Gun-Ota Volume 5 by eCookie

Per request updated

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Rakuin no Monshou vol 7 by Toshiya

Volume 7 is complete! Thanks to renuac at Baka-Tsuki for the translations. I've also updated volume 3 and 6. Volume 3 now has an afterword.

Have fun reading and let me know if there are any issue.

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Completed Series of The Snow Country Hunting Life of the Northern Nobleman and the Raptor Wife by swhp

Hi Everyone

I would like to announce that The Snow Country Hunting Life of the Northern Nobleman and the Raptor Wife is already completed. This is the first Web Novel that finally I finished, yet I still need some motivation to working on another WN cough Kamigoroshi cough.

Oh I've been watching Anime for Restaurant to Another World and In a Different World with a Smartphone and my impression was like.... it's so flat. I mean, I though that I will see foodgasm of some Elf or Beast Woman in Restaurant to Another World  but it's just short story about food, well I do read the LN for reference and when the anime introduce that maid character I though it will have a different story but my expectation was betrayed.

Talking about In a Different World with a Smartphone um you see, I like slice of life, sweet and something that not gory or wrench your heart, but this anime was like so many Isekai genre which is the MC learn something, save woman, journey to the next city and repeat it again. I wonder what is the selling point of Isekai genre who doesn't have goal to defeat the demon king? If it's about how the world building, I still not found it explored well in many translated LN/WN. Mostly the story just focus on how lucky the MC to get everything that he/she want. There is no different with Isekai genre which is the MC was summoned to defeat the demon king. Defeat demon king? well it's a final goal, let leisurely enjoy the world before defeat the demon king, is what I get when read that kind of WN/LN.

It's not like I rant about this mainstream transported to another world genre, but I think is not suited well with me, but I still open to any recommendations about good transported to another world LN/WN and it's not need to use money to read it, please.

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Dungeon Seeker Volume 3 by eCookie

Exams are over, here I come again

Release 1 of X

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Death mage Volume 2 by Noitrus

Here's volume 2, I'd say the events of the story keep escalating while the story is still remaining awesome. 

Enjoy, and support author and translator as always.

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New series, Goblin Kingdom by Noitrus

I can only say that I'm a total sucker to reincarnation stories, especially those where protagonist becomes non-human. So I present one of my favorites - Goblin kingdom. As name suggests, its about a man who's born as a goblin and strives to create a kingdom with them. It's somewhat of a mix of series "Kingdom" and "Re: Monster". There's one key point though, the protagonist is NOT absurdly overpowered, his origins certainly gives him an edge in standing above everyone else, but he earns his spot with his sweat and blood. A rather serious and awesome story. Hope you'll like it. 

And as always, support original author and translator.

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