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Host Me!
Chapter 10: X

Yuuto was talking to Pretty boy in the club room, sitting on the bar stools. The night shift had just ended and the security personnel came out of the elevator disheveled and frantically looking around he spotted Yuuto and Pretty boy, hurriedly walked over to them.

“Please come and help us, there is someone causing problems on the 5th floor. We need more people to subdue him.” pleaded the security person.

“What a drag,” replied Pretty boy while getting up.

“Sure, will help,” Yuuto said to the man.

They used the elevator to go up to the 5th floor. When they exited, they could hear someone shouting and cursing at another person. Yuuto found the man causing the uproar and walked over to him along with Pretty boy. He was holding onto a female host’s arm while screaming and cussing at her. There were a few security guys who had been knocked out around him, one of them seemed to be waking up. The angry man hearing footsteps behind him turned, allowing Yuuto to see the female's arm he was grabbing on to was Niko's. She had a frightened face as she looked over to see who had come as well.

“What do you guys want?” he asked.

“We were told someone was causing problems here so we came here to help solve them,” said Pretty boy.

“It's none of your business, leave us alone, we’re just talking.” he spat at them.

Yuuto put his hand on the rude man's shoulder and said, “Sir you're causing problems for the business. It also looks like you're yelling at and hurting one of my friends. So I will ask you to please leave the premise.”

Niko's arm was let go but in the next second, a fist came flying at Yuuto's head. It only grazed the side of his head and hitting his ear. Sending Yuuto reeling into a table. He then aimed for the security guard and landed a hit to his stomach sending him to the floor. Pretty boy quickly dodged out of range from him.

“F*ck off.” said the man. He then turned around ignoring them and grabbed for the cornered Niko.

Yuuto looked over at Pretty boy to see if he was ready to help take care of the rude man. Pretty boy gave him a thumbs up gesturing for Yuuto to go first. 'Screw you Pretty boy. You're just scared to go first.' thought Yuuto.

Yuuto stood up and crouched down, then launched himself at the man tackling him from behind. They both fell to the floor with Yuuto on top. Yuuto was struggling to keep him from getting back up.

“Hurry up and help me will you?” Yuuto said glaring at Pretty boy and the security man still on the ground gasping for breath.

Yuuto watched as Pretty boy walked up to one of the unconscious security guards and took some zip ties from his belt. Then sat down on top of Yuuto and the man.

“Get off me. What are you doing.” said Yuuto.

Pretty boy was able to grab the man's legs and used two large zip ties to secure his feet. After a another minute of struggling the man's hands were restrained with the zip ties. He then got up off Yuuto and the angry man.  Yuuto stood up leaving the man on the floor to wiggle like a fish out of water. Yuuto glared at Pretty boy.

“What you wanted help so I helped you stop him from moving.”said Pretty boy.

“You didn't need to sit on top of me you're heavy. I could barely breath.” said Yuuto.

Pretty boy shrugged then walked to the man's head and shoved a wet towel into his mouth to stop him from cursing and shouting.

Yuuto walked over to Niko who seemed to have calmed down slightly.

“Hey Niko, mind telling us who this man is and why he was being so violent?” asked Yuuto.

She took some time to gather herself further and then spoke, “He is my ex boyfriend. He wanted me to quit working her and start working with him for his boss again. I told him I wanted nothing to do with him I have to keep my siblings safe and make sure they have food. I can do that here but not with that lech.”

“Your ex huh,” said Yuuto.

“You sure know how to pick men.” said Pretty boy.

That earned Pretty boy a kick in the shin from Niko.

Yuuto laughed and said “You better be careful of Niko's special move. the 'Steel-toed shin kicker'.” This earning himself a kick in the shin.

“This isn't manga or anime so why are you giving me special moves. Anyways. shouldn't you be taking care of him.” said Niko pointing at her ex.“Your right. Should we just call the police or let him go?” asked Yuuto.

“I'll go call the bosses’ office. See what he wants.” said Pretty boy who then ran off to a phone on the wall behind the bar. Several minutes later, he walked back.

