Mushoku Tensei
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I'm currently running.

I'm fleeing away with all my strength from the beast's claws.

I escape with all my concentration, carrying with me a heart full of fear.

Over the stairs. Jumping through the courtyard. Sometimes using magic to cling to the roof. Sometimes falling down.

[Where are you?!]

That fellow releases a roar and chases after me.

No matter where I run.

I'm quite confident in my physical strength.

After all I have been running since I was 2 or 3, training in the sword.

But this bit of self confidence has been shattered.

That fellow, as if to mock my efforts, chases me without being out of breath, with blood red hair flying in the winds.

That fellow does not know the meaning of "giving up". No matter how far I run, the instant I relax, will be the moment that fellow closes the gap bit by bit.

[Haaa....... Haaa......]

I'm starting to run out of breath.

I can't keep running. I'm already unable to escape.

I'll hide. There's only that option.


I hide in the shadow of the stairs, observing from the area that allows observation of the plants, when I hear the beast roaring from the center of the mansion.

[I will never forgive you!]

This roar makes my legs tremble.

I am Rudeus Greyrat. 7 years old.

I have bright tea colored hair. I'm a robust bishounen, and a former 34 year old NEET.

Because I didn't go to my parents' funeral and got chased out by my family, I got killed by a truck. But because of fate's bad joke, I have retained my memories and reincarnated as a baby.

I have reflected on my past life acting as a horrible human being, and in these 7 years, I have worked hard to live earnestly.

Learning how to speak and write, learning magic, training in the sword, establishing good relationships with my parents, and even meeting a cute childhood friend named Sylphy. To be able to go to school with Sylphy, I have complied to the job's request, letting me earn for two people's share for the school fees, and come to the city of Roa.

If I complete the job for the young lady's education, the employer will pay for the school fees --------- Even though it's supposed to be something like that.

[Come out wherever you are! I'll crush you into bits!]

I look out from the observation area, and shiver from the beast's noises.

Trembling from the violent incarnate that is in the shape of a young girl.

------ Why has it turned out that way?

I'll have to trace it back to 1 hour ago.

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