Mushoku Tensei
Voyage Chapter Preview

Chapter 1 - Wind Port

Part 1

Wind Port.

The only port city in the Magic Continent.

It's a town with a lot of hills and slopes. You can see the entire city from the entrance.

The majority of the houses are made from the usual earth and stone commonly found in the Magic Continent, but there are a few wooden structures mixed in as well.

They must be importing wood from the Milis Continent.

There's a shipyard at the end of the town.

It might be because it's a port city, but there are very few stalls near the entrance of the city. In contrast, there's a lively atmosphere closer to the harbor.

It's a town with a bit of a different color from the usual.

Then beyond the port...

The outside of town spread an enormous ocean.

When was the last time I saw the ocean?

Probably around middle school when I went on a field trip.

It seems the ocean is the same no matter which world it is.

The blue sea, the sound of the waves, the seagull-like birds, and the boats raising their sails.

This is the first time I've seen a sailboat with my own eyes.

They occasionally appear in movies, but you can feel one's age and excitement when you actually see a wooden sailboat with its sails.

As expected, in this world they must have advanced techniques to ride against headwinds.

No, it's this world after all. They can probably just make their own tailwinds with magic or some other sort of method.

Part 2

The moment we arrived in the city, Eris jumped off the lizard and started running.

"Rudeus! It's the ocean!"

The words that came from Eris's mouth were spoken in a fluent Magic God Language.

She has remembered to speak in the Magic God language on a daily basis now.

Ruijerd and I were trying to use Magic God language as much as we could to talk.

The plan was a success. Recently, Eris's Magic God language has improved quite a bit.

After all, it seems that the fastest way to learn a language is to live in a place where it's commonly used.

Still, she can't read or write with it.

Incidentally, since we came to the Magic Continent I haven't taught her magic even once.

Putting aside voiceless incantations, I'm sure she's already forgotten all the incantation magic.

"Wait Eris, where are you going before we even decide on an inn!?"

After hearing my statement, Eris's legs abruptly stopped.

Incidentally, this is the third time we've had this back and forth exchange.

The first time, we got lost, the second time we got into a fight on a street corner.

There won't be a third chance.

"That's right! If we don't decide the inn first, we'll get lost right?"

Eris returned to being cheery while looking at the ocean.

Come to think of it, this should be her first time seeing the ocean.

There's a river near the Fedoa region and she would occasionally go play in the water with Sauros on holidays.

Unfortunately, without me.

"Can you swim?"

"Eh? You can swim in the harbor?"

"I want to swim!"

I want to see Eris's enchanting 13 year old body as well, but...

"We have no swimsuits right?"

"Swimsuit? What is that? We don't need it!"

I couldn't hide my confusion with that shocking statement.

Swimsuit? What is that? We don't need it!

We don't need swimsuits.

I wonder if that meant that we would go nude.

No, there's no way that's the case.

Even in this world, there's the culture of feeling embarrassed over nudity.

That's why, yes, most likely in underwear.

We'll play in the water with underwear on top.

The underwear that sticks to the skin as you get wet, transparent flesh showing through, pocchi1 rising to the surface.

That's strange, why wasn't I involved in the river play in Fedoa region? Exactly where was I?

I guess it was because I was busy.

In those days, I was living a fulfilling lifestyle everyday.

However, just once, just once I wish they had told me they were going.

No, there's no point in thinking about that now.

Focus on what is before my eyes right now.

Live in the now.

Yes, I'm going to live right now!


It's the ocean!

"No, it's probably better if you don't try to swim in this ocean."

Then Ruijerd comes in to throw water on the mood.

"Eh?! Why?!"

"There's a lot of monsters."

That seems to be the case.

It would be fine if Ruijerd and I just annihilated all the monsters.

Is what I was thinking, but surprisingly that living organism radar might not be all-purpose.

It probably can't detect very well in the water.

No, but couldn't we manage to bathe in the sea for at least an hour or so?