“The boss said he knew who the guy was and called the man's boss. We are to take him to the entrance and wait for the people that are supposed to come pick him up.” said Pretty boy. After hearing this, the man stopped squirming and trying to get free.

Both Yuuto and Pretty boy put an arm under Niko's ex and dragged him into the elevator. Where they descended to the the lobby for the men's host club.

The desk manager was startled seeing them dragging a tied up limp body out of the elevator. He timidly asked “You didn't kill him, did you?”

“No, why would we. Some reason he's gone quite and stopped moving.” said Yuuto. They dragged him to a chair and lifted him onto it. Where he just slumped down into it. Yuuto and Pretty boy stood on either side of him. The wait for the people coming to pick him up wasn't that long.

A black Mercedes Benz with dark. tinted windows pulled up to the door and two men with buzz cuts and black suit stepped out of the back of the car and walked into the building. Just then the elevator dinged and the old man walked out.   

The two men in suits bowed to old man Kentaro. The taller one looked up and said “We're sorry one of our men has caused you trouble. Our boss has told us to let you know he did not send him here to harass your workers. He asks if you would please forgive him for any problems caused.”  

“Tell Your boss I do not blame him for a rogue worker causing problems. But I hope in the future he can have a better handle on his own people.” said the old man sternly.

“Thank you for understanding. We will carry your message to him. May we take him now?” asked the smaller of the two suited men. The old man nodded allowing both of them to go over cut off the zip ties. Then roughly standing him up and ordering him to walk in front of them. They exited the building and left in their car.

The next day. Yuuto got a call on his cellphone waking him up way too early before he had to get ready for work. He rummaged through his pants pocket on the floor that contained his cellphone. Only his customers and a few friends knew this number. He brought the still ringing phone to his face so he could get a better look and see the caller ID. It was Niko. Yuuto sat up more alert and answered the call.

“Niko, what is it you need?”

“He's here!” said Niko frantically.

“Who, and where is here?”asked Yuuto.

“My ex is out on the escape ladder/platform that is next to my window to my room. He keeps banging on the window telling me to open up.”

“Okay. Pretty boy and I will see if we can corner him on the escape ladder. Get out of the room and see if you can stay in another person's room.”

Yuuto walked over to Pretty boy and lightly slapped him in the a few times. Waking him up.

“The guy from last night is causing problems. Let's go take care of him.” said Yuuto.

“Why do you need me. You didn't need to wake me up.” said Pretty boy as they walked outside and went to the emergence ladder. Looking up they couldn't see anyone there.

“Let's go up and see if he left or just climbed to the roof.” said Yuuto. They both climbed up but they didn't see any windows broken into.  So they continued up in search of the ex. They reached the roof and searched it but found no one there.

“Damn it, he must have gotten away.” said Pretty boy. “Waking me up to go on a wild goose chase. Not cool.”

Yuuto dialed Niko's number and told her that he had escaped before they could catch him.

“He's not there anymore but I don't know when he might try coming back. Just make sure to lock your windows and report this to the old man and his wife.”

He hung up then both, he and  Pretty boy went back to their room and back to sleep. When they woke up and went to start work that night they noticed that security had been beefed up. Nothing was reported out of the ordinary the whole night and into the morning. Just before Yuuto was going to go to sleep, he received a text.

It was from Niko, he hurriedly read it. It said she checked the room before bringing her brother and sister back from a friend’s room who had watched them while she was at work. No one was in the room but someone had broken into her room and stolen some of her undergarments. She had to take her siblings to school and was worried she might see him along the way.

Yuuto text her back and offered to help escort her siblings to school, to which she agreed. He went to the cafeteria and made a cup of strong coffee, then walked to the front lobby where he waited for Niko and her siblings. After a few more sips from his coffee. Niko appeared herding both her younger siblings. Both were wearing their elementary school uniforms, their name tags pinned to their shirts and randoseru backpacks.  The little sister had twin pigtails sticking out of her hat.

Yuuto greeted Niko then turned to the younger siblings.

“Hello my name is Yuuto. What's yours?”

