure for now.

Because I will have many troubles later.

While I considered this, it became nighttime.

On the other hand, Sylphy heard the information that Rudeus had prepared a house for them, so at that time she was lying around and hugging a pillow while remembering her delusion.

  1. He's married, but his bride get her head rip off in wedding night, so he's properly a widower, not divorcee -ED Note laclongquan
  2. This refer to the fact that he ask his distant relative, cousin Philip, for a job in Buina and with that, a house. Paul is a wandering adventurer at the time, after all. -ED Note Laclongquan
  3. He is cheap and doesn't want to buy a high class home.
  4. herculean in one version but the western idiom does not fit a japanese NEET like Rudeus-ED Note laclongquan
  5. The japanese way of measuring is to compare to a tatami size area, nearly 2 square meter. It doesnt mean that there are 20 tatami mats in that room. -ED NOTE laclongquan
  6. typo change
  7. Is this line misplaced? I TL'd it right where the characters was but it feels like it should be a bit higher up? [I dont know what you mean, but that dirty joke is just so Rudeus and it's at approriate place -laclongquan]
  8. Again, he is using tatami mats as a unit if measurement.
  9. Elinalise not attacking Cliff/not clinging to him on the other side of a large bed.
  10. I have no idea what this means.

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