Mushoku Tensei
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Chapter 20 - Swindler Calling Himself God

Part 1

I dreamed.

In the dream I am carrying Eris and flying.

Even though my consciousness is hazy, why do I get the feeling that I'm flying?

The scenery in front of me is changing at a frightening speed.

It's like at the speed of sound or the speed of light, flying up and down irregularly.

I don't understand why things turned out this way.

I only believe that if I'm not careful, ah, no, even if I'm really careful I'll lose speed and fall.

I concentrate in this endlessly changing scene and find a safer place to land on.

Even if you ask why, I don't know either.

I only feel that I will die if I don't do this.

But I'm moving too quickly, the scenery in front of me changes faster than my eyes can keep up with, almost like a slot machine's spin.

I concentrate and pour mana into my body.

And then, just for an instant, I slow down.

This is bad, I'm falling.

Just when I think of that, I see the ground. It is a land that's flat.

Falling into the sea is bad, falling on a mountain is bad also, so is the forest, but if it's on a level land...

As my hopes rise, I descend.

In any case, I manage to successfully brake and land on the reddish-brown earth.

My consciousness gets interrupted.

Part 2

The moment my eyes open, I find myself in a completely white world.

There's nothing in this world, I immediately realize this is a dream.

A lucid dream or something.

And my body is really heavy.

[....... Eh?]

I look down at my body and get a fright.

That's the 34 year old body that I got used to looking at it.

And at the same time, I remember my past.

Regret, discord, crude, and my naive thinking.

Once I think that those 10 years were like a dream, the despondency in my heart grows.

I've returned.

I intuitively realized that.

And I actually accepted that fact so easily.

It was indeed a dream.

Even though it has been such a long dream, I am happy.

Born in a warm and loving family, being together with adorable girls for 10 years.

Still, I want to enjoy it more.

I see.

Everything has ended.............

I can feel my memory of Rudeus getting dimmer.

This dream or whatever, it's something disappointing when I wake up.

What am I hoping for, really......

It's unthinkable for a happy and favorable life to be given to me.

Part 3

I suddenly realize there's a strange fellow over there.

A blank white face with a grin.

There are no special features.

When I realize that's a face, my thoughts immediately escape me.

I can't remember.

Perhaps because of this reason, this person gives off the impression that he's covered completely with mosaic.

But I feel like he's a warm person.

[Hey, it's our first meeting it seems. Hello, Rudeus-kun.]

Under my depressed status, I am chatted up by an obscene-like person covered in mosiac.

This person has a neutral voice, I can't tell whether if it's a male or female.

This person is wearing mosiac, it should be fine if I treat it as a female and think of the erotic side.

[You can hear me right?]

Ah, of course I can hear you.
Hello, hello.

[Good, good, it's a good thing you can greet.]

Even though I can't make a sound, I seem to be able to communicate with this person. I'll continue talking like this.

[Not bad, you adjust quite well.]

That's not true at all.

[Mmfufu. You do have it.]

Well then, who might you be?

[I'm just as you can see.]

As you can see? Even though you are covered with Mosiac....... Are you the Matchless Warrior Spellman?

[Spellman? Who's that, is that person similar to me?]

Yes, it's very similar, he's even covered in mosaic too.

[I see, your world also has something like that.]

But there's no one like you.

[Is there no one like me...... Well never mind. I'm a God. I'm the Human God, Hitogami.]

Haa. Hitogami1.....

[That's an indifferent response.]

No......... Why is this God talking to me? Also, isn't your appearance a little late hm? Shouldn't you come out a little earlier huh?

[Come out a little earlier....? What does that mean?]

Nothing at all. Please continue.

[The things about you, I've watched them all. That's quite an interesting life.]

Peeping is a very interesting thing.

[Yes, it really is interesting. That is why I have always been protecting you.]

Protecting me..... Thanks for that. You're quite condescending hmm. I feel really irritated that I'm being looked down upon huh.

[That's really cold. I thought you were troubled so I talked to you.]

The people who talk to someone when they are troubled are not good people.

[I'm your ally.]

Haa! Ally! You're making me laugh.

Back in my past life, there were people like these. I'm your ally. Hey, I'll protect you, so try your best. A bunch of people who don't have any responsibilities. Just think about what happened after those people chased me out. Right now your words have this kind of vibe. I can't trust you.

[I'm a little stumped if you say this much...... Well, in any case, I'll give a suggestion.]

I don't need any advice.....

[Whether you want to follow my advice or not is totally your freedom.]

Ahh. This type. Yes, yes there's also a type like this. About advice…Guiding my thoughts, not from the inside, but from the outside. Really, I don't know the advice's true essence. Even if I try earnestly to move then there's no meaning to it. The era "if you have the heart to do something, you will be able to solve things" is already over! Anything positive that you achieved will only be added on in despair and thrown back at you.

Just like this! What sort of dream are you showing me, what kind damned parallel universe is this!

Doing something like reincarnating me, and making me feel good about life. Is this your way of doing things? To bring me back to my past life when I'm living my life to the fullest!

[No no, please don't be mistaken. The things I want to tell you aren't about your past life, they are things related to your current life.]

... Hm? Then my body now is?

[That's your spiritual body. It's not the physical body.]

Spiritual body.

[Of course, your physical body is also fine.]

Then, this is just a dream? When I wake up, I won't go back to that shitty body again...... right?

