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Host Me!
Chapter 11: Exchange.

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A week had passed since Niko's crazy ex was arrested. Yuuto sat at the table in the staff meeting room while watching and listening to the Old man tally up everyone's monthly score and rank.

Pretty boy was moved from unranked to #15, and Yuuto was also moved from unranked to #18. 'Woo moving up in life' thought Yuuto. They were dismissed but before Yuuto could leave the old man called out to him.

“Yuuto could you stay here for a moment? I have something to discuss with you.”

Yuuto walked back to his seat and sat down. The Old man waited until everyone had left before he talked.

“I have an old friend that has offered me a large amount of money to borrow a host to cover for one of theirs that has gotten sick. Seeing as you have the largest debt out of everyone this money would go towards paying off some of your debt if you agree to go and work for them. It should only be for a few days, starting on Monday. Are you interested?” asked the Old man.

“Yes of course, this would help me out a lot.” replied Yuuto immediately.

“Good then, I will arrange everything to be ready by Monday. You may leave.”

It was Saturday, a day off for Yuuto.  He wasn't going outside for any fun because Niko had asked him to to help watch her siblings while she worked.

Agreeing to take care of them was an easy decision; they were nice kids. Yuuto had gotten to know them over the last week as he had helped walk them to school. Both Tabito and Eri had started to call him Oniisan. He waited in the front lobby for Niko and the two kids.

When they arrived Yuuto walked over to them. Eri was wearing her twin pigtails like always and had a blue bunny hair clip pinning back her bangs, wearing a blue shirt and matching skirt.

While her brother Tabito had his hair cut short and wore a Dragon Ball Z t-shirt and jeans. He was carrying some of his Gundam toy models.

“Hey Eri, Tabito, how's it going.” said Yuuto while giving them each a high five.

“They have already eaten breakfast so they are good to go.” said Niko.

“Ah Niko, I won't be able to help out with the kids during the week, I have to help work at another host club for a few days this week. Don't worry it's not permanent, I'll be able to help out again after I get back.”

“That's fine. Well I have to get going thanks again for watching them.” Niko replied.

“Not a problem.” said Yuuto as he waved goodbye until she left. “Well let’s go so we can start having fun.”

Yuuto led the siblings to his and Pretty boy’s room so he turned on the TV and switched to the station that had Saturday morning anime running. The room was nice and clean as Yuuto had spent two hours making sure it was all clean.

Pretty boy had already gone out to meet up with someone on a date leaving the room empty.

All three of them sat down on cushions around a small table. In front of the TV.   

Yuuto took out some cards “Do the either of you want to play some cards?” he asked.

“No”, “Not yet”, they both replied to busy watching what was on TV.  Yuuto shrugged and watched the TV with them the rest of the morning and into the afternoon. After eating lunch, they played card games and made origami until they got bored and started to watch anime again all the way until Niko came back and picked them up.

“Did they misbehave?” asked Niko.

“No, they were great. No problem at all.” replied Yuuto.

“Well thanks again you really helped me out.”

“If you need anyone to watch them again and I'm free just ask.”

Giving their last goodbye. she left with Tabito and Eri.



Yuuto entered the back seat of the black car that club Hardwood, the club he was going to work at for a few days, had sent to pick him up.

The driver seemed to be angry and very serious. They drove in silence for over ten minutes until the car stopped in front of a tall sturdy brick building the sign read Club Hardwood. 'What an odd name for a host club' thought Yuuto.

Before he could open the door, someone he didn't notice before standing outside opened it for him waiting for him to exit the car with a impatient face.

Yuuto unbuckled his seatbelt and exited the car. The door nearly hitting him as it was slammed shut. With screeching tires the car sped off like they were escaping a crime scene.

“Welcome, Yuuto is it?” asked the man who had opened the door for him.

“Yes, I go by Yasuo during work.” replied Yuuto.

“Yes well that doesn't matter. I was told by the owner of the club to meet you personally. Although I don't know why boss wanted me to personally escort you. Oh right. I am the manager of club Hardwood. I will be your boss for the few days you are here. Let's head inside and continue our talks.”