“I'm Tabito, I'm in the 5th grade” said Tabito.

“I'm Eri, I am in the 6th grade” said Eri.

“It's nice to meet both of you. Well shall we get going?” asked Yuuto looking at Niko who nodded her head.

Halfway to the school Niko's ex showed up, trying to block the sidewalk. He seemed surprised to see someone else walking with her. “Why do you keep ignoring me?” he asked Niko.

“Hey take a hint, you need to lay off and leave Niko and her siblings alone.” said Yuuto sternly.

Yuuto shoved him aside allowing Niko and her siblings walk by. The young siblings when walking by, both kicked the ex in the shin. 'What are you teaching theses guys Niko' thought Yuuto.

“I won't give up,” shouted Mr X to their backs as they walked away.

There was no other incidents after being ambushed on the side of the road.  Niko and Yuuto both returned to the Host club. In the lobby Yuuto stopped Niko.

“Hey I think you should say at a friend’s room to sleep today if you don't mind, me and Pretty boy can do a stakeout in your room and catch whoever entered before.” said Yuuto.

“You'll do that for me?”asked Niko.

“Yeah since I don't need to work tonight. Remember tomorrow is the picnic.”

“Okay. Just make sure you don't do anything weird to my stuff in my room.” Niko said looking suspiciously at Yuuto.

“Come on, cut me some slack, I'm not going to do anything you don't want me to be doing. If you wait here, I will go get Pretty boy.” said Yuuto who sped off to his own room.

A few minutes later he was dragging a groggy Pretty boy behind him meeting back up with her.

Niko led them to her room and unlocked it. It was larger than Yuuto's room. It had two small bedrooms, a living room and kitchen. There was a nice smell inside, way better then his room that smelt like old laundry and air fresheners.  

Before leaving her room she sternly gave them one last warning, “ Don't do anything weird.”

“Guess I will take up the watch first,” said Yuuto.

Pretty boy grumbled something unintelligible and walked over to the couch, plopped down and went to sleep.

Yuuto decided to inspect the room and see where anyone could get in. He walked into one of the rooms, and looked around it looked to be  Tabito’s room. The window had no ladder or anything else connected to it. Yuuto made a mental note that this room wouldn't have anyone breaking into it.

He exited the room and walked into the one opposite it and entered the room. Yuuto was able to guess that this room definitely belonged Niko and her younger sister from all the stuffed animals and pink items. He went to the window and checked outside. This was room that had the ladder connected to the escape system.

‘This is most likely where the intruder will come in.’ thought Yuuto. He decided to stay in this room and start the stakeout. He closed the curtains then sat down on the bed.

”Hmm this is a comfortable bed” Yuuto said to himself.

The coffee he had drank was wearing off and he keep on trying to shake his head to clear it and stay awake. He decided to lay down and  rest his head for a while. As he drifted off to sleep he thought 'It smells nice.'

He was woken up by the rattling of the window. Someone was trying to unlock it and get into the room. Yuuto immediately rolled off the bed and crawled into the living room and shook Pretty boy awake.  

“Someone's breaking in,” said Yuuto urgently who was now fully awake from the rush of adrenalin.

They both crawled back into the room showing of their secret agent moves and arrived at the bed hiding on the opposite side from the window. Yuuto was able to move a pillow under the blankets to make it look as if someone was sleeping in the bed before they heard window slide open.

They ducked down quickly trying to quiet their breathing and waited for the person to get closer so they could subdue them. They were easily able to hear the footsteps that were clumsily trying to be quiet in the dark, slowly walk over to the bed. A few seconds later, the footsteps stopped on the opposite side of the bed. Yuuto and Pretty boy looked at each other and were getting ready to jump when they hear the sound of cloth ripping.

“What she's not here?” asked a familiar voice.

Both Yuuto and Pretty boy didn't know what had caused the sound a few seconds before but they decided now was the time to capture the intruder while he was preoccupied. Yuuto waited for Pretty boy to get in position at the head of the bed to to tackle the legs while Yuuto would tackle the upper body.

