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Ch -1: Time does not play around.

I was running as fast as I could, not turning back only looking ahead, I was running so fast in that dark cave I couldn’t remember what I was running away from, the only thing I knew is that my goal is the fading light at the entrance, but I couldn’t reach it, then the light started to fade away.

I woke up while shivering and sweating, I looked at my normal room then I stared at my alarm clock, it was 06:59 and it stayed like that for almost five minutes (To me) I became tired waiting for it to be 7 O’clock, so I thought it was broken so i  shacked it then. “Beep beep beep”, 7 O’clock Time to wake up, but wait shouldn’t be at least 7:05 I looked at my phone it was 7:00, “Must be my imagination.” I thought.

I got up from the bed, wore my new uniform went downstairs to have breakfast. My stepmom was waiting for me with a warm smile, she was like the mother I never had, she treated me like her own son, maybe because incapable of having children or maybe because she was a nice person or maybe both, none of that negate that she treated me extremely well.

I said goodbye to her and went outside, on my way to my new high school I took a short cut through a back ally, and then three people came from behind and dragged to a beat-up abandoned house, I tried to scream, then out of nowhere one of them took a switchblade out and said “Oh! It’s not cool to not remember your old friends! Right, Shady-R?” ‘Shady-R’ was my nickname in middle school, my three bullies gave it to me, because to them I was shady and my name is ‘Rolland’, they are quite simple minded. When I heard that nickname I remembered what i was trying so hard to forget, I remembered them “Donald”, “George”, “Bill” my three bullies or what others call them ‘Presidents Gang’ (A/N: Get it!) I slowly took couple of steps backward, and then I fell. I was so afraid I looked around I found some large stones laying on the ground I took one and I jumped at the one with the switchblade and started beating him at the head while yelling “GET AWAY FROM ME!!!”, the other two looked terrified and did not knew what to do, so they tied stumping me, with a stone in my hand and a killing intent in my mind, all the memories of me being bullied ran through my mind, and then I yelled “NEVER AGAIN!!!” while closing my eyes.

I opened my eyes, everything was yellow. In my hand was a switchblade covered with a vivid red liquid; it was Blood. I looked around I saw Blood drops hanging mid-air and not falling, three corpses, one with a crushed head, two with multiple stub wounds everywhere, I went outside there was birds frozen in the air. I screamed but no one heard me, no one even noticed me, ‘Time has stopped?’ i thought . I ran away leaving everything. It was then when that light finally faded away, and my powers awakened.

By my pen's power (Actually keyboard), I shall declare that this chapter is ended.


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