Cooking with Wild Game Volume 2 - 6

Heya Ladies and Gentleman.

Did you miss me already? Good, because I'm back with good news for you :)

I proudly present Cooking with Wild Game volume 2 till 6, clap clap clap...

Well, I almost surprised how fast I could finish and caught up till the latest translation volume, good work me, then for you who like my previous work I guarantee that this LN is very good and of course I would recommend this to everyone.

Then, please enjoy the LN and see you next time when I could bring another gems to you :)


kang / 14 May 2018 9:35
Wooo! Nice! Time to binge read
arefin0991 / 15 May 2018 6:47
Way too large for phones.I guess it's the norm for HQ images but still!
Nobody makes better epub than Estevam from dotnovel.
swhp / 15 May 2018 22:30
I know the epub size is to large, but I don't have knowledge to compress the image size, but keep the quality, so, I'm sorry :(

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