Pretty boy gave a thumbs up and they both sprang out from behind the bed at the same time. As they collided with the surprised intruder, something metallic flew out of his grip and clattered into the corner of the room.

The surprise was only momentary the intruder shook off Yuuto and kicked at Pretty boy to try and get him off his leg. There was the sound of a switchblade being opened, the intruder swung his arm at Yuuto who was able to block the attack, or so he thought. He felt sharp pain as something grazed his hand causing a small wound to start bleeding.

“He’s got a knife.” Yuuto warned Pretty boy. Pretty boy renewed his struggle with the man trying to trip him. Yuuto keep dodging and trying to block the attacks from the knife, receiving minor cuts. Yuuto was looking around for anything he could use to fight with, as he was dodging he stepped on a pillow that had fell on the floor. ‘Better than nothing’ he thought as he picked the pillow up of the floor and swung it at the man's face.

It was a success as the sudden attack had startled him and allowed Pretty boy to trip the intruder and force him onto the ground.

Yuuto quickly went for the man's hand and stepped on it until he dropped the knife.

They had brought some large zip ties from the night before and Pretty boy had used them already on the legs. After a minute or two, they both were able to subdue the man’s arms and ziptie them as well.

Pretty boy walked over to the lights and turned them on blinding everyone in the room for a few moments. When they looked to see who the intruder, they could see it was indeed Niko's ex and the metallic item that he had been holding when they had first tackled him was a large kitchen knife.and the other knife was a small pocket knife.

Yuuto looked over at the bed and saw the blanket and and pillow had a large slash cutting them open. 'That was dangerously stupid move, tackling him while he had a knife' thought Yuuto.  

He checked the pockets to see if there were any other weapons. What he pulled out wasn’t weapons but some underwear and bras belonging to a female.

“So you're also the mysterious panty thief.” said Yuuto.

“The Old man and security are on their way. They called the police.” said Pretty boy as he hung up from a call on his cellphone.

Two minutes later, the security people dragged him out of the room and went to the lobby where they waited for the police to hand him over.

Yuuto had some bandages applied to his cuts while they waited.

Niko walked over to them and asked worriedly. ”Are you guys okay? Were you hurt?”

“We’re fine just a few small cuts.  If I hadn't woken up, I might have been stabbed or sliced instead of just your blanket and pillow.” said Yuuto.

“What you slept in my bed!” she asked angrily.

“Yeah it kinda happened where I just dozed off while waiting ahaha, but don't worry your bed didn't smell bad. In fact it smelt pretty good.” said Yuuto

“Yo.. you smelt my bed and pillow!! YOU IDIOT!” Niko repeatedly kicked Yuuto's shin.

“Ow! What are you kicking me for now?” asked Yuuto in a pained voice.

“I told you not to do anything weird and you went and did something as perverted as sleeping in my bed and smelling it. Get out!” she kicked them out of her room and slammed the door in Yuuto's face.

“Um... Niko, don't forget tomorrow is the picnic.” said Yuuto.

“Shut up.” shouted Niko through the door.

“Should I take that as a yes?” asked Yuuto.

The door opened and a shoe was thrown at his head. And then the door slammed shut again.

“Guess that's a maybe.” said Yuuto.


The next day. Niko had joined Yuuto and the other three guys as they walked to the park.  When Kana and Misa showed up they all greeted each other.

“This is my friend who I told you about last time. I'll let her introduce herself .” said Yuuto.

“Hello my name is Niko Ogiwara. And my hobby is beating up Yuuto.” said Niko.

Misa and Kana both burst out laughing.

“Yuuto, what did you do to her?” asked Misa.

“Nothing I swear, she's just always getting angry and kicking me.” said Yuuto defensively.

“Hmph” said Niko disagreeing with him.

“It seems we will be good friends Niko,” said Kana.

“Yes me to,” agreed Misa.

The three of them spent the rest of the time at the picnic secretly talking between themselves and laughing while every once and awhile looking back over to where Yuuto and the other guys were sitting playing cards.

“I think were being made fun of,” said Yuuto.

“Not us but you more likely.” said Pretty boy.


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