Swimming in the harbor as expected would be dangerous, but I could make something similar to a fish preserve in the nearby shore with earth magic.

Though, in the 1 in 10,000 chance that something happens.

There might be some kind of monster in the water with some kind of strange special ability.

They might just jump straight over the fish preserve.

If it was an octopus we could have an ero event start up, though if it was a shark it would be Jaws.

Cannot be helped.

It seems like it'll be best if we give up on playing in the ocean here.

Really, it cannot be helped.

"We'll go without swimming this time. After we decide on the inn we'll head for the Adventurers Guild."


Eris was downhearted.


However, even I have a healthy interest in Eris's body.

I haven't been able to confirm exactly how much her body has grown up over this past year.

It's hard to tell with clothes on top, since that's the case I thought it would be good liberating near a shore, you never know what might happen.

"Even if we can't swim we can still play on the shore."


"The ocean has a sandy beach sort of thing. The sand pit continues on all the way along the beach."

"What's fun about that?"

Even if you ask me what.

"Ummm... you can get some water from the beach and pour on it?"

"Rudeus, you're making a strange face again."


"Though it sounds interesting! Let's go later!"

Eris said that happily and kicked off the ground, jumping back onto the lizard.

It was a wonderful jumping ability.

It was a jump purely with the power from her ankles.

In terms of sound effects it would be a "guon" feeling.

Eris's legs have been trained rather well.

Though this matter is fine as it is .

I wonder if in the future she will end up looking like Ghyslaine with bulging muscles.

I'm a bit worried.

Part 3

For starters, we decided on an inn, left the lizards in a stable, and then started walking to the Adventurers Guild.

The meeting will be held before we sleep.

Windport's Adventurers Guild.

There were a large number and variety of adventurers crowding around and making noise.

It was a familiar scene, but it felt like there were quite a few human races.

If we cross over into the Milis Continent, then it will probably increase even more.

First off, let's go with our usual routine. I moved in front of the notice board.

"Are we not planning to quickly cross the ocean?" Ruijerd asked.

"I'm just taking a look. It seems like earning money in the Milis Continent would be better after all."

Earning money is easier in the Milis Continent.

That's because the currency is different.

The currency in the Milis Continent can be divided into six types: Great Notes, General Notes, Gold Coins, Silver Coins, Large Copper Coins, and Copper Coins.

If we use the fact that one stone coin is equal to a single yen as the basis and look at it then:

That sort of reasoning.

The B rank jobs on the Magic Continent generally have rewards between 15-20 Scrap Iron Coins in total.

If we convert that into stone coins, it would be 150-200 stone coins.

If we make the assumption that a B rank job on Milis Continent gives the same amount as the second tier of their currency, it would be 15 Large Copper Coins.

After conversion, it would be 1500 stone coins.

That's 10 times more. It would be better to earn it in Milis.

However, if it seems like there will be quite a bit of time before the ship leaves, then we will end up taking some jobs here.

Fundamentally B rank jobs.

A rank and S rank jobs aren't just dangerous, but most of them take over a week or at minimum a number of days.

If we want to constantly do a number of jobs in a period of a few days, then B rank are the best.

That's why we have no intention of rising up to S rank where you can't accept B rank jobs anymore.

After you reach A rank, you can accept S rank jobs as well.

Since that's the case, I first questioned why anyone would bother rising up to S rank.

I asked the staff member and supposedly you receive special privileges if you rise up to S rank.

I wouldn't know unless I specifically investigate it more, but the inn cost rates will be cheaper, and the guild will distribute more profitable jobs to you and such things.

Also, they'll close their eyes to a majority of things that violate a contract.

Those kinds of things it seems.

If we focus our efforts around A rank jobs, staying at A rank is more efficient for earning money than rising up to S rank.

Although, it seems such privileges are a huge benefit when it comes to exploring labyrinths for adventurers.

We haven't tried exploring any labyrinths.