Yuuto followed the manager into the building walked to some doors that were locked and swiped a electric key then walked down a dimly lit hallway to a office room that they entered. The manager sat down.

“You may sit.” said the manager gesturing to an armchair in front of the desk.

Yuuto sat down and sank deep into the cushion. It was almost like sitting on a waterbed.

Before the manager could start talking again, the door opened and a familiar voice that caused Yuuto great suffering before spoke.

“I heard the person the old geezer sent arrived is he in here?” That’s right it was her!

Yuuto secretly peeked around the side of the chair that was hiding him from her. He let out a quiet groan. Yep, it was her alright.

Hearing the groan coming from the chair she walked over to him and looked to see who it was the old man had sent.

“Aha! I wasn't expecting much from that old geezer who is such a penny pincher. I'm amazed and more than slightly happy. Hah.... for him to send me such a gem I guess I have to admit I'm very happy I asked him to loan me a host. See I did tell you not to worry about when you would see me next as fate has a way of bringing people together.” she said.

That's right it was that she demon or she was more like a boss class succubus who tortured him during his first night alone as a host.

“Ahaha... um...Hi. Nice seeing you again.” replied Yuuto with a stiff awkward smile on his face.

“Have you explained things to him yet? “ she asked the manager.

“I was just about to before you entered if you want you can do it.” the manager answered meekly.

“Yasuo, this club is different from Winter Night. So you shouldn't be surprised when you see odd things happening. I can trust you to take care of your job hosting and not worry about the other things that happen, Right?” she asked while caressing the side of his face with her finger nails that if she wanted to could cause him to bleed from how sharp they were.

Yuuto was able to  mumble out a yes.

“Good boy. Well then I won't be seeing you for a while as I  do have a businesses to run. But it was nice meeting you again I hope you do a good job and earn your keep.” she said as she petted his head like he was a dog. Then she turned and left the room.

The rest of the afternoon was spent learning the new rules and the manager showing him around to where the locker room and club room where along with the room he would be using while he was working here.

Night came and Yuuto who was as nervous as he was on his first night at Winter Night. He was waiting for the clients of the host that he was covering for normal took care of.  

After waiting for a half hour after the doors opened. A muscular male in a black suit wearing black sunglasses and surrounded by 4 different girls entered the room.

Yuuto recognized the man from a picture shown to him by the manager earlier in the day. Although the picture was of the man without a shirt showing off his many tattoos. He walked up to the man and bowed.

“Hello I am filling in for your regular host tonight. My name is Yasuo.” said Yuuto.

“Hmm you're a new face I haven't seen before. Are you sure you can handle my girls?” asked the muscular man.

“I assure you there will be no problems with that.” reassured Yuuto.

“Then by all means lead the way we will follow.”

Yuuto led them to a large booth in the far corner of the room. The booth was almost a full O shape with only a small section opened to let people enter and exit. It was one of the larger booths used for when there were a large amount of clients.

Yuuto had learned earlier in the day that is was normal for hotshot rich men and yakuza to bring a lot of girls to the host clubs and pay for the host to entertain the girls. While the male customer sat along with them. This was very awkward for Yuuto and he was unsure how to go about entertaining them while not angering the male client.

He started out getting everyone drinks. After everyone had a few drinks, they were loosening up and getting more rowdy.

The girls kept pouring Yuuto drinks and ordering him to give toasts and chug it down while they cheered him on.

It ended up as a contest who could drink more between Yuuto and the male customer. Empty bottles were piling up on the table and some rolled off and fell on the floor.

During a lull in the contest. the muscular man, who was now very drunk, spoke up talking to Yuuto in a prideful voice. “You know I have killed seven people so far. It's not like I wanted to but what can I do its part of my job, I can't complain.”

'Whoa that's a little too much information dude. Getting into some dangerous territory. I had a feeling that he was a member of the Yakuza but damn dude, keep it to yourself.' thought Yuuto.

The girls looked at each other then gave off a few drunken laughs to hide any discomfort they had with the topic.

Yuuto hurriedly poured two glasses and pushed one over to the man and said “Speaking of hard jobs. here is a toast to you sir and your hard work you do for you boss.” trying to change the topic of murder.

