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Host Me!
Chapter 9: Check up

Over the next few days, Misa and Kana had picked Yuuto as their main host. Misa had invited him to go to the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden on his next day off for a picnic before she had to go to work. Yuuto agreed to her proposal.  Kana had also asked him to go to the park for lunch. Yuuto Immediately accepted not wanting to disappoint his long time friend. He spent the rest of the time until his day off thinking how to fix his overbooking problem.  A light bulb turned on as he had a bright idea to bring along his other host friends so everyone could have a great time together.

Kana and Misa had both showed up at the meeting point they had set with Yuuto next to the entrance of the park. They were both carrying baskets with food they had prepared earlier that morning. After seeing each other waiting for someone they started chatting.

“Hey Misa, you waiting for someone also?” asked Kana.

“Yeah, how about you Kana?” Misa asked shyly.

“Yup, the person I'm waiting for should be here soon.”

They both looked at the crowd of people walking by searching for Yuuto. Moments later, they found him walking towards them with a group of three other guys.

“Yuuto over here.” both Kana and Misa shouted out at the same time.

“Huh? You're waiting for Yuuto?” asked Kana.

“I asked him to the park for lunch on his next day off.” said Misa

“Me to...”said Kana, lost for words. Just then Yuuto and his group of friends arrived.

“Hey you guys were here for the picnic.” shouted a energetic Yuuto.

“Yuuto!” “Yasuo!” both Kana and Misa shouted at Yuuto angrily. They both stomped down on one of his feet.

“Why are you attacking me?” yelped Yuuto.

“Why did you accept both mine and Misa's invite for lunch.” asked Kana while grinding her foot on top of his.

“Ow, ow, stop that. I didn't want to disappoint either of you so I decided to accept the two of them and bring my other friends along also.  How do you two know each other?” asked Yuuto.

With a last stomp on his foot, Kana took her foot off his and replied, “You're so hopeless. We used to work together. That's how we know each other.”

“So your name is Yuuto. Not Yasuo,” said Misa.

“Yeah my work name is Yasuo. Anyways, these three guys are my friends I work with. Takaji, Rinji, and Motoki.” said Yuuto as he pointed to each person and gave their name.

“Nice to meet you,” All three said as they gave a slight bow to Kana and Misa.

“Well let's go find a spot to eat,” said Yuuto. He turned around and walked to the entrance of the park paying the entrance fee, while ignoring the daggers being glared at the back of his head.

They found a nice spot to lay the blanket out under the sakura trees which shaded them from the sun. Both Kana and Misa placed down the boxed food they have made and opened them up.

Yuuto inspected the contents of each.  Misa had made a salad, tamagoyaki (Japanese-style omelet), and three different types of onigiri (rice ball). The flavors being pickled plum, salmon, and tuna mayonnaise. While Kana had made kara-age (boneless, bite-sized Japanese fried chicken), takoyaki (grilled octopus balls), and ebi-fry (breaded fried shrimp).

Both Misa and Kana Looked at Yuuto expectantly waiting for him eat some of their food they cooked. Motoki tried to reach for something but his hand was slapped away.

“Yuuto has to eat first.” said Kana.

Taking the hint, he thought for a moment on which person’s food to eat first. He didn't want to upset either of them. Then it came to him, in the form of a bright idea. ‘I’m quite smart aren't I,’ thought Yuuto.

All he had to do was eat some of Misa and Kana’s food at the same time. He picked up his chopsticks and dove in snatching up some tamagoyaki and kara-age shoving them both into his mouth at the same time. This earned him some angry glares from both of the girls.

“What?” asked Yuuto confused at why they were getting so mad over his smart ideas.  

Soon after Yuuto started eating everyone else was allowed to start eating as well.

After the food was devoured. they all rested while making small talk. Getting to know each other better. Yuuto was laying down on the blanket. Rubbing his stomach in a content way.

“What a feast. You guys sure know how to cook.” Yuuto complemented both the girls.

Smiles appeared on both their faces. As they thanked him for the complement.

An hour after they had finished eating, they packed up the food and left the park.

“Let's do this again sometime soon” said Kana.

“Yeah I had fun. I might know another person who would want to join us next time. Is it okay to bring them?” asked Yuuto.

“Sure, the more the merrier.” Kana readily agreed.

After finishing their goodbyes, they each separated and went there own way.


Today's work day was an odd day for Yuuto. Then again when was it ever normal. He had been ordered by the old man to escort the government inspectors on a tour of the working areas of the club. This way none of the top hosts or management were bothered. Since the government was the one that gave the host clubs their license to operate, they checked up on the clubs every few months to see if everything was in order and no violations of the laws were being committed.

Yuuto was waiting at the front desk for the government inspectors. Right on time, a man in a nice black striped suit and a woman wearing a matching black striped shirt and skirt walked up to the desk.

Yuuto saw the man was trying to standing as far away from the female as he could get without being too obvious.

“We’re here for the scheduled inspection.” said the familiar cold voice of the female inspector.

Yuuto turned to look at her to see who it was he knew that was talking. He gasped it was her!

“Hey you! Why are you standing there so haughtily. You owe the club 60,000 yen. I had to pay it for you. You took away almost all the money I made that night. Are you even allowed to be here?” asked Yuuto.

The female Inspector gave him a annoyed look.

The male inspector looked at her and gave a exasperated sigh, “Senpai, you went to see a host at this host club and racked up a unpaid bill again. How many times does boss keep telling you to stop going to the clubs you have to inspect and not paying them.”