They're dangerous and they take too long.

We have been focusing our efforts around B rank jobs.

For those reasons we have no plans to rise up to S rank for the time being.

Eris seems to want to try it though.

Rather, the conversation has gone off topic a bit.

In any case, we joined the Adventurers Guild with the intention of earning money.

Since that's the case, it's better if we take the ship as soon as we can and earn money in Milis instead.

"Come to think of it, I wonder where the ship takes off from?"

"The port."

"I mean where in the port?"

"Let's ask and see."

I moved up to the counter.

Standing there was a female, probably from the human race.

Why are there almost always females standing at the counters?

And why is the ratio of large chested ones so high.

"We want to go to the Milis Continent, but do you know where we can go to get there?"

"Ask those sorts of questions at the checking station."

"Checking station?"

"Since you'll be crossing national borders when you board the ship."

It's a problem between countries outside of the guilds' jurisdiction.

Since that's the case, the guild staff has no obligation to offer an explanation about it, it seems.

Hmmm, since that is the case, we should head to the checking station.

Maybe we can hear a detailed explanation there?

"Hey you!"

Just as I was thinking that.

I heard a loud yell within the guild.

After turning around, Eris was punching a human race male.

Our nuclear warhead is energetic today as well.

"Where and who do you think you're touching?!"

"It... it was an accident! Who would want to touch a brat like you?!"

"It doesn't matter if it was an accident! I don't hear any sincerity in your apology!"

Eris has become quite fluent in Magic God language.

And then, as she improved in fluency, the number of fights increased.

"Gyahahaha! What's this what's this, a fight?!"

"Oh my, oh my!"

"Hey hey, don't go getting beaten up by a child!"

Incidentally, fights between adventurers are actually a pretty common everyday occurrence so the guild doesn't really interfere.

Rather, there are staff members who start up progressive gambling and take bets.

"I'll crush you!"

"So... Sorry, it's my loss, let me go, please stop and let go of my leg?!!"

Just as I was thinking about that, Eris had rolled the guy over in no time at all.

Eris's ability to drive people into a corner especially recently has been strong.

They start to become afraid before she even touches them and not only that she accurately drives them into a corner.

What are you snapping over? Just as you're thinking that they're rolling on the floor and being stomped on the crotch.

The C rank adventurers here and there can't do anything to stop it.

Then after a certain amount of damage has been done Ruijerd steps in to stop it.


"Why, did you stop me?!"

"The fight is already decided, let him go with this much."

This time as well, Ruijerd stops her by carrying her like a cat.

The man ran away while holding a certain part of his body.

"Damn it, you're insane!"

It's the usual spectacle.

I can't really stop it.

If I grab her from behind to stop it, I can't stop my hands from moving on their own.

When I start moving my hands will grab weird places, then it's my turn to be beaten half to death.

"A baldy and a red haired violent little girl?! Could it be you bastards are [Dead End]?"

The moment someone yelled that, the guild hall became quiet.

"[Dead End] you mean the Supard race?"

"Idiot! It's the party name. It's been rumored to be fake recently!"

"I've heard rumors that they're the real thing as well."


"They're violent, but they really aren't bad guys at all?"

"Violent but good guys, isn't that contradictory?"

"No, it means they're not all violent?"

Zawa Zawa.

Murmurs started to spread around inside the guild.

This is the first time we've been in this situation.

It seems, we've become quite a bit famous.

I wonder if it's fine if we don't sell Ruijerd's name in this town?

"Just a three person party made it to A rank after all?"

"Ah, that is amazing, but regardless of whether it's a fake or the real thing, I can believe it if it's those two."

"[Mad Dog Eris] and [Watch Dog Ruijerd] right?"

Eris and Ruijerd have nicknames!

Nevertheless [Mad Dog] and [Watch Dog], huh?

I wonder why they're both dogs?

I wonder what kind of dog I am?

I guess I'll listen for a bit and see.

