Cooking with Wild Game
Cooking with Wild Game Preview

Chapter 1
The Depraved Clan

Part 1

To say that nothing of note happened between the seminar and the house head conference wasn’t really truthful.

We opened the stall in the Post Station Town one day after the seminar and sold two hundred meals.

Sales dropped on the very next day— because we only prepared 170 portions, which were sold out too.

After one day of rest, we opened for two days and closed for two more days. The irregular operating hours stimulated the demand for our merchandise. Before this, I couldn’t sell 150 meals even if I did prepare them.

Our customers were still mostly southerners and easterners, but kiba food was steadily becoming the talk of the Post Station Town. When we start selling food at the inn, the fame of kiba food would spread even further.

No matter what the schemes the Tsun clan had, we must make this business succeed.

As I worked hard with these feelings in mind, the 8th and 9th day of the Blue Month flashed by— and it was now the day of the house head conference.

「… The Tsun clan village sure is far.」

As I walked on the solid dirt path inside Forest's Edge, I whispered to Ai Fa.

Ai Fa walked with smooth strides like a leopard and answered quietly:

「The Tsun clan village is located at the end of the northern side, while the Wu clan village is situated in the middle of the southern side, so of course it’s far.」

The Forest's Edge settlement was a long piece of land that stretched from the south to the north.

A vast forest was between the Morga Mountain to the east and the wide territory of Genos to the west, resulting in such a shape.

Tsun clan village was at the extreme north end, while the Wu clan and Lutim house villages were to the south, with the smaller houses like the Fa house between them. From the bearings of the sun, I realized we had walked for two hours, but the scenery remained the same.

「Hmm… This means that the Tsun clan people actually walked so far on the night of the Lutim house wedding to pick a fight with us.」

After whispering to Ai Fa again, she nodded and leaned her face towards me.

「Yes, because they don’t perform their duties as hunters properly, they have that much free time. How infuriating.」

「That’s right. If they have the time to walk so far, they might as well go hunt kiba.」

「… By the way, Asuta.」

「Hmm? What’s the matter, Ai Fa?」

「Why are you whispering?」

Ai Fa didn’t know my intention but had been whispering to me all this while.

「It’s nothing serious. I simply think the atmosphere right now doesn’t feel good for an idle chat.」

We weren’t the only ones heading to the Tsun clan. We had set off together with the Wu clan and their kins.

The Wu clan had six kin houses related to them by blood. They were Lutim, Lei, Min, Mamu, Lilim, and Mufa. Each house head brought along a male follower to attend the house head conference. Together with the women helping with the hearth, we had a large group of 24 people.

The male attendees were strong elites too, so the term 「intimidating」 was very fitting. Everyone present had attended the banquet at the Lutim house, but I only knew three people, namely Donda Wu, Darum Wu, and Dan Lutim.

They were helping to carry the ingredients needed for the banquet tonight. No one had any complaints, but I still felt bad about this.

「… Sigh, I’m getting sleepy.」

Someone suddenly spoke loudly beside me.

I turned and saw the youngest man in the group yawning.

「I have not gotten up so early in a long time. Donda Wu, can I sleep for a while when we reach the Tsun clan village?」


Donda Wu replied coldly.

「Great. I will get up right away if anything happens, so give me a break… Hmm? What are you looking at, hearth caretaker of the Fa house?」

「Ah, it’s nothing, pardon me.」

「There’s nothing to pardon though, I just want to know what are you looking at.」

The youth didn’t look unhappy, but he didn’t seem to be the calm type either.

As I was wondering how to answer, the youth sped up and started to walk beside me.

「Speaking of which, I still don’t know your name. I’m Rau Lei. Hearth caretaker of the Fa house, what’s your name?」

「Nice to meet you, I’m Asuta.」

He might be younger than me, but I still decided to answer him with a humble attitude.

At this moment, the youth showed an unhappy face.

「Asuta, I’m seventeen. How old are you?」

「Ah, I’m seventeen too.」

「In that case, you don’t need to be so reserved, you can just speak to me normally.」

The youth said the same thing that Yumi did, but he had a dignified air about him.

His light-colored hair that looked almost blonde were tied behind him, the corners of his eyes were high and their pupils were light purple. With his high nose bridge and thin lips, he looked like a matured version of Ludo Wu. He looked androgynous and had a prideful expression.

He was a little taller than me and could be considered skinny compared to the other men from Forest's Edge. He looked young and wasn’t buffed, but the aura around him could rival that of the other men.

「Never mind, Kaslan Lutim mentioned to me that you are running a business in the Post Station Town, I’m not sure about the details though. But if the Tsun clan tries to pick trouble with you, I will do everything I can to help.」

「Yes, thank you very much.」