In a different world with a smartphone Arc 3-6 by eCookie

A little bigger release and now I´ve nearly caught up with the recent chapters.

Read slow because until the next 1~2 Arcs are finished there wont be an update!

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Overlord down by Armaell

It was long time I had to do it, and now it is.
The Overlord page cannot be found anymore in the books list or the search page.
And if you still get the link, you'll only find a link to the Amazon page for Overlord.

I can only ask you to buy Overlord when it will be released by Yen-Press.
Also big thanks to Skythewood for the ride.

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I Shall Seal The Heavens v01-03 by mors

I follow probably a hundred different web novels and translations, but few ever manage to get into the must-read pile. Now that Coiling Dragon is over, ISSTH is the king of all the xianxia stories going around - in my not-so-humble opinion, at least.

Best known for its world-building, occasionally bizarre situations, and a protagonist who might be the greatest conman in xianxia history while simultaneously competing with ATG's Yun Che for breaking through dangerous situations (though often by the skin of his teeth -- the plot armor is weak in this one); this is the one xianxia story you should read this year - if you haven't already. It's one of the most popular stories in the novel translations subreddit, and not for no reason.

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Age of Heroes V01 by Armaell

I'm nearly a little sad to release this volume, because it's the first actual path on the completion of Age of Heroes on ebooks. Why I'm sad ?
It's simple, Age of Heroes is one of the first series I worked (the 11th exactly (thank you computer memory !)), but I only ever made the first book. The rest never followed since the author was struggling with the quality-check.
And for all this time, Age of Heroes have been a sort-of running-gag on the [On the pipes] section. Always mentioned, never made.
This this day ring end of this era. Now Age of Heroes 02 is actually planned, and so is the 03, and the 04.
This is the last journey with you buddy.

Enjoy the reworked version.

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Kenkyo, Kenjitsu o Motto ni Ikite Orimasu! v01 by mors

Those of you who actually read the announcements know that I have a certain... predisposition towards the reincarnation genre. With how congested the genre is now, with (seemingly) a new story coming out every week, I usually pay more attention when we get a new contestant in one its best subgenres, the "Otome Game Villainess Reincarnation" type stories.

These days we have a few of them, like Destruction Flag Otome (one of my favourites and available at this site) or ELIZA (being translated at Omega Harem) or Burikko (again, available at this site). However, the first story I read in this subgenre is the one I still consider the best and the closest to my heart.

I won't give a summary or anything, but if you read it you probably won't be disappointed. And if you're already a fan like me, REIKA-SAMA BANZAAAAAAI!

As always thanks to the translators: KobatoChanDaisuki (who started translating the series) and oniichanyamete (who have taken over and re-translated from scratch).

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When the world come to an END by Armaell

Armaell's avatar

The day is yet to come to its end BUT I already beat my visitors record.
Why ?
Simple !
Top today's downloads are : Mushoku Tensei (by far), Death March, Overlord, Gifting.
Death March is the last release so it's pretty normal to have it in the top
But the Three others are actually unavailable on their original hosts :
Baka-Tsuki is down so is Mushoku Tensei, Overlord is licensed (Don't know yet when I'll take it down, but since it's still heavily download, I'm keeping it for now), Gifting got a DMCA on the translator website, so its future is incertain, and the first books are already unavailable.

So, yes, I'm finding this funny.
And sad, those recent DMCA are nothing good for the future.

Also, I was testing ads (the current one is quite bad, but a test is a test)... Now my sample is ruined....

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