[Fight Dog] is unlikely.

It's most likely not something cool like that.

I can't imagine it giving a brave feeling either.

If I had to pick for myself it would be [Butter Dog] but...

This past year I feel that I've been working as a sort of operations tower though.

After all it should be some kind of intellectual name.

[Patient Dog] maybe?

"Then, that midget in the back would be [The Owner Ruijerd]!"

"I heard that the [The Owner] was the one with the worst personality among them."

"Yeah, everything I heard about him was bad."

And there it is...

My name... name... hasn't been remembered.

No, certainly I often name myself as Ruijerd, though...

Every time something good happened on our travels I would say "We name ourselves Ruijerd of the Dead End, please take care of us." as such.

And then, whenever something bad happened I would announce with a loud laugh "I am Rudeus, guahahahaha" and such while laughing.

Since that's the case, why did they end up mixing them?


Even though we've been quite active for this past year, I'm a bit shocked by the fact that only my name hasn't been remembered.

Well, I guess it doesn't matter.

It was selling my name with a bad meaning anyways, it's not too bad since it's not my real name.

Also, The Owner isn't too bad as well.

I'd certainly like to put a collar on Eris and lead her around.

"In any case, he's small."

"I'm certain that's small as well. He's a child after all!"

"Hey hey, if you say it's small you'll incite the dog!"


Just as I realized it, they're laughing at something totally unrelated.

However, I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Recently, I've been growing favorably.

Oh, I can't.

If I let them continue to laugh like this Eris will snap again.

Just as I was thinking about that, she was sneaking looks in my direction with a red face.

Oh, that seems cute.

"Eris, what's the matter?"

"No... nothing!"


If you're interested feel free to come peek at me while bathing tonight.

What? I'll give Ruijerd detailed instructions to allow it to pass.

Since that's the case how about we bathe together.

If that becomes the case, I might just slip a little bit, something like with my hand, or my foot, or my body, or my tongue.

Putting jokes aside.

For the time being we should move to the checking station.

Just like The Owner, I headed out of this place full of dignity.

"Eris-san! Ruijerdoduria-san! Let's go!"

"Why do you sometimes get my name wrong..."


The surrounding stares were gathered on us as we left the Adventurers Guild.

Part 4

We came up to the checking station.

This town is in the Magic Continent, but after you get on the ship it will take you into the territory of the Holy Milis Kingdom.

There's a tax on anything you bring in and there's an inspection upon entry to the country.

Whether it's in order to prevent crime or otherwise just to earn money.

Well, the reason doesn't really matter at all.

If they ask us to pay we just have to do it.

Just as I was thinking lightly of it.

"Two human race and one magic race, but how much will it cost?"

"Humans are 5 scrap iron coins each. What species of magic race?"

"Supard race."

The staff member of the check point looked at Ruijerd with his mouth hanging open.

Then after looking at his bald head he let out a sigh.

It was a face without any motivation.

"Supard race are 200 small green coins."

"2... 200 coins?"

This time it was my turn to be surprised.

"Wh... why is it that expensive?!"

"Even if I don't say it you should understand right?"

A reason why it would be expensive to bring Supard race on the boat.

I get it!

I understand now since I've seen how things went during the travels up until now.

However, it's way too expensive.

"Why is it that absurd amount of money?"

"I wouldn't know. Ask the one who decided on it."

"Old man, you can't guess?"

"Ah? Well, probably a counter-measure against terrorism. Having one transported in as a slave and then having it go wild in Milis Continent and such."

That seems to be the case.

I already understood that the Supard race are treated like a bomb.

"You guys are that famed [Dead End] right? When you go to board the boat they will properly investigate your race. I don't think there's any point in showing your vanity and paying the 200 small green coins here?"

Thankfully the official gave us that sort of warning.

In other words, even if we were to try to falsify him as a Migurd race, it would be revealed.

"If you try to lie about your race is there some sort of fine?"