[Yup. This is a dream. When you wake up, your body will go back to how it looks like. Are you relieved now?]

I am relieved. I see, so this is a dream.

[Ah, but this isn't just a mere dream. I'm talking directly to your spiritual body. I'm surprised, you have such a difference between your spiritual body and physical body.]

You're really direct.
Well, what do you want me to do?
Because I'm a foreign thing in this world, so you want me to go back to where I am?

[What, how can that be possible? Even if it's me, outside the 6 surface worlds, I cannot send you back. Don't you even know such an obvious thing?]

Huh... what's obvious and what's not obvious, how should I know that?

[You are quite right.]

Wait. If you can't send me back then you're not the one who transferred me to this world?

[Well. In the first place, I won't do something like reincarnation. This sort of thing is what the evil dragon god would do.]

The evil dragon god hmm.....

[So, do you want to hear it? The advice.]

...... I don't want to hear it.

[Ehh! Why not?]

Even though the situation right now isn't anything good, you are too suspicious.
I should not even bother to listen to anything at all from someone like you.

[Suspicion.... hm?]

Ah, suspicious. You have the smell of a liar. You're like a liar that I've seen in a net game. If one listens to a liar, one will be manipulated.

[It's not a scam, really. If it's really a scam, I wouldn't say something like if you want to listen to my advice or stuff like that.]

Isn't that just a strategy.

[Just believeeee me.]

Even though you're a god, you're crying in such a shameful voice.
In the first place the God I believe in is not you. A real God is one who gives me a real miracle.
When another God from another religion says something strange, of course it's suspicious.

Also, people who keep bringing up things about trust are definitely liars.
A book that I liked to read had that written in it, so it's definitely not wrong.

[I won't say something like that, really. Just listen to what I have to say once.]

What do you mean "just listen once", I know you're trying to deceive me.
In the first place I have prayed so many times to the Gods during my past life.
You didn't come to help me even with my death. Now you're giving advice?

[No, no, your God and I are two different beings. I did say I will help you from now onwards right?]

That's why I said I cannot trust you. It's not enough with just lip service. If you want me to believe you, show me a miracle and let me see it.

[I'm already doing it. I'm talking to you in a dream right, no one else can do it except me.]

You're just talking. Even if you don't use a dream to connect, you can use a letter or something.

[You're right. You already say you cannot trust me, but you will die if I leave things like that.]

... Die? Why?

[The Magic continent is a terrible place. There's almost nothing to eat, and in comparison there are many strong magical creatures there. Though you're capable of communicating, common knowledge is very different. Are you really able to continue from here? Do you have that confidence?]

Huh? Magic Continent? Wait a moment, what do you mean?

[You got sucked in by that huge area-of-effect Mana calamity, and you were teleported.]

Mana calamity. That light?

[Yes, it's that light.]

Teleportation. So that's a teleportation.....

It's not only me who got involved in this.
I wonder if Philip is alright.
Buina should be fine since it's quite far from there.
Sylphy must be worried.
... What has happened there?

[You're asking me, does that mean you're willing to trust me? You refused to believe me just then.]

You're right. I got deceived so easily.

[I can only say that everyone is praying for your safety. Praying for you to come back or something.]

That's .... Anyone will do that.

[Is that so? Somewhere in the corners of your heart, you have the thought that if you disappeared from this world, you would give others relief right?]

...... It's a lie if I said I didn't think that. I disappeared in my previous world where I wasn't needed. Even now I still have that thought.

[But you're not someone who isn't needed in this world. Please return safely.]

Ahh. You're right.

[But if you follow my advice, even though I won't say it's a definite thing, you have a very high chance of going back.]

Wait. Before that I want to ask about your goal. Why are you obsessed with me?

[You really talk a lot... It's because the way you're living is interesting. Isn't that enough?]

The people who act simply because things are interesting are certainly bad people.

[Is that how it works in your previous world?]

Because the people who act because things are interesting only enjoy manipulating others on the palms of their hands.

[Perhaps I have that part within me.]

Also, what is so interesting about me.

[Rather than say it's interesting, why not say it's meaningful. It's really rare to see a person from a foreign world. Giving you advice and letting you interact with all sorts of people. What kind of ending will it be...?]

I see. It's like giving a monkey a vague order and watching how it accomplishes the task. That's really an exaggerated pastime you have.

[Hah.... You. Have you forgotten my first question?]

Your first question?

[Then I'll ask again. Do you have the confidence? The confidence to live on in this completely unknown and dangerous place.]

...... No.

[Then isn't it better to listen to my advice? Even though I'll say this again, it's your freedom to choose whether you want to follow my advice.]

Fine, I understand. I understand. Advice or whatever, can you just say it already? In the end you've said so many things that are long and tedious. Just tell me one-sidedly and end it, isn't that good enough.

[...... Yes, yes. Rudeus, listen carefully. When you wake up, please rely on the guy beside you, and then help him.]

The mosaic god only leaves these lines behind, and disappeared while leaving an echo behind.

  1. Means Human God but is a personal name. ((Note from a reader: "Human God" here is written as 人神, same as in the listing of gods in chapter 17. This might be pronounced differently? Hitokami? Hitoshin? Someone smarter than me please check this. But the name "Hitogami" is written in katanana, ヒトガミ, and this is the name Rudeus uses to refer to the character. Some of the translations do translate the katakana name so the distinction is lost, so be mindful of that.))

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