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Host Me!
Chapter 8: Demon

This is also a chapter i really liked.

Yuuto spent the rest of the next week learning and improving on his hosting abilities. He saw Niko a few times during the week and relation between them was thawing a bit.

The old man had agreed he was now ready to host on his own. Giving him a boost to his confidence.

While changing into his work suit, Pretty boy showed up and slapped him on the back. “Great job at being promoted to a full time host.”

“Thanks. It took forever, but here I am getting ready for my first night on my own.”

“Don't think about it too much. You passed the old man's test so you should be able to handle anything that comes at you tonight.”  Pretty boy said as he lightly punched Yuuto's shoulder once and then left the locker room.

Yuuto finished dressing, closed his locker and walked towards the club room where he waited for a short time until the customers started to enter the room from the elevator. Some returning clients immediately walked to the host they always payed to be with. While a few first time customers were escorted to tables and then surrounded by several host who were free, each trying to be the best salesman while trying to woo her and have her pick them as her permanent host after the two hour time limit was reached. After four hours of not being picked, Yuuto decided to sit back and cool down at one of the booths nearest the bar. Some girls noticed that he was not going over to them and trying to curry favor with them. The majority of them thus ignored him in response.

As Yuuto scanned the room, he noticed a small, slim, mid 30's female customer standing up from her table and walking away from two other host who were entertaining her in the hopes she would choose them. She was wearing a pink dress with black polka dots that hugged her body tightly. Her hair was a dark black that was tied up into a nice and neat bun. A moment later, she stopped in front of the table Yuuto was sitting at.

“Is this seat taken?” she asked while pointing at the space next to Yuuto.

Yuuto quickly stood up and bowed to her. “No, it is open for anyone to sit. If you would like, I can help you sit down.” said Yuuto

“No need to help me. I can handle sitting down by myself.” she sat down next to him with barely a inch left between them.

Yuuto gave her a cloth lap napkin and a steamed washcloth to clean her hands.

“My name is Yasuo. It is a pleasure to meet you.” Yuuto said while bowing and holding out his business card. She took the card and placed it inside her wallet.

“May I know your name madam?”

“ It's Risa. Yasuo, why are you sitting over here by yourself?”

Before he could give an answer to her question. The two hosts that she had been with before came over to Yuuto's table and gave a slight bow to Risa.

“May we join you?” the taller host of the two asked her with a bright smile.

“No. I don't like you two. You're boring. You may leave me now.”

The two hosts faces twitched nearly turning into a scowl after being shot down so ruthlessly. But being professional hosts, they were able to keep the smile on their face with the edges quivering. Risa had seen it and gave a snort at their expressions.

Yuuto started to sweat thinking 'What type of demon have I encountered.' He loosened his tie.

Of course Yuuto's fidgeting was picked up by the perceptive Risa.  She turned to Yuuto ignoring the other two hosts, placing her hand on his shoulder and leaned over, her mouth next to his ear. Her breath was tickling his ear. He wanted to scratch it to stop the sensation but held off.

“Did I make you nervous? Don't worry I don't bite...hard ” she said while playfully taking a quick nibble at his ear. Then she blew into his ear.

Both the nibbling and breathing into his ear had startled him. Making him give out a muffled yelp and nearly jump out of his skin. 'Who is this demon to do such crazy things out in the open in front of others. What have I done to deserve her attacking me,' thought Yuuto.

“How cute. You seem to be more my type.” She looked over to the other two host who had their jaws dropped. Risa gave them a cold look and asked “What are you two still doing here?”

Yuuto looked at them silently pleading with his eyes to have them to stay. The two hosts looked at each other and then turned around and walked away. Yuuto stared holes into their backs and screamed in his head 'Don't leave! Someone save me.'

“Now let’s see, what to drink tonight.” she picked up a menu before Yuuto could offer it to her and scanned the contents. “I think I will order a decanter of brandy.”

“Ma.. Madam are you sure? This being your first visit to Winter Night, the sake and shochu are free.”

“Yasuo, I know what I want.” she whispered into his ear. Making Yuuto shudder.

Yuuto called over a waiter and gave him the order. While waiting for it to arrive Yuuto remembered that with the purchase of a decanter of brandy, he would have to sing some songs for her. How dreadful.

“With your purchase of the brandy is there any songs or something you would like me to sing to you?” asked Yuuto.

“You don't have to sing anything for me but in exchange for that, you can be a good little puppy and bark for me when I command.” she smiled evilly.

“If that is your wish madam.” said Yuuto with an awkward smile on his face. 'What a sadist.' thought Yuuto.

Yuuto was tortured the rest of the two hours she had payed for. At the end of her the time, she stood up and gathered her purse and wallet.

“It guess my two hours are now up,” she gave a sigh. “Time flies when you're having fun. You may escort me out.” she said.

Yuuto picked up the decanter of brandy that only had a small portion gone and brought it with him as they walked up to the register of next to the elevator.