"Yeah, you'll have to pay a pretty expensive fine."

According to the staff member it seems as long as you pay money just about anything is okay.

What a money-based doctrine.

Part 5

The sun was starting to set as we returned from the check point.

We returned to the inn and decided to eat.

The food they brought out in the inn was a port city seafood specialty.

A shellfish about the size of a fist was the main dish for tonight.

It tasted like it was covered in butter and steamed with alcohol for flavoring.

It's good.

Out of all the food I've eaten on the Magic Continent this would be the best one.

"This is delicious!"

Eris was eating it all happily while making a mess.

During this past year, she seems to have completely forgotten Asura Kingdom style table manners.

Using the knife in your right hand to slice the food, and then stabbing it with a fork and bringing it to your mouth.

At the very least she wasn't just picking up the food with her hands and putting it into her mouth, but there were no manners about it.

If Edona saw this, she would probably cry.

Is it my responsibility?

"Eris. Your manners are bad!"

"Mogumogu? Who cares about something like manners."

Even Ruijerd has better manners.

Although this one is also lacking some elegance.

He doesn't use the knife at all and cuts the food up with just the fork.

Just sliding the fork across them and the food gets cut through as if it were butter.

I can feel the skills of a master.

"Now then, in that case, even though we're in the middle of eating, let's start today's operations meeting."

"Rudeus. Talking in the middle of a meal is bad manners."

Eris said that with a sour face.

Part 6

After we finished eating and our stomachs were full, we started the operations meeting.

"The voyage expense is 200 small green coins. It's way beyond reason."

"Sorry about that, it's my fault."

Ruijerd frowned.

I didn't think it would cost this much myself.

Honestly, I wasn't thinking too much about the toll cost.

As long as we work a bit we would quickly be able to ride it.

In reality, the human race are only 5 scrap iron coins a person.

Even other magic races are at best only one or two small green coins.

Only Supard race are such an absurdly expensive amount.

"Father, that's going too far."

"I'm not your father."

"I know. It's a joke."

In any event, 200 small green coins, huh.

It's not a normal amount of money.

Even if we focused on doing A rank and S rank jobs in this city to earn money, it would take a number of years.

It seems like the Milis Continent really don't want to accept any Supard race.

"However, it's rather troubling. It's not like we can just leave Ruijerd behind here."

Leave Ruijerd behind.

That would be the fastest way.

We're already pretty experienced as adventurers at this point.

I'm sure we could keep going with our journey even without Ruijerd.

Even though I say that, obviously I have no intention of doing that.

Ruijerd will be with us until the end of our journey.

Our friendship is eternal and indestructible, that kind of thing.

"Of course we won't leave you behind."

"Then, what do we do?"

"In terms of methods? There are three."

After saying that I held up three fingers.

Everything starts with the number three.

No matter what time it is, there's always the three options of, continuing ahead, returning, or stopping.


"That's amazing, there's three ways?"


I'll wait a bit on the explanation, I haven't thought of them yet.


"First off. There is the legitimate way of doing jobs to earn money and then setting off to Milis."

"Though that way..."

"Yeah, it will take far too much time."

If we just gave it our all at earning money, it would still take us at least a year to earn it.

There's a guarantee that some sort of incident will occur during that period.

Carelessly dropping our wallet for example.

"The second. Enter a labyrinth and find a magic crystal or magic items. It's quite a bit of trouble, but in just a single trip we can earn a considerable amount of money."

Magic crystals sell for a high price.

I can't say in specific how much that would be, but if we gave it to the official at the check point, I'm sure it would be enough to allow the Supard race to travel.

"Labyrinth! That sounds good! Let's go!"

"No way."

Ruijerd rejected the labyrinth option.


"Labyrinths are dangerous. I can't see through traps with my eye as well."

Even though Ruijerd's eye will react to living things, it won't work at all for traps made in a labyrinth it seems.

"Even though we won't know unless we try?"