She clicked her tongue in annoyance. The male inspector walked over to Yuuto took out his wallet and pulled out six 10,000 yen bills. He then gave a slight bow and handed over the money to Yuuto.

“I'm truly sorry that my senpai caused you and club Winter Night trouble. This should cover the debt she owes.” the male instructor said humbly.

Yuuto handed the money over to the front desk manager.

“We will take cake of it for you. Thank you for paying.” said the manager.

“Again, truly sorry and thank you for accepting.” the male inspector said.

“Stop groveling and let's get on with the inspection; We don't have all day to waste chatting. Who will be showing us around the premises?” asked the lady.

Yuuto sympathized with the man.

“Hello, my name is Yasuo, I will be escorting you around today.” Yuuto said with his host smile and he gave a slight bow to each of them.

“May I confirm where you need to inspect?” asked Yuuto humbly.

“Everywhere.” she said briskly.

“I was told you only needed to see the work areas.” replied Yuuto.

“I said we will be checking the whole building. It is my job to sure there are no laws being violated here.” she said haughtily.

Yuuto looked at the front desk manager to see if he knew what to do.  He only gave a shrug as if to say I don't know what to do either.

“Very well. I can lead you on the tour of most of the building.”

“Most? Why not all?” asked the female inspector.

“There are areas men can not go, we will have to have a female guide you in those areas. There are other places where females can not go so I will have to lead your co worker for the inspection of those parts. ” said Yuuto. He looked at the manager and asked “Can you arrange for a female host to help escort her?”

“Will do. She will be waiting for her at the 6th floor.”

“Hmpff... Let's go,”

Yuuto lead them through all the offices on the first floor. Where they just walked around looking and then left. They then went to the basement to check out the gym. It was currently in use. They stood off to the side and watched Dr. Doi wiping everyone into shape.

“Impressive gym you have here. The trainer seems to love his job.” said the male inspector admiring everything around him.

“Well we do have to keep in shape. Just drinking and eating isn't enough to stay healthy.”

From the gym they went on to the 2nd floor to inspect the kitchen and the storage room. It was too early in the day for the head cook to be here yet so the inspectors fiddled around with things, opened boxes and bottles, messing up the head cooks kitchen while inspecting. The female instructor was furiously writing things down on a clipboard and checking things off. Yuuto knew there would be hell to pay when the head cook came in and found his kitchen messed up.

They then went to inspected the 3rd floor host club looking at the booths, tables, and dancing floor. Then the female inspector went behind the bar and started taste testing the drinks behind the bar.

On the 4th floor where V.I.P. rooms where they inspected each room carefully.

Next was 5th floor hostess club where they rummaged around, moving things and making it all a mess. They finished writing on their clipboards and looked at Yuuto expectantly.  

“We have to split from here. Your female escort will be waiting for you on the 6th floor of the woman's side.” Yuuto said to the the female Instructor.

They split up and Yuuto and the male inspector walked to the male's section of the 6th floor and up.

“I am sorry for my senpai being so rude. Lately. she has been acting weird and I don't know what caused it and what to do about it.” said the male inspector dejectedly.

Yuuto kept quiet. They went through the rest of the floors inspecting the cafeteria, classroom, and individual rooms. without causing much trouble or making a mess like the earlier floors. When everything was finished they walked down to the 1st floor and waited for the female inspector.

She showed up ten minute later led by a hostess he did not know.

“Did you correctly inspect everything on your end?” asked the female investigator while staring at here co-worker sternly.

“Yes, I checked everything thoroughly.” said male hurriedly, afraid if he didn't respond fast enough she would lecture him.

She turned to Yuuto then said, “Tell whomever you need to that the final assessment report will be sent in the mail a week from now. Now that we have finished here we are leaving come, Shinsui.”

Shinsui scurried after her as she stormed out of the building.

Yuuto gave a sigh what a crazy day. Then he remembered Niko was also here with him.

“So you were chosen to escort her. How was it?” asked Yuuto

“She seems to be a very cold person. That's all I could tell from the short time I was with her.” replied the hostess. They parted ways. Yuuto decided to go to the mail room and check if he had any mail had come

When he reached the room, Niko walked out and almost collided with him.

The shock of meeting her so suddenly caused Yuuto to remembered about the upcoming picnic and decided to ask Niko. “Hey would you like to go to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden park for a picnic on our next day off?”

“What? I... um…well... I guess so.” said Niko, flustered thinking he was asking her on a date.

“Great, the others will be glad to meet you.”

“You idiot.” she shouted and kicked him in the shin then ran up the stairs that led to the women's floor.

While hopping on one foot from the pain Yuuto was confusedly thinking 'What did I do to make her kick me again. She's always kicking me.'


The female instructor walked to her bosses’ office room, Ignored the secretary and knocked on the door.

“You may enter.” said a gravely voice.

She opened the door and walked in quickly and slamming the door behind her.

“How many times do I have to tell you to act like you have a brain and not slam my door. Give me your report on this week's inspections. Any violations we need to look into further?” asked her boss behind his desk. He was smoking a cigar that was nearly only a stub left.  

“Out of the one's I inspected this week, only one needs to be added to the list we have already formed that is” she stopped to looked at name on her notes. “Club Hardwood. All others seemed to have no violations I could find.”

“Keep up the good work. We just have to keep an eye on these clubs and pounce on them if they mess up. You’re dismissed.” she exited while he kept muttering “Soon soon soon”.

Thanks for reading. 


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