“Yes yes I do work hard. There was this one time...” and he continued on explaining about all seven of his killings and didn't leave out any detail. When he got to the seventh one. Yuuto was told it was his most recent one. Something about a guy who had annoyed his boss and was taken care of with the help of a garbage truck.

One of the girls who had been clinging onto Yuuto all night chimed up after the muscular man had finished his boasting “Yasuo. can you escort me to the bathroom I think I drank to much and need to use it.” Yuuto was slightly relieved to be able to leave even if it was for a few minutes.

“Please excuse me, I will be back after escorting her.” said Yuuto with a tipsy bow.

The muscular man waved it off and chugged another drink he poured himself.

While Yuuto led her to the bathrooms he noticed a lot of the customers were doing all types of drugs along with the host. He saw many of the host and clients leaving the room and entering other rooms for a long time doing who knows what inside.

When Yuuto and the female client reached the bathroom she grabbed his hand and started dragging him into the bathroom. He was halfway through the door when it registered in his tipsy head what was happening.

He stopped and tried to get her to let go of his hand. In the struggle, he tripped and fell inside of the bathroom.

The door shut and she locked it then quickly hopped onto Yuuto's stomach causing him to lose his breath and gasp for air. Sitting onto of Yuuto, she started undressing his pants.

'Oh shit what is she trying to do to me? Is she trying to get me killed! I can't do anything to make that killer angry.' thought Yuuto as his vision faded and he went unconscious.

“Hey...” Yuuto felt someone slapping his face. “Hey wake up.”

He sat up he was sitting on the cold floor without his pants. “Huh what happened how long was I out.?” said a worried Yuuto.

“Don't worry not a lot of time has passed and I took care of both of us.” she said coyly.

“Took care of?” asked Yuuto questioningly.

“Hurry up put on your pants we need to get back to the group before they send a search party.”

He pulled up his underwear and his pants for some reason his lower body smelt like it had been washed with the bathroom soap.

'What the crap happened? I'm so screwed, gotta get back to the other clients' thought Yuuto his head was still muddied from drinking too much.

They left the bathroom and walked through the den of immorality until they reached his table with the other clients.

“What took you so long I was getting worried and almost wanted to go see what was taking you so long. It was almost as if you scurried off to another room to do adult things.” shouted the drunken muscular man with a laugh. The other three girls gave the one beside Yuuto a jealous look. To which she stuck her tongue out at them and smiled triumphantly.

“Sorry, there was a line at the bathroom so it took some time.” said the girl he had escorted.

To that the muscular man gave a disinterested huff and continued on drinking.

When the time was up Yuuto escorted them outside and before they left he received a kiss on the cheek from the clingy girl.

He didn't have anyone else to host the rest of the night so he changed and and went to sleep in his temporary room.

The second night he hosted to his surprise the rude and brisk inspector lady. He didn't know if she knew it was him as she acted as it was the first time meeting him. The night was spent with her complaining and drinking up a fortune. Leaving Yuuto the dread of her not paying the bill. Luckily, she did pay.

There was also a major brawl that happened until a group of muscular men in fancy blue suits beat all the participants to a bloody pulp and threw them out the doors.

Thus his second and last night ended.

The next morning as he waited in the lobby for the car to take him back to Club Winter Night.

The succubus startled him by walked up behind him, and while leaning on Yuuto she whispered into his ear. “It seemed you had an exciting time while here. It's a shame it couldn't have been me that was with you. I'll let the old geezer know that you did a good job and that you should be rewarded.”

With a sharp pain in his ear as she bit it, she left him stunned until an angry voice called him from the front doors. It was the angry driver who drove him here a few days ago.

“Stop standing there like a invalid and get into the car.” he barked at Yuuto.

The ride was quick and quiet.

Yuuto exited the car and walked into the building and went to the front desk to ask them to call the old man and tell him he was here and ask for a meeting.

After a few minutes on the phone, the manager hung up and told Yuuto “He says you don't need to report to him, he got a call from the boss of the other club. You will be rewarded the amount promised to you.”

Yuuto gave a fist pump two night of hell worked out all right he had made a killing.

Over the next weeks, until the next monthly ranking, he was able to make it to rank #11 with the help of the money he made from working at the other club.


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