"I was the one who suggested it, but I don't want to go either."

If we proceed carefully, we could probably manage it somehow or other, but since it's me who doesn't pay enough attention to his feet, somewhere I would most likely make a fatal mistake.

This is where we need to listen to Ruijerd's advice.

"Third option. We look around this city for a smuggler."

"Smuggler? What's that?"

"In places like this where people cross a border, they transport things across in return for a fee. In such examples like in our case where we're forced to pay absurd prices. Most likely, if it were a merchant, they could transport it for a lower price."

"Is that the case?"

"That's the case."

If that weren't the case, then each species wouldn't have a different price.

"Among them, there are certain articles which cost an amazing amount. For people who can't afford to have things transported publicly, there are people who will transport it for a cheaper price."

Well, it's also possible there aren't any.

However, if we try talking to some merchants around here, I'm sure we could find someone who would take a much lower price than 200 small green coins either way.

The price set at the checkpoint is clearly strange.

If we violate the rules just a bit, it shouldn't be too much retribution.

No no, I can't think like that.

If we try to take the easy route out, there will be a pitfall.

I've already learned that through experience.

For the most part I've included it as an option, but we should try to avoid doing anything bad as much as possible.

For the time being, those three are all that I can think of.

None of the options are very good.

Ah, that's right.

There was one more method.

I could sell my staff, [Arrogant Water Dragon King, Akuahatia].

Putting loss and gain aside I really don't want to consider the option of selling this.

It was something I received on my birthday from Eris.

I've used it preciously until today.

I'm sure Ruijerd and Eris won't agree with me letting this go.

However, this could be the best method.

Part 7

That night I had a vision.

Hitogami said.

"Buy some food from a stall and then search alone in the back alleyways."


Since I have no other means, I'll give it a try.

"Is it a matter of having no other means?"

No, well, buying food, and going into a back alleyway, I already understood it was that sort of event.

"You understand it?"

It's that right, there will be some lost child that is hungry and wandering around, right?

Then they will somehow or other get involved with a strange man right?

"That's exactly right, amazing!"

Then, after I save that child, it will become the case that it's actually the grandchild of the shipbuilding guild head or something along those lines right?

"Fufufu, that is something to look forward to for to...mor...row."

What is there to enjoy myself about it.

There wasn't even a single one of those enjoyable developments up until now.

Rather, hey you! It's been a year since we last talked you know!

Look, I was just starting to feel relieved that you would never show your face before me again.

"Well~ , didn't you get into a bit of a troublesome incident because of my advice last time? It was just a bit difficult to show my face after that."


So, even God has times like that.

However, don't be mistaken.

That was my own personal mistake.

Though, incidentally, I would like you to tell me what kind of thing would have been the correct answer.

"Even if you say correct answer, if you had just normally interacted with the guards, they would have gotten along with Ruijerd as well."

Eh? Was it that sort of simple event?

"That's right. If you had just become allies with them, then Nokopara wouldn't have had his eyes on you. Really it was outside of my expectations. Though in my own opinion, it was pretty fun to watch."

In my case it wasn't entertaining one bit at all.

"However, thanks to that, you made it this far in just about a year, right?"

So you're trying to say the results are okay?

"The results are everything."


I don't like that.

"Is that so? Well, it's fine. Now then, it seems like you're in a bad mood so I'll disappear here."

Wait just a moment.

I would like to confirm something with you.

"What is it?"

Could it be that with your advice, it will turn out better, if I didn't really think about it too much?

"In my opinion, it's more interesting if you gave it more thought though..."

Ah, I see now!

It's that sort of thing, huh.

I get it now.

I'll go with what you said.

Next time won't be interesting at all.

"Fufufu, that's something to look forward to then."

Then. Then. Then.

My consciousness sunk as I heard the echo flow.

  1. Pocchi is a common dog name similar to spot, but Rudeus is clearly referring to a different type of dog here.

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