“Hello ma'am, I trust you had a good night. I believe this is your first night visiting Winter Night am I correct?” asked the host manager who took care of the cash register.

“Yes I had a good time, and indeed it was my first time.”

“I'm glad we were able to entertain you. As this is your first time, if you want to come again you will need to choose a host of your likening. That host will entertain you whenever you come back to Winter Night. Is there someone you wish to assign as your host?” the manager asked.

“I will choose Yasuo.”

“Great, the assignment will cost you 2000 yen. It will be added onto your bill which is.” He looked at the bill Yuuto handed him and raised a eyebrow. “A total of 202,000 yen for the brandy and assignment fee.”

She rummaged through her purse for a few seconds causing Yuuto to fret and wonder if she even had the money to pay.  Her hand soon came out and had two 100,000 yen bills and two 1000 yen bills clutched in it.  She handed them over to the manager.

“Would you please put your name on this tag so we can label your purchased brandy. This way we can have an easier time finding it when you next come.” said the manager as he handed her a small round white tag with a loop of blue string hooked through it.

Risa neatly wrote her name and handed the tag to Yuuto who was holding onto the decanter of brandy. He took it and placed it around the neck of the pouring spout. And handed it over to the manager.

“Thank you for coming to Winter Night.” said the manager with a slight bow.

Risa grabbed Yuuto's arm and dragged him into the elevator. It seemed like she was the one escorting him, opposite from what it should be. He walked out the elevator and to the doors with his arm linked with hers. She let go and turned to him.

“Don't lose too much sleep from worrying about when you will see me again. I will come again then we can continue where we left off.” Risa said coyly. She then waved goodbye and exited the building.

Yuuto shuddered. 'What a demon. On the bright side, I made 60,000 yen from the brandy purchase while gaining my first client.' He went back to the club room, got a washcloth and cleaned his table. After everything was sorted back in order he sat back down and gave a sigh. Trying to recover his energy that had been sapped from him over the last two hours. He closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. He felt a light wind of someone passing him and then someone plopped down right next to him.

He opened his eyes to see a young 20+ year old female with brown hair sitting next to him.


“Shut up. I want to order some sake and fruit” she interrupted him coldly.

'Why do the crazy's keep coming to me?' thought Yuuto. He placed an order with the waiter and sat quietly. Not sure what to do. His dilemma was solved when the lady next to him started to talk.

“I don't want you talk, just sit there and listen.”

Yuuto nodded quickly to show he understood. He spent an hour and a half listening to her rant about her boss and co-workers. By now after many bottles of sake, she was getting quite drunk. The last 30 minutes had been something about her co-worker doing something she didn't like. She leaned forward getting close to his face. She was breathing hard from all the talking she was doing, her breath reeked of alcohol.

“And then... and then … out of nowhere he asked me to go out on a date. I mean who does that? Who exactly would do something like that then ask me on a date.” she said

She pointed at Yuuto nearly poking him in the eye.  “I'm sure that's something you probably would do.”

He gave a quick shake of his head to deny whatever she was accusing him of again for the hundredth time. She gave a snort as if she didn't believe him and then took a large gulp finishing off another glass of sake. He had lost count of how many she had drunk. She plucked the last grape off her plate and tossed it in her mouth.

“That's enough. I'm done talking to you. Take me to pay the bill so I can leave.” she commanded.

He stood up and held out his hand to help her stand up. She stood up quickly and nearly fell back down but Yuuto griped her hand and placed his other arm around on her back steadying her.

“Whoa! Note to self, don't stand up so quickly. I think I drank a little too much. Where's the bathroom?”  

Yuuto led her towards the female bathrooms and waited out side while she took care of her business. He could hear a someone hurling inside the bathroom. Five minutes later she exited, her hair a bit messier than when she went in. Yuuto offered her a steamed wet towelette which she took and wiped her face and hands on. Then tossed it back at Yuuto who put it in the dirty towel basket under the wooden stand holding the towel steamer.

“I feel better now. I'm ready to go pay the bill.” Yuuto led her to the register.

“Good evening Madam I hope you had a good time.” the manager greeted her with a smile. Yuuto handed him the bill.

“Hmmff” she replied.

“Ahahaha well then the cost then the total for tonight is 70,000.”

She reached into her purse and pulled out a 10,000 yen bill.

“I seem to have misplaced my wallet and only have this on me.”

Yuuto cursed under his breath, earning him a glare from the manager. He just lost all the money he had gained earlier.

“I'm sorry to hear that. If that is the case we will have to ask you to not enter our club unless you plan on paying what you owe.” said the manager, his smile had disappeared and turned into a rock hard serious business face. He printed off a picture of her that was taken from the cameras over the entrance and then wrote down the amount owed and posted onto a bulletin board.

Yuuto escorted her out of the building and bid her a good night. Due to this misfortune, he was only able to earn 6000 yen for the rest of the night after paying off her unpaid bill.


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